16 Best Restaurant Logos You Can Find Around The Internet!

When opening a new restaurant, the number of decision you’re required to make seem endless. This can often be daunting for first-time restauranteurs, who often open their own establishments as a labor of love.

Born from a passion for delicious cuisine, new restaurants are about much more than their menu items. Factors such as location inventory, and branding must also be taken into consideration, but hiring experts in these areas can cost a pretty penny. In order to reduce initial expenses, restaurant owners should instead consider utilizing existing resources, such as design templates.

Through online marketplaces, individuals can find a professionally crafted logo and menu designs for an affordable price. Online retailers have extensive inventories of graphics and templates, which makes it easy to find products for just about any restaurant. The following lists consist of 16 of the best restaurant logos available for purchase.

1.  Morning Restaurant Logo

This logo screams, “Good morning, sunshine!” and it will urge your guests to do the same. Bright and expressive, this logo would work well in any type of media, including your social media platforms, signage, and printed materials.

This cute design is simplistic, but undeniable attractive due in part to its modern typography. The combination of icon/typography adds an extra level of flexibility to this logo, as you can choose to use them in conjunction or separately on a case-by-case basis.

This file is available as in both AI and EPS format, so you that can make alterations in Adobe Illustrator and InDesign respectively. If you’re opening a new brunch-centric restaurant or café, this option would serve you well!

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2.  Pizza Slices and Pizza Logos

On a scale of 1-10 pizza slices, we give this logo and graphic set the whole pie! Perfect for the new pizzeria on the block, this bundle includes more than a single logo option. In addition to nine pizza logo PNG files, this bundle also contains multiple PNG files of pizzas with varying topping combinations with the option of adding toppings yourself.

This perk will work well for those pizza lovers who are looking to beef up their restaurant website with additional graphics.

However, the logo options are a steal on their own. The styles vary from rustic to modern and include extra logo possibilities for marketing your delivery service. These graphics would also look professional when printed on your marketing collateral, menus, and to-go boxes.

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3. A Food Logo

The previous options have been chosen for their ability to serve a niche market—pizzeria and brunch spots—but this next selection is noteworthy for the opposite reason. This clean logo emblem could be used for just about any business in the food service industry.

It’s unique and creative design is representative of the restaurant industry without being too overt. This gives it a unique adaptability that extends to fast casual, modern dining, catering, and delivery services. If your business is food-oriented, there’s a good chance this logo will work well for your establishment. This is especially true for businesses whose name begins with an “A.” However, the emblem can be rotated or flipped to serve other enterprises as well.

For an easy design that will appeal to a modern market, consider this option!

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 4.  Mexican Hand Drawn Doodles Set

Mexican illustrations and iconography are both rich and alluring, and this set by Marish encapsulates those features beautifully.  Over 100 icons are included in this set, many of which would work well as a logo for a restaurant with Mexican-inspired cuisine.

Select one of the icons to feature in your logo, and make use of the others on your social media, menus, and signage. The result will be cohesive branding across all platforms. The hand-drawn nature of these icons will also contribute to the overall ambiance of your restaurant!

Download the complete set for only $11.

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5. Organic Health Food Logo – Natural Foods Logo

If your brand aims to take a more health-focused and local approach to the dining experience, this logo may be more up your alley. A departure from the more playful options provided thus far, this logo set uses a simple emblem in tandem with a timeless serif font. The very stylish pentagon shape encompassing the emblem allows the logo to feel modern without feeling too trendy. The result is a versatile and hearty logo that will work well for your branding purposes.

If the logo is a great design, but doesn’t suit the colors you envision for your brand, don’t worry! The logo set is available as a vector file, so you can tailor it to achieve your desired effect. Once you have, your mixed icon and typography logo will look beautiful printed on your menus or on your window display.

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6. Food Talk Logo Template

The noise level in restaurants has steadily been on the rise for the past few decades. As a result, more of the trendy eateries are pumped with loud music that can dampen the ambiance and reduce the opportunity for discussions. That’s why we’d like to present a great business concept: a dining establishment where you can eat, enjoy a drink, and speak at a reasonable volume. Call it Chip & Chat, Whine & Dine, or something clever!

Even if you’re bursting with excitement at this idea, you may still love this simplistic logo template. It combines a speech bubble and food iconography to create an endearing result. This logo would be well-utilized in a café, for a catering business, or even on a food blog.

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7. Vegan Food – Herbal Symbol Logo

Aptly named “Vegan Food,” this plant-inspired logo incorporates lush green colors with modern, but familiar plant shapes to convey imagery of nature, health, and the environment. It would, therefore, be a great option for restaurants and eateries who value local, organic ingredients or incorporate farm-to-table methods into their cooking.

However, the logo’s color can be easily changed. The AI/EPS file formatting makes this logo 100% editable for maximum customizations.

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8. 24 Elegant Logo Templates

Logo templates are wonderful for their accessibility and easiness; however, there is a minor drawback when trying to select your ideal emblem. Namely, you can’t always “try before you buy.” For those of you who are perhaps newer to design, or have use for multiple logos, this set of 24 elegant logo templates could be the perfect solution.

Each image uses line art to create the aesthetic of modern sophistication. With your purchase of this bundle, you’ll receive multiple versions of your file so that can easily be altered in a variety of programs. If you get stuck, your purchase also includes a help file to guide you in the right direction. For only $10, this is a great option for both beginners and entrepreneurs!

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9. Love Food Logo

Which do you prefer, falling in love or eating a great meal? Some may have clear preferences either way, but truthfully, these two things are often one in the same. For those who love food and aim to share their passion with their guests, this is a great option for your restaurant’s logo. The icon uses cutlery to create a heart shape.

The logo is available in both EPS and AI formats, so you can use Adobe Illustrator or InDesign to make simple alterations. Adjust the text, colors, and cutlery combinations to best suit your needs, and your restaurant designs will be completed in no time.

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10. Masto Typeface

In a world obsessed with branding and innovation, business owners are often looking for one-of-a-kind logos that will be easily recognized by their audience. This often leads to the difficult task of creating an emblem that represents the institution without mirroring the logos of the competitors.

However, your brand doesn’t require an icon to be recognizable. Rather, a really beautiful and well-crafted font may accomplish that goal. The Masto typeface is a great example. It’s sweeping and dramatic lines are unforgettable, and when utilized as your restaurant’s logo, it will have the same effect.

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11. Alpino

It often makes sense to have a logo that mirrors the product or service you provide. Take, for example, Instagram or Nasa, who integrate imagery of photography and space respectively into their logos. Now think of Nike and Starbucks. Though not a direct reflection of their industries, the logo are these brands are recognizable on a near-universal level.

You can accomplish a similar impact with the Alpino logo. This eco-inspired graphic is reminiscent of pine needles, and would, therefore, work well with restaurants that incorporate horticulture or seek to covey a rustic vibe. Though it may not scream “restaurant” initially, it will work well for decades to come.

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12. Vintage Logos – Restaurant / Cafe

Are you wary of creating a logo that is so modern, it might not age well? This is a struggle for many companies, who want to continue to stay relevant in their field. Fortunately, there is a way to achieve a timeless look without being too generic: by going vintage!

This set has nine different logo options to choose from, each featuring designs which have stood the test of time. The variety of logos in this set would work well for cafes, diners, restaurants with American-inspired cuisine, and seafood joints.

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13. King Burger

This logo will serve a very specific subsection of the dining market—burger joints. This vintage-inspired, but contemporary design combines an emblem with a san serif font that would well for a fast-casual environment. We can also see this design working well for diners and steakhouses.

Included with your logo are multiple files versions—AI, EPS, PSD—and an info file with an option to download the font. Use this minimal logo for your marketing collateral, online media, branded restaurant items, and signage. The design is so attractive, it could even work on a t-shirt. We’d wear it!.

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14. Yummy – Seafood

Does the sea call to you? That’s how we feel when we see this seafood-oriented logo. This logo uses beautiful, nautical-inspired typography on top of bright illustrations to evoke feelings of nostalgia and a serious craving for seafood.

Included in this set is a collection of hand-drawn illustrations that can be used in your menus, on your website, or for other branding purposes. In addition, it comes with a bonus frame for you to use if you desire.

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 15. The Bull – Steakhouse

You mess with the bull, you get this logo. That’s not a bad thing, because this logo is something special, as it seems to hold opposing ideas without any conflict. This modern logo achieves a look that is modern but timeless, whimsical but serious.

The broad appeal of this logo would make a great option for family-style restaurants, country cafes, steakhouses, or local hangouts. To create your ultimate logo, you can easily make adjustments. This set comes with a diverse range of files formats to simplify this process.

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16. Coffee Shop Logos

Finally, something for the coffee junkies out there. Those committed to the world coffee know that great coffee is more than a combination of well-roasted beans, proper water temperatures, and tuned-in brewing times. To create the perfect cup of coffee, you also have to create an experience. That’s why branding has become such an essential aspect for many coffeehouses.

This set of two coffee logos makes accomplishing that daunting task a little easier. The first option includes a minimal coffee icon and classic script font. The second logo is more design-focused and uses clean lines and circles to create beautiful emblem. Use these logos separately or in conjunction for a well-rounded, modern aesthetic.

This set can be easily modified, and the fonts are available with your purchase of the logos.

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Each of these options offers something unique and easily identifiable to make branding easy. This ensure that aspiring restaurant owners can spend their time and money focusing on other aspects of their new venture! To find more logo templates, check out creative digital marketplaces, such as Envato or Creative Market.

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  1. Morning’s icon is quite cute and simple. It really does bring a smile to its customers. Good work in sharing these notable restaurant logos.

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