The 20 Best Hat Mockups You’ll Want to Use

A business that will never die would be apparel. With the right design and style, you’ll be able to sell your clothes quickly and create a name for yourself! The next question is: What kind of clothing line should you bring out? This summer, hats are in to help shade you from the intense rays of the sun while finishing off your outfit. And whether you want to customize a design for your group, company, or to begin production for business, you’ll want to make sure you have the best hat mockups to give you awesome ideas. But where can you get the best hat mockups?

Read on as I show you my top 20 top choices on the hat mockups for you to start designing.

Top 20 Best Hat Mockups

Based on the design and type of hat you may need, here are the top 20 best hat mockups to use for your company, loved ones, or your business:

  1. Straw Panama Hat Mockup

    hat mockups

    Looking for a way to beat the summer heat? Then the straw Panama hat is a stylish way to shield yourself from the sun. It’s perfect for beach trips and casual outings with loved ones.

    You can choose various patterns and colors, coming with lighting and texture control for you to see how it will really look like. It also includes product graphics (a tag and ribbon) so you can showcase what you have to offer neatly, with your company name!

    Whether you’re selling hats for the holiday or gardening, this straw hat mockup will be appreciated by many.

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  2. Bucket Hat Mockup

    Looking for something suitable for the boys (or even girls!)? Then the bucket hat is the way to go. It has a hipster urban edge to it, making it ideal for teenagers and millennials who want to stay protected from the heat without cramping their style.

    It comes in a variety of colors and patterns, suitable for just about any occasion. You can even choose from different materials and easily customize it with smart objects. It has the photorealistic look with seven different angles, so you can show what you have to offer with ease.

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  3. Baseball Hat Mockup

    Now, who doesn’t like baseball hats? May it be for the actual baseball game or to don the casual look, this cap will definitely complete your sporty style.

    What I love about this mockup is its intricate detail, showing every stitch in high definition so people can appreciate the detail and effort put into every color or pattern you use. It’s also very easy to edit with seven angles to choose from.

    With the shadows, objects, and reflections, you can customize it to however pattern you want to suit any baseball fan!

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  4. Bucket Hat Mockup

    This is another version of the bucket hat, but this time it comes with a string underneath so you can use it to sell hat designs for adventurers and travelers who need a strap to hold on to their hats during the windy days!

    It comes with professional pre-made designs that are suitable for the holidays, either in a straw or camouflage material. With a clean look and various perspectives to choose from, you can’t go wrong with this mockup.

    A plus side would be the fact it comes with separate layers and sitting layers for detail and easy customization.

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  5. Santa Hat Mockup

    Spring and summer may be approaching around the world, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be preparing for Christmas! Put a spin on the usual red Santa hat and go for a more detailed and patterned cap that shows off the Christmas spirit.

    What I love about this design are the endless possibilities you can put into it. From various patterns and colors, along with a tag on the top to show your company logo or name, you can easily brand yourself while sharing your jolliness to others come December.

    Oh, and did I mention how detailed it can be close up?

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  6. Football Fan Hat Mockups

    Football season will forever be in, and what better way to show your pride for your favored team with noticeable ants that can catch attention and have you proudly call yourself a true fan?

    These football fan hats are tall, designed with fun and professionalism, and come in two designs.

    You have a two-in-one bundle that anyone will want to purchase! The hats have changeable colors and even come with backgrounds so you can post your mockup for selling or branding. They are ideal for athletic stores who want to begin selling fan apparel during football season.

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  7. Men’s Hat Mockup

    This might say it’s for men, but even women will look stylish and casual with this beanie. It sets a cool and relaxed style that goes well with urban street wear. There are two beanie styles that come with this mockup, including space where you can add your own logo. It comes with unlimited colors, a fully-layered file, and the high-resolution you need to show the style you have to offer to clients.

    It’s ideal for companies that target casual and urban style. Definitely a must for those who want detail and coolness.

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  8. Strapback Cap or Camp Hat

    This type of hat isn’t only suitable for casual wear but can have the strength and style to last in the outdoors as well. Have fun designing simple and cool colors that are pleasing to the eye, saving time, effort and money with this hat mockup that you can design in minutes.

    It’s very easy to design according to your brand, and you can choose between four different angles with different background colors and patches. With realistic effects and organized layers for customization, it’s projection now made easier!

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  9. Knitted Beanie Mockup

    This knitted beanie mockup shows comfort and style for women out there, with cute patterns and colors you can mix and match with! You can choose between plain colors or eccentric patterns to catch eyes.

    It has the realistic effect with the ability to choose your own color and customize it with well-organized layers. Plus, I love the detailed close ups! It looks so real, you can practically see the knits and threads. Whether it’s to submit your design for production or selling, you’ll definitely catch attention and sell.

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  10. Sun Visor Hat Mockup

    Are you an athletic store looking to sell sports apparel to beat the heat of the sun? The sun visor is an essential that will surely sell. It has the pre-made design perfect for women, but you can design it to make it suitable for both guys and gals. It has the detailed edges and colors to choose from, with you being able to put your own design and text on the hat.

    The back is also detailed, with the velcro strap you can show your logo on as well. Another plus would its embroidered details!

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  11. Cap .PSD Mockup

    This is the simple baseball cap but what you can do with it is endless! You can choose between various colors and have the ability to create a text or add your logo when needed. Either way, it’s highly customizable and has high resolution, with basic stitches and the simple, laid-back design suitable for just about any business or presentation.

    The hat is very easy and quick to customize, coming with organized layers and high resolution to tweak even the tiniest of details. All in all, I would recommend it for those who want clean-cut looks that have the realistic feel for mockups.

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  12. Women Cap Mock-Ups

    These women caps are suitable for gals of any age. I love its soft look and bright colors that are ideal for small or grown women looking for protection from the sun.

    Don’t worry about the Angel word! While it’s cute, it’s changeable with unlimited colors and designs. You can even change the background and remove the model head, whichever works for you. It definitely saves time and lets you easily edit what’s needed in order for a cleaner and professional look for any woman. With organized layers and folders, you won’t need to waste time editing anymore.

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  13. Bike Cap Mock-Up

    Looking for a good bike car for cyclists? Let this bike cap mockup be a perfect way to present your ideas and design. It comes with a professional and athletic look, designed to cover your face from the sun with style. We also like its different patterns from the back and front of the cap, coming with a logo in front for branding purposes. The cap looks very realistic, even coming with the garters for extra adjustability and foldable cap covers.

    With incredible quality and a 100% view, you’ll be able to fully adjust and present your cap design with style.

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  14. Cap Cotton Cloth or Canvas Folk Style Hat

    This hat style is ideal for travelers who want something both comfortable and looking good while keeping away from the sun. It’s simple and easy to use, with a vintage yet classy style you’ll appreciate. Its retro style screams campers from the 90s, known as a folk hat with a realistic view you can customize with its smart objects and organized layers.

    You can see details closely, but take note that the design is not included, though you can change the color and logo.

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  15. Baseball Trucker Full Cap Mockup

    You can choose various materials for this cap, whether you want a mesh material at the back, or a hole for ponytails behind. It’s a trucker’s cap, with a classic design suitable for anyone. There are different colors and you can decorate it according to the different designs you want, whether you want plain colors or different patterns around the whole cap.

    With seven cap types and unlimited colors, different shots and easy customization, you have everything you need in one mockup package!

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  16. Classic Rimless Beanie Mockup

    If you want a classic known to keep you warm but in an urban, modern way, then this rimless beanie is just right. It has no rim at all, so it looks more casual and stylish. It also comes in different patterns and colors, with you being able to use your own. There is even space where you can add a word or logo for customization. With realistic views and many options, it makes for a great mockup!

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  17. Knitted Beanie Mock Up

    The knitted beanie mockup is the ideal hat for anyone during the wintertime, or even for a casual day out under colder weather. We love its intricate details, showing all the threads and knits for presentation. You can even choose between various patterns and colors where you can place your logo. With this mockup, you can also change the mannequin and have it look more real with displacement maps.

    I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for knitted beanie hat mockups that are highly customizable!

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In Conclusion

If you plan on starting your own production line, go for small products that create a huge statement. With hats, you’ll be able to create a name for yourself, as long as the design is unique and eye-catching enough to sell. The possibilities are endless with hats, as you can choose ones suitable for both style, play, or even adventure. But in the end, you’ll be able to find benefits when using a hat while still keeping in the line of fashion, as it’s a trend that will never die down.

Hopefully, these hat mockups helped you become more knowledgeable with what you need to save time and effort designing the hat’s style and design. So what are you waiting for? Check any of these hat mockups and begin looking into more for your business today.

If you have any questions or reviews about these hat mockups then comment down below. We would love to hear what you have to think.

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