15 Adorable Baby Shower Templates for Your Clients

Inviting your guests to the celebration of the birth of your child through Baby Shower Templates would be incredibly terrific.

Newly born babies are a good addition to the family and give the hope of a better future, wherein we find ourselves contemplating the reality of life. On these days, many cultures celebrate Baby shower day, where the family invites the friends / relatives to congratulate on the new family member, and the family hosts event and dinner. If you are someone whose home has just received a new family member, and you want to invite your guests to your home, then it would be a great idea to use an innovative method which gives the impression of the considerate and caring nature. There can be several innovative methods to invite your guests, but our best chosen method is giving the sophisticated looking invitation cards that can be digitally printed and edited / manipulated on image editing software, such as, Photoshop, InDesign, etc. Thus in order to publicize our method, we thought it would be great to give our readers the suggestion to professional looking Baby Shower Templates that you can purchase right away.

We made sure to only highlight the templates that has relevance to Baby Shower, as those templates use fonts and images that resembles “cuteness” and gives the feeling of happiness, as the Baby Shower event itself ought to give happiness to the family as well as guests. Following are our 15 Baby Shower Templates:

15 Adorable Baby Shower Templates for Your Clients

1. Baby Shower Invitation


This Baby Shower template includes one .PSD file that contains every font and images, along with the vectors and .AI file. Its size is 5 x 7 inches and has 300 DPI resolution for the printing. It comes in two flavors: Light walnut and Dusty green invitations. The template look incredibly calming to the eyes and would provide the incentive to the guests to come to the event and unite with the emotional atmosphere.

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2. Baby Shower Invitation Template


This template is very easy to customize and thus is highly editable. Its size is 4×6 with 0.25 bleed in 300 DPI resolution. Once you download the package, you get one .PSD file that you can manipulate as per your needs. The template uses the color blue that is a symbol for peace, serenity and calmness, plus the images and fonts used in the template are in very symmetry, as if they were designed to be meshed together originally, thus giving a very calming effect to the eyes of the readers and gives enough incentive to come to the party / event.

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3. Cute Baby Shower Invitation Card


This invitation card has the full hand drawn elements, meaning the author tried to make it look as natural as possible.  It includes several free fonts, so you don’t need to download the fonts separately. A .PSD file is included with 300 DPI resolution that you can edit on-the-fly. Its size is 02 x 102mm / 4″x4″ (with bleeds 106 x 106mm). The cool thing about this Baby Shower Template is that it only costs $5.

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4. Rainbow Baby Shower Invitation


This Baby shower template provides a perfect unisex invitation! It is one sided and print-ready! Its size is 5×7 with margin of .25″ and bleed .1″. You can use this template for either personal projects or commercial projects, as the graphics in it follows the standard of good quality. It has “Rainbow” in the name probably due to the vast number of colors in the template. Overall, it’s single .PSD file solution that has everything for creating awesome invitation / greeting cards.

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5. Green Baby Shower


This is the most simplest of all Baby Shower Templates that you’ll ever get. With only $5, you get an extremely clean, minimal template with both front and back designs, meaning you don’t need to design the other side of the card on your own. All you need to do is purchase the template, download the .PSD file and start editing as per your needs. It has a very symmetrical tic-tac-toe like pattern that looks extremely sophisticated and compelling to the eyes, as if the author combined the classical symbolic pattern of unison with modern style.

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6. Baby Shower Invitation clouds


This template provides the 5×7 Baby Shower Invitation that have classical objects that are normally associated with “goofiness”, such as, the cloud looking patterns and the grass all over the place. These kinds of patterns gain the trust of the guests, as it show your consideration to the emotional atmosphere of your environment. With just $6, you get awesome looking template with innovating fonts and images. Just open the .PSD file and start editing like a boss!

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7. Hand Drawn Baby Shower Card


This Baby shower template comes in two colors and two digital papers. It has a very high quality 300 DPI resolution that is enough for your printing needs. Their sizes are around 10 inches. It has a very lovely design with a vintage frame and clip art carriage. All the text and images are highly customizable through the provided .PSD files. When you purchase this template, you receive 2 Baby shower cards and 2 digital papers.

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8. Baby Shower Invitation Leaves


This is a 5×7 Baby Shower template that has a flower-like patterns to it. Just like the previous templates, you get a single .PSD file that you can edit through Adobe Photoshop or InDesign. The author aticnomar has designed several such templates in the past, but when it comes to Baby Shower invitation cards, this template has an edge over others, partly due to its extremely low cost of $6.

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9. Owl Baby Shower Invitation


In this template, you get two invitations cards: blue and pink invitation. Both of these cards are extremely editable, including the fonts and images. Once you download the package, you get fonts separately in a zip folder. The author took this decision probably because he / she wanted to allow people to use fonts however they want. Its size is 5×7 inches, and the resolution is standard 300 DPI for printing.

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10. Cute Baby Shower Invitations


In the previous templates, you were forced to work with raster image editing software like Photoshop and InDesign. Many times it’s better to use vector graphics software to create invitation cards, as you are free to scale the graphics how much want without any fear of the pixelization. Thankfully, this Baby Shower template provides 2 EPS and 10 vector files that can be opened / edited in Adobe Illustrator. It also provides 2 high quality JPEG images, which you can add to your cards once you are finished with the vector graphics. And, best of all, it only costs $4.

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11. Cute Shoes Baby Shower Template


Just like the previous template, it also requires Adobe Illustrator to work, as it is made with vector graphics. The unique thing about this template is the display of two shoes on the top. All graphics in the template are highly editable, and since all the graphics are made up of vectors, you can scale them without losing any quality. Note that the colour of the background texture cannot be changed in Illustrator, but you can change it using Photoshop by going to Image – Adjustments – Hue/Saturation. Its size is 5×5 inch, and has a resolution of 300 DPI with 0.125 inch bleed. Once you edit the template, you need to save it in PDF file for the printing.

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12. Baby Shower Template EPS & JPG


This template is great for creating invitation cards for either Birthday Party or Baby Shower event. With it, you get 5in x 7in with bleeds of 5.2in x 7.2in in 300 DPI resolution. The template requires few fonts that can be downloaded from the links that are provided in the package. This template is great for minimal baby shower template needs, as it doesn’t bog you down with countless useless features.

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13. Baby Shower Invitation with Tree


This baby shower template design features a very cute bird house tree. The package has both back and front side fully developed, thus you get two 300 DPI images. In order to use this template, you need to download the fonts whose links are included in the package. The design of the template gives the warming and calming effects to the eyes, as the art of house hanging in the tree gives a message of unity.

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14. Gold Princess Baby Shower Set


This package provides two templates: Gold Princess Baby Shower Invitation & Raffle Ticket Template. Both of these templates are highly customized for any baby shower event, as you can use these templates for the invitation card, flyer or a postcard. This package is enough for any creative modern marketing needs you have for the Baby Shower events. The colors that are used in the templates has a mixture of gold and pink. This package is perfect for advertisements, promotional pieces, etc. All the .PSD files that are provided in the package are highly customisable and print-ready, so you don’t have to worry about nitty gritty details. All layers in the files are arranged color coded. Once you download the package, you get two files: The 4×6 Invitation and Raffle Ticket.

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15. Teddy Bear Baby Shower Invite


This is a perfect template for highlighting your baby nature to the guests; that is, babies are normally associated with teddy bears, due to its cute and innocence nature, so its symbol is used in the template that makes it great for the invitation to the event / party. This template comes in two flavors: Blue and Pink.  Both flavors are incredibly awesome. Its size is 7.5″ x 5.5″ with 300 DPI resolution (which is a standard resolution for printing). Once you download the package, you get two .PSD files (one for both the flavors). And, best of all, it only costs $8, so grab the package and show your love for the teddy bear!

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In this article, we have highlighted the cool 15 Baby Shower Templates that you can use for clients, as well as for your own. Inviting your guests through such templates is arguably the very engaging and energetic way to gain the trust of your guests. With these templates, we are confident enough that your guests / clients will like you so much as much as they like the invitation cards. If, for some reason, you think that we miss something in this article, then you can give the suggestion in the comment section below!

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