21 Best Italic Fonts You Ought to Check Today!

When you picture an italic font, what comes to mind? For many of our readers, this practice evokes an image of delicate lettering, gently leaning to the right. Of course, this is the standard image associated with italic lettering. If your perception of italic fonts is that they project softness or ____, then you’ve come to right place. Though often perceived as meek and narrow, italicized fonts have much more to offer the artistic community. The purpose of italics, after all, is to add emphasis or distinction to words and characters. In the following post, we’ll provide a full range of italic fonts—or font sets with exceptional italic styling options—that illustration the many different functions of this font genre.

1. Basic Instinct

On that note, Basic Instinct is a great starting place. This option perfectly illustrates how italics can be used to create new, engaging font types. In this example, we see how slanted lines and skewed lettering are combined to establish a distinctly urban feel. This font was hand drawn to create messy aesthetic similar to graffiti art. This display font has a powerful impact, making it a wonderful option for apparel designs and posters.  As demonstrated in the sample images on the product page, this typeface pairs well with san serif fonts and works well as an overlay for your images.

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2. Mighty River

Taking a step in the opposite direction, Mighty River is a warm and delicate alternative to Basic Instinct. Beautifully created to be reminiscent of a river—pushing and pulling the viewer’ eye—this font has an undeniable gravity. The handwritten style would make it a wonderful option for invitations, social media marketing, and web designs. In addition to a full set of upper and lowercase characters, punctuation and numbers, this font pack also has incorporated multi-language characters and over 200 glyphs.

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3. Indigo Blue

Own its own, Indigo Blue is a truly impressive font, as each letter is handwritten for exceptional character and charm, but when you consider the many bonuses that accompany this purchase, it’s a downright steal. As demonstrated in the online product images, Indigo Blue is a complete set with uppercase and lowercase characters, punctuation, ligature, numbers, stylistic alternatives, and a swash font for beautiful accents. There are so many additions to this font family, it’s hard to say them all in one breath! On top of these wonderful benefits, the standard license for this font is an inexpensive $10. That means you can use Indigo Blue on unlimited projects without paying a hefty fee.

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4. Addington

Addington wasn’t designed with the single purpose of being an italic font, but that’s a great bonus for any graphic designer. This font pack includes seven different weights with both roman and italic sets. As you can see, Addington is a perfect go-to serif font, so it would be well worth the investment of under $30. The roman and italic options pair perfectly together and would be a staple in any artist’s arsenal.

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5. Red Velvet

Typeface designer BLKBK has incredible talent. We’re only five fonts deep in this list, and BLKBK has already made the list twice. This font, Red Velvet is a sibling of Mighty River. You can see the similarities in the way each character is carefully and intentionally crafted to represent the central thesis of the font. In this instance, Red Velvet pulls from the light, fluffy texture and rich, complex flavors of red velvet cake. Yes, this font is almost so good you can taste it.

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6. Montauk Serif

At first glance, Montauk may seem like a standard traditional, serif font, but a closer examination reveals the delightful intricacies and variations that make this a unique choice. For instance, the set is designed as a display font. As a result, there are only uppercase letters included in the set. Second, the mix of ultra-thin and wide strokes create a balanced and engaging typeface, which look beautiful on the website, social media, and in print. In addition to the letters, your purchase will include a set of vector floral images, would are designed to complement the text.

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7. The Wild Things

Let’s switch gears for this next font. Wild Things is a vintage-inspired font set that includes a duo of beautifully crafted cursive fonts. The bundle consists of normal and italic style fonts in both a script and san serif variation. Both fonts feature rounded lettering, which is reminiscent of hand-painted signage. Because this is style is currently very popular, this font set would serve you well for a wide range of design projects.

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8. Journey

Journey is a darn cute font! This specific style of script font has become very popular in many different forms of media. Particularly, social media platforms and digital marketing. To capture the oh-so-trendy calligraphy look, consider purchasing Journey, or one of MediaLab’s other beautifully constructed script fonts.

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9. Candlescript

Creating the perfect script font is no easy feat. Novice logotype professionals often struggle to maintain a healthy balance between ornate details and readability. Fortunately, M Fairuzulhaq—the designer of this and many other fonts—is no novice. With your purchase, you’ll be equipped with many variations for each character, so that you can create the perfect typography for your design. Visit the product page to get a clear sense of how the glyph alternates work and to see stunning design samples.

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10. Origins

Need something with an antique vibe? Of course you do! Winterberry is the perfect solution for designers looking to merge vintage-inspired font stylings with a modem audience. There are just enough small, graceful details that remind the viewer of old-style calligraphy, without these elements distracting the viewer from the overall image. The slant of the letters feels very true to form and is sure to bring grace to any digital or print media.

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11. Ravenclaw

Anyone familiar with the characteristics of the Hogwarts house Ravenclaw knows that a Ravenclaw projects creativity, originality, and intelligence. Graphic artist Yasir Ekinci’s natural ink-inspire font does exactly that. This typeface uses the appearance of real natural brushes and requires no retouching. To add emphasis or balance out a design, you can use on of the 40 vector stripes, which work perfectly with the Ravenclaw font. Even a Slytherin would enjoy this beautiful font.

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12. Inkje

One of the joys of working in the creative industry of typography is to see the innovative ways individuals conceptualize and build new fonts. Take, for example, Inkje. Here, we see a font with sweeping, fluid lines marked with rough, unfinished edges. In order to create this unique appearance, the typography artist used a tin can and ink. The font is slightly italicized add an additional element of design and comes with both upper and lowercase characters.

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13. Lakeshore

Another increasingly popular look is a hand-painted, dry brush effect. Lakeshore accomplishes this in a way that seems practically effortless. The result of carefully painting each character is a textured and modern appearance that stands out against any background. Use it in your print media, on creative projects, or for upcoming branding efforts. This particular set is a great option for freelance graphic artists, as it comes with a commercial license for the low price of only $16.

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14. Altoys

It’s hard to find anything not to love about the Altoys Typeface. As demonstrated thoroughly on the product page and associated Instagram account, this font looks good just about everywhere. To demonstrate the versatility and broad appeal of this font, the artist even redesigned popular products using Altoys. Included in the set are multiple accents, swashes, ligatures, and many stylistic alternatives to suit your needs.

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15. Handwritten Font Collection

Handwritten font styles are highly fashionable in the current landscape of graphic design. Fortunately, there are many options for graphic artists to choose from. Unfortunately, it can be expensive to purchase a diverse selection of these fonts. Unless you know where to look, that is. On the graphic design marketplace, Creative Market, you can find inexpensive font families that include a variety of handwritten and calligraphy-inspired font styles. This particular font family by Julia Dreams is a great example of a comprehensive font collection/ Included in this package are over ten types of handwritten fonts, which range from sweeping scripts to cute hand lettering. These fonts can be used together to create a beautiful typography design, or separately to serve a more focused purpose.

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16. Basic Sans

The name says it all. This font is a reliable and necessary addition to the toolkit of any graphic artist. This sans font has a unique combination of minimalist lines, but it has enough detail to make it pop against a neutral background. This font would be well-utilized on business documents that require a little extra flair. Use it on your resume, in presentations, or in business to business marketing initiatives. This type family includes 28 varieties of fonts and seven weight options and includes italicized fonts with over 400 characters from 206 different languages. Get all your basic design needs to be met with this comprehensive set.

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17. Lavanda

If it wasn’t glaringly obvious, we’re suckers for a beautiful calligraphy font. A well-executed calligraphy style font can serve so many purposes and bring life into an otherwise stagnant project. In the instance of Lavanda, we see how additional characters can be utilized to create a convincingly hand-crafted feel to a breadth of projects. This italic font would look wonderful on marketing materials, typography-heavy projects, and cards. Use this font and its associated glyphs on your next design to engage audiences!

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18. Maryleen

Aren’t italic fonts romantic? Admit it, the way the characters lean into each other is pretty cute.  That’s especially true in this font by BlackFoundry. Here, the designer created a soft italic font face that utilizes curving and sharp lines to create dimension. This sans serif font will add an air of sophistication to any project. To see how to browse the product page for more design samples.

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19. Hogar

Surprise! We’ve saved one of our favorite fonts for the homestretch. This beautiful font by Sofia Mohr is fun, but sophisticated; bold but gentle; trendy, but classic. Basically, Hogar is goals. With your download of this font family, you’ll receive three exciting variations—standard sans, sans italic, and script. These fonts pair well together, or with other modern fonts. If you’re a fan of typography, you should absolutely check out the beautiful numeral characters. They are simply gorgeous. Okay, we’ll stop gushing now.

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20. Cerebri

To create this unique, sans serif font, the typography artist drew from humanistic features and early geometric fonts. This font family includes 16 styles, each with an italic option. Because there are so many choices with this download, you can use it this font family for a variety of purposes. The Cerebri Sans Heavy, for example, would make a great display font. The narrower styles are easy to read, and would, therefore, work well in either print media or on digital sources. Check out the full selection of Cerebri Sans fonts on the product page.

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21. Essenziale

One of the greatest parts about working in a creative industry is the influx of new and exciting creations. Take Essenziale as an example. This font is a truly unique combination of features that is sure to pleasantly surprise your audience. The edges are the perfect contrast to narrow curves, and this combination is dramatized by the length of the characters. This contemporary display font looks beautiful in both the standard and italicized styles, and the family is complete with eight variations—regular, bold, slab, and slab bold. You’ll be a trendsetter when you use this condensed modern font.

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Italicized fonts are becoming increasingly popular in the design industry, and these 21 examples show the value they can provide graphic artists. Whether you are new to graphic design or an experienced professional, it is important to introduce new font options into your collection so that you can continue to create compelling and innovative work. With the endless number of italicized fonts on the market, this list only scratches the surface of the options available to you. Check out design marketplaces for tools and inspiration for your next project.

Do you have a favorite italic font style? Let us know in the comments below!

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