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21 Best T-Shirt Mockups for Showcasing Your Designs

Online marketplaces like Amazon and Etsy have made growing apparel line is easier than ever, but there are still obstacles to building your online presence. Before you can begin marketing and selling your products, you first need to create an inventory of product mockups.

This task can be daunting for those unfamiliar with graphic design. Fortunately, digital design marketplaces—i.e. Creative Market, Envato Market—have simplified this process by improving access to designer-made templates, making a task that has traditionally required a Photoshop expert and professional photographers incredibly accessible. Below are 21 of the best t-shirt mockup templates the worldwide web has to offer.

1. STOREFRONT – Apparel Mockups Bundle

What better way to start this list than with a comprehensive apparel bundle? STOREFRONT includes over 300 photorealistic, high-definition product templates. This package offers multiple varieties of t-shirts, tank tops, and sweatshirts for your convenience. The process of creating your t-shirt mockups is simplified by Photoshop’s Smart Object tool, which allows you to paste your designs directly on the product rendering. This is a great option for print-to-sell business and online retailers, as it eliminates the need for a professional photographer!

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2. 20 Women’s Apparel Mockups VOL.2

If your product line is geared towards women, consider this bundle of 20 professionally photographed t-shirt templates. Each image features a woman modeling the shirt, which will add an authentic feel to your catalog. Add even more personality by using one of the 15 complimentary vintage-inspired filters. With your purchase, you’ll also receive a detailed instructional video to guide you through the process.

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3. Clothing / Fashion / T-Shirt Mockup

Eager to see how your entire clothing line will look stacked up against the latest trends and accessories? Check out this flat lay photography set by forgraphicTM. This set is curated with the fashion blogger, Instagram star, and start-up entrepreneur in mind. Avoid costly photography and designer fees, and download this inclusive set to jump start your branding initiatives. You purchase includes 10 PSD files, over 90 editable items, two different perspectives, and customizable textures and background. To help you get going, this comes with a tutorial file. We’re putting this beautiful display template on our wish-list, and so should you.

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4. Brandminute Mockups

For those retail businesses whose inventory extends outside of apparel, Brandminute has created a beautifully photographed, minimalistic product flat lay template that mimics the format of industry leaders and influencers. Smart Objects make achieving this effortless look, well, effortless! Simply click and paste your design, logos, or images on to over high-definition products for engaging and client-focused results. This set has the benefit of being fully editable so that you can easily modify the colors, textures, and patterns to match your brand.

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5. Sport Scene Generator

Hey there, sports fans! Your one-stop shop for athletic product mockups has arrived. This bundle is perfect for sport apparel start-ups, as it can be used in professional presentations and on your website! Over 12 scenes are included in this set, allowing you to bring life to your product designs. Utilizing this Sport Scene Generator template will reduce your costs by eliminating the need for professional photographers and graphic artists. Take a DIY approach and start marketing your sportswear with this easy-to-use mockup set. This offer also includes a free scene so that you can try the product out prior to your purchase!

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6. T-Shirt – Apparel Mockups

One of the biggest errors a new apparel company can make is to not provide enough product images. When shopping online, customers are more likely to make a purchase if they feel familiar with the product, so why it might seem trivial, neglecting to provide diverse visual perspectives of your product can cost you a sale. Fortunately, Photific has created a set of high-quality t-shirt mockup templates which includes four front fit and two back fit files. Additionally, the bundle includes a flatlay template and a hanger template, so your customers will get a true sense of your apparel!

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7. Realistic T-Shirt Templates

An unexpected opportunity to present your brand pops up, but you haven’t had the opportunity to create a t-shirt template for your latest designs. What do you do? Panic! Just kidding, ZEEGISBREATHING has you covered. This set is only $5 and includes two t-shirt templates with no other competing products. Set against a clean, white background, your t-shirt design will be the focal point. This would also work well for aspiring designers, who could use this bundle to create a portfolio of their work.

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8. Polo Shirts Mockups

If you’ve already got your standard tees covered, but are considering expanding into polo shirt designs, Antonio Padilla has your hookup. Once you purchase these polo t-shirt templates, you can have your mockups completed in a matter of minutes. This intelligently organized package includes five PSD files, which have been separated into layers for easy use. It also includes a displacement map files, which allow you to create a realistic effect on your mockups. The background colors are editable so that you can have full control over your product mockup. If you’re new to product templates, don’t fret. Each download includes a tutorial overview!

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9. Bella Canvas 3021 Pocket Tee Mockups

Apparel designers have likely noticed a growing trend: the two-tone pocket tee! This look elevates the standard t-shirt by adding a contrasting breast pocket. To help you create a mockup with this effect, Photific designed the 3021 Pocket Tee Mockups. In this bundle, easy on/off color selecting, Smart Objects shortcuts, and displacement maps help expedite your mockup process. Available in 4K, these high-definition images will let the details of your designs shine!

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10. Freeman Studio T-Shirt MockUp

This t-shirt mockup template is a great option for aspiring apparel designers, graphic artists, and social media platforms. It features professionally photographed images of a style-conscious t-shirt. Each image features a beautiful, rustic background that will create intrigue among your audience. To import your design on the t-shirt, you simply need to use the Photoshop Smart Objects feature. Still unsure if this is the right template for you? Get a better sense of this template by viewing a free, instructional video on the product page.

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11. Kids T-Shirt MockUp Vol 1

Let’s not ignore one of the most lucrative sectors of the apparel market. Kid’s clothing has become increasingly high-end due in part to social media platforms and digital marketplaces, such as Instagram and Etsy. Freeman Studio recognizes this niche market with their kid-friendly t-shirt mockup template. These templates feature gender-neutral styles modeled by real children. All images are taken outside, making this a great choice for family-focused product lines. Six template files are included in your set, which offer different perspectives of your t-shirt designs. Additionally, these files are entirely editable and come equipped with a displacement map, so snatch it up for only $8!

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12. Kids T-Shirt Mockup

This is another wonderful option for kids apparel manufacturers. Set against a plain, white background, these template files are easy to edit and customize to match your branding. This format also makes it ideal for commercial purposes and would work well for marketing your products on Amazon. Isolated layers allow you to use Photoshop to input your designs in only a couple of steps. You can feel confident purchasing this template, as each download comes with free support services and an online tutorial.

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13. Pregnant Woman T-Shirt Mockup

Maternity wear can present unique challenges when creating product mockups, as it requires additional shading and dimensional elements for a realistic look. That’s why Freeman Studio compiled a set of maternity-focused t-shirt mockups. With multiple arrangements and poses to select from, you can easily use these templates for your product catalog. Now that you have a user-friendly template, you can have some fun editing the t-shirt color and importing your designs.

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14. Kids T-Shirt Mockup Vol 3

This kid-oriented set features seven template files, each with a real child modeling the apparel. These mockups have been created using professionally captured images in both a studio and outdoor setting. As a result, you can use these set for a variety of purposes, including a design portfolio, online catalog, presentation, or on your social media. Set against a plain or blurred backdrop, your t-shirt designs will WOW your audience.

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15. Baseball Jersey Mockup

Created for the baseball fanatic and their apparel-designers, this template features a classic-style baseball jersey arranged against a bright backdrop. Included in this package are front and back views of the photorealistic jersey rendering. You can complete control over your designs, as every detail is entirely customizable. Whether you’re creating a design portfolio or compiling a presentation, this baseball jersey template will add welcome variety!

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16. Polo T-Shirt PSD Mockups Vol.3

Don’t worry, polo lovers! We’re not done with you yet. As a part of ZippyPixels discounted All Shop Bundle, this set of 13 polo t-shirt designs is a steal! These high-quality mockups offer wonderfully diverse arrangements. You can use this template to showcase your designs on a folded polo, hanging polo, or have them modelled in three different poses. Feel free to customize your backgrounds and shirt colors to match your branding.

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17. Toddler’s Short-Sleeve Mockups

So far in this list, we’ve featured shirts for expecting mothers and kids. This option bridges that gap by focusing on toddlers. For your convenience, this set includes six different arrangements and is entirely editable! Change the colors of the shirt and background to help your design standout. You’ll find that Photoshop’s Smart Objects makes this process incredibly easy, but should you need any guidance, you will receive convenient support directly from the template designer!

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18. Fine Jersey Long Sleeve Mockups

If you’re looking to complete your catalogue of apparel mockups with a long t-shirt design, this template would work perfectly. As with any Antonio Padilla template, this set includes multiple arrangements of professional-looking shirts, which can be fully customizes! The variety of product layouts and perspectives makes this the ideal template for a print-to-order company. If you are working on a design portfolio, this mockup has the added benefits of a more surface area to design and it will also bring diversity to your collection!

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19. Women T-shirt Dress Mock-up

Can you say swoon? Because that’s exactly how we feel about this gorgeous t-shirt dress mockup template. If this matches something in your inventory,’s mockup is a must have! This also works well for graphic designers looking to experiment with an avant garde canvas. Download this template and receive a complete user manual, and thoughtfully organized PSD files. You’ll be sure to impress clients and customers with this one-of-a-kind product template!

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20. Men’s Ghosted Tri-blend Mockups

The tri-blend is equal parts trendy and classic. The added texture and dimension of the fabric appeals to consumers of all demographic, making it a go-to for many apparel designers. This set of men’s tri-blend wear is comprehensive and includes long-sleeve crew neck and v-necks, short sleeve tees, raglan tops, and tank tops. Altogether, you’ll get ten PSD files, front and back views, customizable designs, and four preset shirt colors. It’s is easy to see why this template bundle is one of Go Media’s most popular products!

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21. V-Neck T-Shirt Apparel Mockups

It wouldn’t be right to create a list of t-shirt templates without including a short-sleeve v-neck t-shirt option. Another gem from Photific, this mockup set provides seven variations of unisex tees. Each file comes in 4K and looks completely immaculate on any screen or device. These templates are predesigned to feature photorealistic texture and detail, but you can also add detail with the “Extra Design Details” layer to achieve your desired effect. Let your designs take center stage with these effortless these templates.

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There you have it—21 effortless ways to create a beautiful t-shirt mockup with minimal effort. For more incredible product mockup templates and design features, visit or These sites feature a diverse range of templates, fonts, graphics, and more for busy entrepreneurs and creatives! Each product was crafted by graphic artists to help improve efficiency and increase customer engagement.

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