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12 Christmas card Photoshop Templates to get you up and going quickly

One of the most celebrated days of the years is the Christmas day. It is a day to be with family and for those who cannot, there are cards to be sent. Gone are the days people used to buy cards in the shop and then post them. If you have any design skills or access to a designer, you can now just get a photoshop template and use that to create your Christmas cards. Below, we look at some of the best Christmas card photoshop templates that you can use to create amazing and beautiful Christmas cards quickly and easily.

Sleeklens | Cute Reindeers

Delicate pastel tone, a handwritten typeface and subtly toned reindeer to make the perfect Christmas combo for your family postcards. Don’t miss this lovely Christmas template courtesy of Sleeklens!

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Sleeklens | Festive Pines

Classy style never goes out of fashion, and our friends at Sleeklens seem to agree with such statement by providing that Christmas Template for Adobe Photoshop your grandparents would certainly approve!

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Sleeklens | A Christmas Carol

Time to tell a memorable Christmas tale with the help of a beautiful and delicate Christmas Template, entirely editable in Adobe Photoshop. With a soft “snowy effect”, festive green tints and a much appealing layout, simply add your photographs and the rest goes courtesy of Sleeklens!

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Sleeklens | Vivid Nature

Moving to country vibes, it’s time to find our desired way to make lovely presents for this Christmas season. With Vivid Nature you can give a special gift that goes far away from the simple, dull Christmas schemes.

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Sleeklens | Bird’s Nest

When looking for an enthralling Christmas Card Template, it’s time to let Sleeklens do their magic! Moving out from the classy color schemes, this delicate template will prove to be a wonderful asset to craft lifelong memories to share with our loved ones.

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Christmas Card Template Chalkboard

When creating the best Christmas cards, you want to start with a template that portrays the spirit of Christmas. This Christmas card photoshop template does exactly that. From the choice of the colors that are used to the small accents included, this is the perfect card template to create all sorts of cards that you need. The template is fully customizable in additional to being made in one flat layout. The template will create a card of 5 inched by 7 inches and comes in form of two PDS layered files for easy organization. All you need to create some amazing templates with this card template is Adobe Photoshop.

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Christmas Photo Card Template


Another template that will save you a lot of time. If you are one who loves soft colors that reflect innocence, this card is for you. All you need to do to create amazing Christmas cards with this template is to swap out the images with some of your own and add a customized message. The christmas card photoshop template comes with two layered PDS files, for the front and the back of the card. The template is also fully customizable, meaning that you can change the colors, the images, the accents as well as the fonts to come up with a totally unique card.

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Family Christmas Card Template

If you are a fan of large photos that send the message right away, you are going to love this christmas photoshop template. It includes an area at the from for you to add your images. The accents that are used are also very soft and feminine giving it a unique touch. In addition to that, you get some more areas at the back where you can add your own photographs. The card, just like all other cards on this list, is fully customizable. All you need is to know how to use photoshop and you will be creating some beautiful cards in no time at all.

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Christmas and Happy New Year Card Template

The color choices for this template are a bit dull but it is the way that they are combined that makes this christmas card photoshop template to stand out. Remember that the look of the images included on the template are the same ones that you get when you swap in your images meaning that the card is basically done for you in whole. The area at the from where you get to add your image is also large enough and although this template does not have lots of accents, it is still able to pass the message. This is aided by the addition of various other areas where you can add more photographs at the back of the template.

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Gentle Christmas Card Template

Another template that depends on its fonts and design to send the message. On this card you will not find too many accents, just the message and areas for you to add your photographs. The simplicity of this card is what really sells it. The fonts are very well chosen for you and knowing that you can change and edit almost all aspects of this card we have no doubt that lots of people will be choosing this card as their card of choice. The card is also five by seven inches, comes in two PDS files that are layered and organized for you and is customizable in every single way you can think of.

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Vintage Christmas Card Template

A kind of a dull card for sure but that does not mean that it is not beautiful. From the choice of accents to the way the colors work together with the fonts, this is a christmas card photoshop template that stands very tall on its own. It does not have as many areas to add the images as most other cards on this list but the areas are large enough as if to emphasize the use of images on the template. The files are very well organized and layered for you and the fact that you can edit all aspects of this card should be a huge plus for anyone looking to pick this Christmas card template up.

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Soft Lights Christmas Card Template

The first thing that you notice with this card template is the design of the photograph that has been used at the front. Seeing that this image is added as a smart object onto the template, the same effects will be applied to the image you swap in. That is very good for people who do not have the design chops to recreate those effects from scratch. The fonts are very well chosen as are the accents that are in use. There are very few areas to add your images too, but since the images are large enough, that should not be a problem.

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Old School Christmas Photo Card Template

This is a template that lets its colors and choice of fonts speak up for it. The design is simple enough to be eye-catching but not too simple as to be boring. The effects added to the images are delicious and the ability to customize literally anything and everything on this card is a huge advantage to those looking to create Christmas cards fast. The template will enable you to create a five by seven card that you can customize. You get to PDS files for the font and the back which are layered and organized ready for editing.

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Colorize Christmas Card Template

No matter how you dice and slice it, this is a beautiful template. This christmas card photoshop template is daring enough to sue a black and white image at the front and we love it for that. The effects that are added to the rest of images are also eye catching making this template one of the most beautiful ones on this list. We love those gold dots as they look like golden snow falling from the sky. The fonts are very well chosen and listed down inside the zip file that you get after purchase. Inside this zip file, you also find two layered PSD files ready for editing.

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Cute Lady Christmas Card Template

We think this is an absolutely stunning christmas card template and we are sure you agree too. From the color added to the images to how well the color palette of the rest of the card works, we are sure we have found one of the best cards on this list. The fonts are a bit feminine so this card should be given to ladies preferably. The accents support the fonts really well, something that you ought to loo at when selecting a good christmas card template.

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Christmas Card Template – Shimmer

Look at the color and affects added to those images! From the effects on the images to the fonts, we absolutely love this card template. We feel it really brings out the spirit of christmas and will bring a smile on the face of your loved ones. The accents added and the smaller details really pop to give this card a unique look and feel. One of the unique things about this card is that it comes with a help file that details the fonts used and the instructions for editing the images, fonts and the overall card. You get two fully editable psd files that are for the front and back of the card.

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Babies Christmas Card Template

The last item on this list is an absolute stunner. The best thing about this templte is that it leaves a lot of space for you to add all your images and message. The fonts stand put and although the accents are few, they really sell the card really well. As with all other cards on this list, the template will let you create a five by seven card and comes with 2 layered PSD files so that you can stay organized during the creating process.

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