The 21 Best Thin Fonts You Can Find in 2017

Each time period is marked by specific trends and preferences. This is especially visible in the industry of graphic arts, as design simultaneously mirrors and informs the latest trends. It can be easy to forget the relative impermanence of these styles, but when we take a step back to examine the current design landscape, we can identify these shifting preferences.

There will always be a diverse set of fashionable fonts and glyphs available to graphic designers. However, certain style choices seem to permeate all sectors of graphic design. In particular, we’ve seen increased use of fonts featuring thin strokes. As keen observers have likely noted, the desire for these elegant fonts is not likely to subside anytime soon. Here are some of the top thin fonts currently available on the market:

1. Astrid

Astrid is not your everyday font, and that’s exactly what makes it great. When utilized properly, this display font can have a powerful impact on your audience. In addition to condensed letters and arrow strokes, this font also integrated trendy geometric elements that will appeal to diverse demographics. Use this thin, decorative font on your product packaging, website landing page, or in your social media. The font files support most European languages, punctuations, numerals and mathematical symbols, so that you can use it for more of you upcoming projects and art pieces.

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2. Northwell

Northwell takes a different approach to the thin font trend. Rather than distinct straight lines, this font takes is handwritten for optimal authencity. Each letter is intentionally created to ensure maximum readability and versatility. Indviduals who prefer a personal element to their designs will love the elegant and sweeping lines of Northwell. This font family includes upper and lowercase letter, numerals, and a significant range of punctuation. The famile also comes with two additional files—one for alternates and another for swashes—to allow more diversity in your design work. Northwell would be a great option for any upcoming personal or commercial projects.

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3. Frankie

Free flowing and elegant, Frankie boasts a unique combination of minimalist and decorative features. As demonstrated in the product images, this font package features all caps characters with beautiful alternates. These options include stunning sweeping tails, which will add dimension to any design. Thoughtfully organized to improve user accessibility, designers only need to use the shift key to access these beautiful swashes. Check out the product images to get ideas for your next designs.

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4. Thin Man

Yes, the market is flooded with an array of handwritten fonts, but each brings its own personality to a designer’s arsenal. In the instance of Thin Man, the font is designed to reflect normal, everyday handwriting. There is nothing ornate about it, and that is precisely the appeal.

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Everything that needs to be said about this typeface is wonderfully summarized in the product image. DIOD is a modern minimalist font featuring ultra-narrow strokes and geometric elements. This font would work well on digital media or splashed across elegant invitations! Use it as a display font, in logos, or paired with a serif font to create versatile and intriguing designs.

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6. Flatland Font

Described by the typography artist as bouncy and whimsical, this font set includes everything you need to make beautifully branded marketing collateral and web content. In order to create your desired design, this set includes three handcrafted fonts (regular, alternate caps), extras comprehensive swash options, and easy to use symbols and graphics. Included in every download is an image guide, which explains how to utilize the full features of the font package. Add a personalized feel to your work with the Flatlines font set!

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7. Scrumptious!

Looking an unconventional alternative to handwritten typography? You’ve come to the right. Scrumptious! is a lively and boundary-pushing font featuring three sets of characters, which can be used interchangeably, providing an extraordinary amount of customization. The three font files include Scrumptious One—a sans serif font featuring lively and authentic lines, Scrumptious Two—a file containing comprehensive character alternatives to add dimension and variety, and Scrumptious Three—an entirely new set of character alternatives. With so many options to choose from, where will you start?

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8. Violetta

The Violetta font family includes everything you want out of an authentic handwritten font. For starters, each download is equipped with five—yes, you read that correctly—font variations. The five varieties include script, script alt, swashes, script extended, and sans. The script alt and script extended versions allow you to have more variety in your typography by offering character alternates and elongated lettering for additional drama. The swash set can be used in conjunction with the font to take add elements of design to your typography work. If you need a minimalist font to pair with Violetta, don’t fret! The artist included Violetta sans as the perfect complement to the script’s loose and elegant style. Check out the beautifully designed samples over on the Creative Market product page.

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9. Franklin

Remember elegant and flowing font Frankie? If not, scroll back up to font #3. We can totally wait. Frankie is a sibling font to Franklin, a minimalist font choice with narrow strokes and wide-set characters. Like Frankie, this font intelligently utilizes the space between strokes to create enhance its impact. For a limited of time, this font is being sold independently. Use it to balance out some of the script fonts and create contemporary designs.

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10. Leaner

Thin stroke fonts are leading the latest design trends, and Leaner is the perfect example of this growing market. In addition to narrow strokes and condensed characters, this modern font set also utilizes dramatic crossbar placement, with high marks on “E” and “F” and complementary low placement on “A” and “H.” This touch draws inspiration from geometric typography, and exemplifies contemporary font styling.

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11. Naïve Line Sans

Narrow, clean, and balanced are three accurate descriptors of this handcrafted san serif font. At first glance, the font gives an impression of computer-generated perfection, but on closer inspection, there are minor inconsistencies that keep audiences intrigued. Available in five varieties—sans lights, sans, sans bold, sans black, and sans extra black—this font will work on a diverse range of projects and platforms. Pair it with a bold display font or ornate script font for to create a contemporary typography designs.

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12. Fancy Pants

Designer Semicircular deserves a shout out for this chameleon-like font. The narrow stroke and lean character set make it an obvious choice for subheadings and web media, however, the unique characteristics of letters such as “S,” “R,” as well as the beautiful numerals and punctuation, make it a great choice for a display font and for use in headlines. This download includes OTF and TTF files, as well as comprehensive numerals, punctuation and Latin accents. Visit the Fancy Pants product page to see the many uses for this font and to appreciate it distinctive elements.

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13. Tall Abbey Duo

Torn between a modern-inspired sans serif font and a contemporary take on serif font? Don’t be! Tom Chalky has created a great duo set which provides both options in a convenient bundle. The set includes Tall Abbey Sans and Tall Abbey Serif, both of which were inspired by the typography artist’s handwriting. This would be the perfect option for new brands looking for inspiration for their branding materials, as the bundle includes six helpful logo templates. Enjoy two great options in one convenient download.

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14. Sprout

In past decades, delicate fonts were marked by ornate features and script-like styling, but Sprout addresses the growing desired for fonts that take a minimalist approach to a contemporary and delicate appearance. A font like Sprout is notable for its usability, allowing designers to take a softer approach without sacrificing readability. Included in this bundle are beautiful PNG samples, and support for English, Portuguese, Spanish and French characters. Enjoy using this font on website, digital and print marketing collateral and more.

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15. Trench

Introducing Trench! This business-oriented font features technology-inspired uppercase characters paired with whimsical lowercase characters. Something of an odd couple, this combination adds a humanistic element to an otherwise contemporary sans serif fonts. Featured in each download are three font weights, numeral and punctuation characters, and 200 glyphs to choose from.

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16. Copper Etched Display Font

A display fonts designed with an impressive commitment to authentic century etchings, Copper Etched is a great choice for companies looking to craft nostalgic or artisan brand image. This font would look beautiful when utilized on a storefront window, printed on branded materials, or utilized in a logo. The rough, textured appearance provides a handwritten feel, which will impart a personalized touch to all your future design projects. A unique combination of rustic and modern, there are many potential applications for Copper Etched.

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17. Centuma

You can find Centuma at the cross section of traditional and contemporary. No-nonsense letters like “e” and “t” reflect current trends in modern typography, but characters like “g” adopt more traditional elements. Together, the font feels dynamic and fresh, offering a complex alternative to standard sans fonts. This bundle includes five font weights to select from, supports Latin characters, and boasts over 300 glyphs. Check out the product pages to generate ideas for this versatile font choice!

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18. Black Aspen

There is a lot of chatter about hand-painted fonts, but where’s the fuss over marker fonts? Historically, marker-style fonts have largely held a juvenile association, but typography designer Ember Studio successfully challenges that narrative with Black Aspen. Unlike other marker fonts, Black Aspen features clean lines and a truly modern appearance. This condensed font includes both upper and lowercase characters, as well as comprehensive numbers and symbols. The file is vector-based for maximum versatility and quality.

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19. Arizona

Nothing about Arizona feels safe. Instead, Arizona combines wide, narrow letters with occasional geometric and whimsical uppercase characters. The result is a typeface that is equal parts beautiful and surprising. It can be utilized as a display font, or on your marketing collateral. Characters such as “E,” “A,” “S,” and “N” summon images of Arizona landscapes, making a great option for outdoor or adventure-inspired brands.

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20. Zimbra

We’ve dedicated a lot of this list to featuring thin stroke san serif fonts. While a majority of the narrow fonts on the market cater towards modern audiences, there are several of serif options that accomplish this as well. A great example of a modern serif font is Zimbra. This font offers both bold and narrow strokes, which allows for optimal readability. Additionally, it elevates traditional features by injecting each character with elements that feel current and fresh. Available in five weights, this bundle will work for headlines, bodies of text, on marketing collateral, and on digital platform. Pair this elegant typeface with a sans serif counterpart for a well-balanced design.

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21. Port Family

When compiling a list-style blog post, it’s always good to keep some of the highlights for the end of the blog to reward dedicated readers. If you’ve reached the end of this post, your well-deserved surprise is the beautiful and expansive Port font family. Drawing from recognizable fonts such as Didot and Bodoni, Port experiments with contrasting delicate strokes and elaborate ornaments. Available in varying levels of extravagance, this selection offers six different styles, including a full set of corresponding ornaments. Add a dramatic flair to headlines, websites, and marketing collateral. This high contrast option would make a great addition to any graphic designer’s arsenal and will continue to surprise clients and audiences for years to some.

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Thin typefaces aren’t just a complement to bold fonts. Rather, they can serve as display, logo, marketing, and headline fonts. Hopefully, this blog illuminated some of the upcoming typography designers and inspired readers to try these innovative typefaces in their upcoming design projects. If you haven’t found a thin font that meets your needs, search one of the leading design marketplaces, such as Creative Market.

Do you have a favorite thin font that wasn’t included in the list above? If so, let us know in the comments!

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