14 Best Wall Mockups

To say the rise of the Internet has changed the economic landscape is a considerably tame sentiment. While many of the fundamental aspects of business still apply—business still require capital, consumers, and marketable products, after all—the approach to building a growing that enterprise evolved. Prior to the digital revolution, small business had to think small and scale slowly. However, technological advancements such as e-commerce, freelance work sites, and improved access to consumers have eliminated many of these barriers to entry and made starting a business easier than ever.

That’s not to say anyone can be successful in the digital marketplace. It still takes a lot of hard work and commitment to become successful, but the tools to do so are becoming increasingly accessible.

In our modern climate, businesses are having to think differently about how to positions themselves for success. This includes having a well-researched and consumer-focused branding strategy. Due to the highly visual nature of the Internet, companies often invest substantially in professional photographers, graphic artists, and marketing experts to create a cohesive aesthetic for their business.

If you’re looking to build your personal or grow your business, you can still achieve a professionally-crafted appearance without putting yourself into debt. Using premade mockup templates is a great option for entrepreneurs, aspiring Internet personalities, bloggers, and more. Below are the 14 best wall mockups for any scenario.

1. Wall Mockup – Bundle Vol. 3

Platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are brimming with stunning photographs of bright interior spaces and are a favorite among social media users. This isn’t too surprising considering how aesthetically appealing these images are.

Take, for instance, the images included in the Wall Mockup Bundle Vol. 3. Each one features well-lit spaces with modern furniture and décor. These intentionally laid out images offer ample wall space for the user to modify for their purposes. This would work well for graphic artists or aspiring interior designers looking to build their portfolios. Additionally, business could just these templates to create engaging displays of their product for client presentations.

This bundle includes ten PSD files with original, professionally photographed images. As a user, you simply need to use the Adobe Photoshop Smart Objects feature to make your desired alterations to the walls. You also have the option to modify the shadow feature. This set is great for beginners because it comes with a complimentary instructional guide on how to make these adjustments!

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2. Poster Wall Mockup

Hello, gorgeous! This professional interior image features beautiful furnishings and bright accents for a very high-end look. Designed with the creative type in mind, this template has a designated selection for you to drag and drop your poster designs. Simply overlay your graphic designs, images, or text to create a photorealistic mockup of your product.

This template would be ideal for the graphic artist looking to market their poster designs on Etsy or Amazon. It would also be useful for print-to-order businesses in need of a professional-looking online catalog.

This set comes equipped with two high-resolution JPEG file. The first image has a completely blank area for you to add wall decals, oversized posters, or art pieces. The second file includes a narrow black frame so your images or posters will look at though they’ve been hung up on the wall. View the product images to get a sense of how your final product might look!

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3. Office Mockups Bundle

Let’s switch gears to a professional environment. This bundle is part of a larger series from designer Northern Kraft, whose work always exceeds expectation. This set includes ten different PSD files featuring a diverse range of interior office images. If you’re looking to sell your product or services to a start-up or art-conscious brand, this a set will work perfectly! These luxurious and creatively designed office spaces appeal to the growing millennial workforce who value ingenuity and imagination in their careers.

Signage companies, decal designers, and graphic artists can easily import their images, logos, or product designs on to the image to create a flawless presentation. Use Photoshop’s Smart Object features to import edit the ten PSD files and be on your way to landing clients!

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 4. Frames and Poster Mockups

The gallery wall trend is pervasive! Whether you’re scrolling through Instagram, skimming Pinterest, or shopping at your favorite retailer, you’re almost guaranteed to see this popular interior design craze. But, in spite of its nonchalant, thrown-together look, putting together a gallery wall is hard work. Trust us; we’ve tried. (We have the holes on our walls to prove it.)

So instead of getting crazy with your trusty hammer, use this wall mockup template from All Design Store. It features an array of frame styles stylishly complied in an editable file. Each frame is available in both a horizontal and vertical format, allowing you to modify the layout if needed. This would be great for interior designers or art gallery curators who want to toy around with various image layouts.

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5. 3D Logo Signage Wall Mockup v.1

Trying to capture the hearts of the corporate workers? Don’t worry, Gk-creative is here to help! This elegant design shows that business and art can go hand-in-hand. Each one of the ten images feature a modern office-inspired backdrop for you to feature your logo or signage.

This works well for individuals trying to build their portfolio or market their design services, but it’s also a great fit for corporate offices in need of a professional wall mockup for their website or presentation.

In addition to the ten original office images, each purchase comes with thoughtfully arranged layers for easy editing and customizations. You can adjust the depth of focus features to make your images dazzle your audience.

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6. Aftdesignshop’s Interior Mockup Set

Trying to convince your followers that you live in a beautifully furnished minimalistic dream home? Yeah, us too. Aftdesignshop makes it a lot easier by compiling a bundle of ten interior images with a very modern and trendy feel. This set gets bonus points for the diversity of images; it includes bedrooms, living spaces, an office, a kid’s play area, a dining room, and a kitchen counter.

There are ample walls to place your designs on, and the additional furnishing could be used to display your other products. Because each room is curated by a designer, your final product will look professional and artistic. This mockup set is a great choice for any online retailer, designer, or blogger!

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7. Wallpaper Mockup

The growing popularity of wallpaper has taken many people by surprise. Like bell-bottom jeans, wallpaper comes in and out of fashion every several years. This trend is on the rise once again, but with some notable improvements! We’re seeing huge growth in the industry of vinyl wallpapers, which allow users the flexibility to remove or replace the designs with relative ease. This has been a welcome development for renters, who were previously unable to adorn their apartments and homes with stylish wallpaper designs.

If you’re looking to join the wallpaper business, this Wallpaper Mockup would be a smart investment. This template includes three separate PSD files, which each feature a different perspective. Using this product, you can create beautiful visuals of your designs. Show customers and potential clients how your designs would look on the roll and laid out on their walls!

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8. Poster Mockup Triangle Shelves

What’s not to love about this beautifully curated artwork display? Minimalistic and bright, this template will capture the imagination of your audience and have them visualizing your product in their homes. Featuring a clean white background, tasteful wood accents, and a pop of color, the final product will look as though it’s been pulled from Dwell magazine!

This image is high-resolution and easy to use, but the frame cannot be rotated or moved. Considering the elegance of this display, it’s still a wonderful option for those with horizontal artwork to promote.

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9. Wall Mockup – Sticker Mockup Vol 19

Another growing market for creatives is the fun and whimsical world of wall decals. This niche is becoming increasingly popular, due in part to their flexible and reusable nature. With wall decals, renters are now free to create stunning, artistic effects in their homes without risking their security deposits.

This template includes two files for your convenience. Use the PSD file to import your designs, and use the help file if you need a little guidance. For those interested in the creating wall decals for personal or business purposes, this reliable design set will serve you well!

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10. Wallpaper Rolled Mockups

In a similar vein, this template is great for those looking wallpaper mockup templates. This would work well on an online product catalog, as it demonstrates how the wallpaper would look displayed on a wall. Unlike the previous recommendation, this also has the option of including a person in the image, which could be useful in providing a sense of scale to your viewers.

This set includes two PSD files with 5 background textures for added realism. Each of these files are entirely editable with the Photoshop Smart Objects feature, so go wild!

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 11. Rustic Wooden Floor and White Wall Template

So far, we’ve included many options that showcase furnishing and adaptable features. While these are well and good for some individuals, others may want a more streamlined option without the additional objects. To the minimalists out there, we hear you! Your best choice for a clean, simple template is this rustic wall and floor mockup.

With this option, you have complete artistic freedom! This would be a great way to try out different decals, posters, objects, and artwork.

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12. Frame Gallery Mockup – 01

Create the appearance of an art gallery with this Frame Gallery Mockup! There are four different frames, which are all editable. Import your artwork directly into these sections for a beautiful and realistic gallery effect.

You can also edit the wall color to bring out specific elements in your artwork. Each purchase comes with one editable and high-resolution PSD file that’s organized into folders and layers for easy use. To implement your artwork, simply use the Smart Object feature in Photoshop. It just takes a couple of easy steps, and – VOILA! – your art can be featured in a trendy new art gallery.

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13. Interior Background

Buying a curated selection of interiors is very practical if you’re growing an online business or creating a product catalog, but for some users, less is more. This template is a 3D illustration of bright living space made up of white furnishing with wood accents. Use this modern layout to import your horizontal artwork for a bold effect. This would work great for designers and artists building up their portfolio.

Additionally, it would stand out in your marketing collateral or on social media platforms. Get started on your design project with this inexpensive and easy-to-use template.

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14. Canvas Mockups Vol 17

One of the greatest aspects of online designer-curated markets is the breadth of material. Take for instance this volume of Creative Interiors’ Canvas Mockups. Like some of the other gallery wall options provided in this list, you completely edit any of the canvases to featured your designs.

This bundle has the added benefit of including 66 movable canvases—including 33 mockups with canvases set on the floor and 33 mockups with the canvasses hung on the wall. In this format, you can select the desired sizes and shapes for your gallery and then position your artwork in any layout you desire.

One of the biggest selling points for this template is the incredible level of support provided by Creative Interiors. Should you have any difficulty using these files, they invite you to contact them directly for assistance. Additionally, you don’t need Photoshop to create your final masterpiece! The designer will work with you to import your designs for a small fee.

If you’re in the industries of marketing, manufacturing, or design, this set is a beautiful and simple template to add to your collection.

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There are always obstacles to pursuing a creative path or starting a business, but these 14 best wall mockups will help you get your foot in the door of your desired industry. To search for other wall templates, or to find templates for a different project, search the entire collections at www.creativemarket.com.

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