17 Best Photoshop Fonts For Typographers

Ever wondered why most Photoshop fonts fail? Because the authors don’t intend them to be the tools to release the hidden potential in designers.

It has been a great time since the font system appeared in the text editors of personal computers. You need to simply go the font setting in any text editor (i.e., Microsoft Word), and see hundreds of default fonts provided by your OS which can be changed on-the-fly along with the size, style and weight. New fonts can be installed easily as well, provided you have enough energy and passion for downloading the fonts. Font system proved to be a successful due to its systematic approach, and thus it was integrated in pretty much every text editor. Photoshop followed the same trend despite being a image manipulation software, and allowed its users to use any font they want, including the default ones the Photoshop package contains and the other fonts that users can download from the internet. It can be a great hassle to find good professional fonts, as there are several websites and hundreds of fonts to choose from, but many of them are quite expensive, and the free ones aren’t good enough for people’s particular needs. Thus, we have researched the different fonts market on the internet and collected some fonts, which we strongly believe would be enough to satisfy whatever Photoshop fonts need our readers have.

The emphasis will be put on its application to “Typography” when we highlight the fonts, although these fonts can be used for other styles as well. Following are some of the carefully selected Photoshop fonts:

17 Best Photoshop Fonts For Typographers

1. Stone Harbour Brush Font


Imagine yourself seeing several greeting cards with text written on all of them in a way that resembles the text written with brush / markers, and thus fooling you to believe whether it isn’t digital graphics designing, but a real one. Thankfully, the Creativemarket already supports such fonts. This font package supports multiple languages, and can be used in the default text editors of the OS (except the extra 141 characters). It’s a great font package for giving you a brushed effect, as if the letters were painted or/and brushed. It’s very suitable for graffiti designers who want to harness their skills in Photoshop through professional and good-looking Photoshop fonts. Apart from the 18 fonts in the package, you also get 12 awesome looking splatters and 12 bonus free photos.

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2. Massive Font Bundle


These fonts are hand-drawn style Photoshop fonts, meaning the author has drawn the fonts on paper first, and then scanned the papers and converted them into digital formats. These fonts are perfect for logos, posters, apparel, wedding invitations, beer labels & many other combinations! In order to validate its professionalism, just look at the screenshots provided by the author and see how he / she carefully used the certain templates to highlight the best features. Within a single package, you get 12 Fonts Files within a single package! It’s called “Massive” for a reason! They are selling these fonts with 85% off for 2016, so grab the opportunity and buy the cool fonts!

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3. The Typographer’s Toolbox


This package contains 16 handlettering-aholic and brushed photoshop fonts. This font package is highly recommended for lettering, sketching, painting and drawing, as the fonts have been designed by carefully observing the commonly used brushes for the aforementioned categories and then simulating them through Photoshop fonts. The fonts also look very user-friendly and gives calming effect to the eyes. There is a symmetry in the characters, the style and color, as if those dots are created solely for such fonts.

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4. Logo Creation Kit Bundle Edition


This is the package that is highly recommended for those who like more than one item in a box, as it contains several stunning logos that are created using the help of 500+ elements along with 60+ cool fonts for your photoshop fonts needs, meaning not only it gives you enough fonts for your projects, but also the logos to support your overall graphic design. We though it would be great to include this logo set in our fonts list as a complementary package.

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5. Mammoth Watercolour for Illustrator


Although, these fonts are designed for Illustrator, it works seamlessly as Photoshop fonts too. It’s a huge collection of vector graphics, fonts, watercolors, foil, patterns, paper and splatters. This package is designed to make a point that you don’t need to pick up the brush in order to be a painter artist! It has 500 vector elements, 63 swatches, 12 Hand-lettered fonts, 8 foils, 6 pattern swatches, splatters and few design secrets, all within a single package! In my opinion, single packages with multiple elements are enough for new starters who are just beginning in graphics designing.

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6. Caleigh Script Font with Bonus


Caleigh is a hand-lettered modern calligraphic script font that can be used for the fonts in Photoshop for discretionary ligatures, contextual alternates, and stylistic alternates. The cool thing about these fonts is that they retain the classical look of the old calligraphic fonts, which might help those who like to give the effects of typewriter fonts, as if they are printed through the metal blocks of typewriters.

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7. Tuesday Script


Tuesday Script is a hand-lettered brush font script that will work for any graphics project, as long as you have the potential to tolerate the simplicity in your work, as the fonts provided in the package is extremely simply for daily Photoshop fonts needs. It also includes 4 bonus standard characters and 7 stylish swatches. This package is recommended to those who wants a cheaper solution for a startup project(s). Later you can move on to other packages once you have enough money and your project is going towards success!

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8. Creative & Grunge Fonts Megabundle


This package has 12 font families with 50 fonts in three styles: vintage, retro and grunge style. It also has some graphics extras in a package. These fonts are great for highly colorful paintings or invitations cards, as these professional fonts for Photoshop provide enough incentive to create magnificent work to impress the audience.

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9. Octavia Script


This package combines the classic calligraphic style with modern style, meaning you get the best of the both worlds. It has Contextual Alternates, Discretionary Ligatures, Stylistic Alternates and Contextual swashes, thus it complies the standard of the professional Photoshop fonts. Apart from the fonts, it also provides more than 60 graphical extras that include the images of pack of fruits, pack of lovely, pack of leaf and pack of brushed color. In order to get the maximum out of this package, you can combine several fonts together and mesh them to create a new custom fonts, as it’s quite flexible to do so.

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10. HandCrafters Font Bundle


This package includes 13 Premium Font Families with over 30 individual fonts. Apart from the fonts, it also has over 100 hand drawn vectors, several bonus glyphs, multilingual support, custom brushes, swashes, ink splatters, watercolor and gold foil patterns within a single package! These fonts are created using the snapshots of characters painted through original brush / pens.

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11. Amberlight


It’s a new fresh and modern script with a very unique calligraphy-style. This package contains decorative characters and a dancing baseline. It works great on invitation cards, greeting cards, branding materials, business cards, quotes and posters. It has several OpenType features, such as, Stylistic Sets, Contextual Alternates, and Ligature. It can be used in Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.

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12. Moku26 Typeface

This typeface is inspired by old fashion woodworkers. It has a very experimental, yet sophisticated look, which would be great for your brands. It is currently available in 3 styles: Birch, Oak and Pine. You can see how every style resembles something that is relevant to wood, implying the author knows his stuff. It is ideal for titles, logo, branding, digital, apps or anything that calls for the theme of wood / forest.

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13. Ariadne Family

Ariadne is a handwritten font family, which has full open type features, such as, ligatures, swashes, ornaments, catchwords, etc., thus they are very professional looking fonts and can be used in any project not just for typography. Within a family, there are three fonts: Ariadne Script, Ariadne Sans, Ariadne Sans Condensed. It has a multilingual support, so you get to use it in every language of your choice. The Ariadne family is best used in an open type aware software, such as, Photoshop, InDesign, etc.

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14. Vanilla Daisy Script

These script fonts have a huge alternate characters, meaning this gives many options for the graphics designers to choose the best for you. It is greatly inspired by the dynamic style of hand lettering script and created not too feminine or masculine to make it more unlimited style for your lovely work: logos, posters, invitation, wedding, artistic design, website header, t-shirt, accessories, souvenir, etc. It has over 700+ Glyph with 6 alternate characters on lowercase and 3 alternate characters in uppercase. Features wise, it has multiple-language support and follows the standard of professional Photoshop fonts; that is, these fonts have Contextual Alternates, Standard Ligatures, Contextual Swashes and Titling Alternates. I would recommend these fonts the most for card designing.

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15. Mostter Script

These fonts can be used in both Illustrator and Photoshop. It’s a modern script font, wherein every single letters have been carefully crafted to make your text looks beautiful. These fonts are perfect for most different projects, but will suit the most to: quotes, blog header, poster, wedding, branding, logo, fashion, apparel, letter, invitation, stationery, etc. It contains alternate glyph and beautiful swirl to make your art look incredibly beautiful. And, the best of all: it only costs $13.

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16. Northshire Script

These fonts are made with hand-painted characters, meaning the author has converted the photos of hand-painted characters into fonts. This package is highly recommended for using with ink or watercolor based designs or for using on its own as bold hand-brushed lettering. These fonts can be used for Branding, Logos, Greeting Cards, Stationery Design, Invitations, T-shirts, Apparel, Packaging designs, Posters, Typographic Design, and so much more. I don’t see any reason why one should hold back, when they can easily purchase this package for $15… which is quite cheap if you ask me.

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17. Northshire Script

These fonts are called “handmade” because the fonts look as if they are crafted by hands; that is, they are extremely simple in look, yet sophisticated and modern for your everyday needs. Rather than giving the impression of machine-generated text, these fonts soothe the eyes of readers. It provides alternative characters with open-type features as well. These fonts are great for Apparel Brand, Logos, printed quotes, invitations, image overlays, greeting cards, product packaging, text headers, any greeting cards and book cover.

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Difference between Typeface and Fonts

You might be wondering why I used “Typeface” in some places, and “fonts” in other places, and got the curiosity to ask the difference between them. Well, let me assure you, there isn’t much difference between Typeface and Fonts, and most of the times, people use it interchangeably and even type experts think that it’s okay to use them interchangeably, however, semantically they can be quite different at times. We thought that it would be great to eliminate the confusion in our readers’ mind once and for all, so that it makes it easier to purchase fonts for Photoshop. Let’s learn about the distinction!

Typeface vs Font

A font is a subset of Typeface with a particular style, weight and size. In the old days, there were typewriters with metal blocks of all the alphabets of a given language. Typeface describes those metal blocks that typewriters had and which had been designed with the same basic design principles. Fonts, on the hand, are the letters that are printed / typed on pages, who had different weight and size (depending on the size of pages). In the modern text editors, typeface and font is confused, as those editors focus on the look and not the actual mechanism. For instance, “Arial” in the text editors (i.e., Microsoft Word) is actually a typeface itself (although it can be found in the section of “fonts”, as eventually it is talking about style, weight and size), however, Regular (or Italic, Bold, etc.) Arial 12 is a font as it combines the typeface with defining attributes!

Designer of Proxima Nova, Mark Simonson, said the following about the distinction:

“The physical embodiment of a collection of letters, numbers, symbols, etc. (whether it’s a case of metal pieces or a computer file) is a font. When referring to the design of the collection (the way it looks) you call it a typeface.” – Mark Simonson

So, in a nutshell:

  • Font is a subset of Typeface.
  • Font describes the style, weight and size of the character-set in Typefaces.
  • Typefaces are designed, and fonts are made.
  • Typeface is mechanism, while the font is look.

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