17 Best Mug Mockups for Creative Artists

Mugs are among the most accessible products on the market, which makes them the perfect canvas to display your logo or design. Whether you’re establishing a digital print-to-order business, growing your online presence, or creating a catalog, product templates are a simple and accessible way to flaunt your unique designs. Product templates will take the headache out of marketing your brand and developing your product line so that you can focus on the things that matter. To help you find the perfect mug template, we’ve compiled a list of the 17 best mug mockups on the market.

Mug 11 oz. Mock-up

Mug 11 oz Mock-up - Product Mockups

This template offers clean and highly customizable templates for you to display your digital artwork. In addition to standard-sized 11 oz. mug template, this set also provides images with a corresponding box. In order to best accommodate your needs and offer greater variety, this bundle includes 14 stock photos for you to use. These images include multiple arrangements of one or more mugs, the product packaging, and handheld demonstrations. These images are set against a plain white background and work perfectly for commercial purposes.

Have fun with these templates by modifying the color combinations, adding impactful designs or logos, or changing the hand model’s nail polish colors! This template is well-organized, so you don’t have to be a Photoshop guru to make your modifications. A standard license is only $15, and an extended license is also available for purchase.

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Coffee Mug Mockup N4

Coffee Mug Mockup N4 - Product Mockups

Another great mug template is Coffee Mug Mockup N4. Unlike some mockups, this one uses a real photograph of a mug, rather than a 3D rendering or smart object. The outdoor setting provides an added level of realism and grabs the attention of your audience. This image uses a macro lens to create a shallow focus and draw the eye to your logo or design.

This beautifully framed template achieves a professional look without feeling too commercial or stuffy and can be used for anything. Your purchase of this templates includes a high-quality photo available in both PNG and PSD file formats.

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11 oz. Mug Mockup

11 oz mug mockup - Product Mockups

If you are a product designer looking for a no-nonsense, easy to use mug template, this might be the perfect template for you. This bundle comes streamlined with Photoshop Smart Objects, allowing you to paste in your image, logo, or design with a few easy clicks! Files are available for both a single or double mug arrangement, which makes this a great option for mug sets! Once you have inputted your design, customize the background to make your image pop. Previewing your designs has never been so simple. While $6 might not afford you two cups of coffee at your favorite coffee shop, it will get you this digital mug mockup set!

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Espresso Cup Mockup

Espresso Cup Mockup - Product Mockups

Do you wonder how your custom images would look in a rustic coffee shop next to a great book? This template will take all the guess work out that equation. This espresso mug mockup template is formatted as a layered Photoshop file for ultimate adaptability so that you can drop your designs directly into the image.

The comforting appeal offered by this template makes it a great option for bloggers, print-to-order businesses, and food industry websites! For only $2, you can use your designs to craft a compelling story. Add your logo or design and post it to your favorite social media outlets!

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Cup of Tea Mock-up Bigpack

Cup of Tea Mock-up Bigpack - Product Mockups

Designer RELINEOTM has created a collection of elegant winter-inspired mug mockup templates for personal and commercial use. Each image is a celebration of long, winter nights spent wrapped up before a roaring fire. This nostalgic element is sure to appeal to your audience and engage them with your product.

With over a dozen options to choose from, this set would work wonderfully for either a photo catalog or website. It will allow you to create uniformity in your product advertising without appearing too redundant. Additionally, each image features a real person holding the mugs. This adds character to the mockup, so your templates won’t appear overly commercial or sales-oriented. This set also allows you the freedom to use this for a wide spectrum of projects! Should you only need a couple of images, RELINEOTM sales the images individually as well.

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Dinnerware Mockup Collection

If you’re thinking, “Mugs are great, but what about my other dishes?” then this is the collection for you. For the overachievers who want to design everything but the kitchen sink (sorry, we don’t have the template for that yet), the Dinnerware Mockup Collection has you covered. This download includes a completely customizable PSD file featuring a photorealistic arrangement of two plates, one bowl, and a mug. You can create a matching set, plaster them with a pattern, or mix and match!

A clean, white backdrop works well for commercial purposes and can be edited to suit your needs. This collection allows you to easily present your designs to potential clients and consumers for the low cost of $8. Complete with an editing guide, the Dinnerware Mockup Collection is perfect for beginners!

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Mug Mockup Set

Mug Mockup Set - Product Mockups

Creatsy’s Mug Mockup Set takes a creative approach to what can feel like a mundane task. This set is well-designed and includes a set of three customizable PSD files that allow you to modify the mug designs and backgrounds. Three background templates—white, neutral, and custom—are also provided to help expedite the design process. You simply need to use Smart Objects in Photoshop to import your image, or log and you’ll be on your way to selling your products in a digital environment.

These images feature three different arrangements—one single mug and two dual mug arrangements, so this bundle also works well for matching mug sets.

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Coffee Mug Mockup

Coffee Mug Mockup - Product Mockups

A thoughtfully arranged mockup, this template is great for designers of all experience levels. In its simplest form, you are able to use Photoshop Smart Objects to add your design, logo, or image directly onto the mug. Multiple background templates are provided, so beginners do not have to fret over difficult alterations. A complimentary instructional video is also included to help new product designers with this process.

For more experienced Photoshop users, these templates can easily be swapped out for a custom background image. Automatic background perspective and shadows are included in the set for a photorealistic appearance.

This mockup would work especially well for those looking to sell their merchandise on their website or through digital marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon.

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Stainless Steel Tumbler Mockup 30 oz.

Stainless steel tumbler mockup 30 oz - Product Mockups

Mugs come in all shapes and sizes, and so do mockup templates. This template designed with a rugged, stainless steel tumbler in mind. If your customer base prefers the practicality of a 30-oz. black coffee over an artisan espresso, consider implementing this design outline for your product mockups.

An added benefit of this tumbler is that its large size also provides a greater surface area, allowing you to include multiple designs on a single mug. With your purchase of this template, you will receive two PSD files—one with a single tumbler and one with two. A dual mug template will permit you to showcase your front and back designs in the same photo.

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PossitivePixels Mug Mock-Up

Mug Mock-Up - Product Mockups

PositivePixels shows us that product mockups can be whimsical, too! This template includes a variety of mug arrangements to showcase your design in fun, eye-catching angles. This set includes arrangements of one to three mugs in various positions that will let your customers get an accurate visual of their final product.

This template is accessible for designers of all experiences levels, so feel free to play around with the background color without worrying about background shading, reflections, and drop shadows. These have conveniently been separated into different Photoshop layers, so you can have full control over your product mockups. This template is compatible with Photoshop CS4 and comes with instructions on how to modify the images.

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Coffee Mug Mockup MegaPack

Coffe Mug MockUp MegaPack - Product Mockups

Sometimes, you need to throw together a last-minute product presentation that will wow potential clients and investors. If you aren’t a Photoshop guru, this would be a daunting task. Unless, of course, you download the Coffee Mug Mockup MegapPack.

Designed with the busy entrepreneur in mind, this set includes 10 PSD files and 20 different background textures. Mix and match the mug arrangements with the various backdrops for over 200 original compositions. In addition to those neat features, this bundle includes simplistic file structures and a video tutorial to ensure you are able to meet your deadlines!

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CleanLines Mug Mock-Up V.6


Another entrepreneurial go-to is the CleanLines collection. Included in this inventory is Mug Mock-Up V.6, which features a tall mug with arched sides. Each of the CleanLines product mockups uses Smart Objects for easy use, allowing you to edit the mugs as needed and compile a quick product presentation. For a different mug style, search the designer’s inventory. Afterall, the entire mug mockup collection is 25% for a limited time.

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Cafe Coffee Cup PSD Mockup #5

Cafe Coffee Cup PSD Mockup #5 - Product Mockups

Can a product mockup be cool? Of course! Just look at this beautiful template from Construct Supply Co, which features a wide mug beside a steaming pitcher of milk. This high-resolution, image-based template could work on a coffee or food blog, website, your social media platforms, and more! This template does more than provide a visual of your product, it creates an experience. The easy “click and go” process will have your mockup completed in a few short minutes, so what are you waiting for?

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7 Coffee Cup Mockups

7 Coffee Cup Mockups - Save over 50% - Product Mockups

Do you long for a versatile set of mug templates for your product mockups? Look no further than Gabor Monori’s 7 Coffee Cup Mockup bundle. This collection includes multiple compositions of three different mugs, so you can get a feel for how your image, logo, or design would look on various cup shapes and sizes. Each image is high-resolution and features a simple, white mug. Additionally, the adjustments to the image light and colors are not directly applied to the image, which allows product designers to tweak the image to match their preferences.

This bundle includes templates from over five products at a discounted rate, so you will get a $22 value for only $10.

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White Mug Mockup for Him

Mix up your product presentations by using this high-resolution mug mockup template. The image features an 11-oz. mug on top of an appealing work surface. This natural environment would also lend itself nicely to blogs, websites, and social media platforms. The shallow focus of the image and dark, contrasting background will make your design, logo, or image the star of this product mockup template.

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Coffee Mugs Stock Photos

[-50%] Coffee Mugs Stock Photos - Product Mockups

This collection of stock photo product templates is perfect for a print-to-order business model. This set features 5 different backgrounds, which have been professionally styled. Bloggers could also benefit from this package, as the color schemes are modern and trendy!

The variety of background colors and patterns will add a bright pop of color to your page, without having to hire a professional photographer or graphic designer. For a limited time, this set is 50% on Creative Market.

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Coffee Stationery / Branding Mock-Up

Coffee Stationery / Branding Mock-Up - Product Mockups

Last, but definitely not least is this wonderful coffee and stationary branding mockup by forgraphicTM. Sure, this features more than just mugs, but it’s the perfect template for business looking to expand their branding and product lines. This set will allow you to input your logo or design onto over 50 different items! With this template, you can successfully present your entire product in a professional and trendy manner.

Eight PSD files are included in the set, which feature various compositions and arrangements. Select the image that works best for your brand and start customizing. Play around with the adaptable background to create a presentation that exemplifies your brand. Then, share your image on social media and watch the compliments roll in!

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