23 Best Sans Serif Fonts Available in Creativemarket

Sans serif fonts are growing in popularity among digital artists and graphic designers due in part to their versatility. Sans serif fonts can be used in any context for an impressive effect. The following list includes the 23 best sans serif fonts separated into categories for your convenience.


Trying to achieve a cutting-edge or contemporary look? Try one of these modern sans serif fonts.

All Modern

All Modern is an all-caps san serif font. Its crisp, professional look and versatile nature make it a great tool for graphic designers, and this inclusive bundle is equipped with the works. The All Modern set some with regular, italic, thin, and thin italic versions of the font. These variations make allow you to use the font for a variety of aesthetics. The regular version of the font works great for modern marketing collateral, while the romantic thin italicized version is ideal for wedding invitations, interior design blogs, and Pinterest images. Add some versatility to your font collection with the addition of this trusty, modern font set.

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Another reliable modern font is Denver. The narrow lettering and wide spacing create a contemporary, romantic look. As a san serif font, Denver is notable for its clean and balanced lines. This font works beautifully set against neutral and pale-colored backgrounds. Though minimalistic, Denver will elevate your content by creating a crisp, timeless effect. When used in invitations, on personal blogs, or in publications, this font exudes elegance and professionalism. This set comes in all caps with numbers, punctuation, three different weights, and some non-English characters. Considering this font looks stunning in every context, its low price essentially makes it a steal!

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Greycliff keeps the smooth lines and adaptable nature of other modern fonts but adds rugged elements of strength and boldness. This font is the perfect marriage between modernity and traditionalism. Its bold, classic nature reminds us of the post-WWII era, but its smooth lines and soft curves speak to contemporary audiences. This font would be the perfect choice for outdoor/adventure brands and retro-inspired branding. Its weight also lends itself nicely to signage and headlines. This set comes with seven variations of text weight, Latin and Cyrillic alphabets, free updates, and other exciting features. Let your brand exclude the strength and reliability of the Greycliff font.

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This font was designed for, you guessed it, the modern Brooklyn consumer. This all-caps, san serif font encapsulates contemporary branding and appeals to tech-savvy and design-conscious audiences. This minimalistic font uses slight variations on a standard sans serif font to add intrigue to any project. This bold, wide-set font will look stunning either on online platforms or in print. It can be used for restaurants, fashion brands, coffee roasters, and more. Brooklyn is available in two weights for greater variety. For a current aesthetic and urban appeal, this set is a must-have. We bet this swoon-worthy font will become a staple in your designs.

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Turismo CF Modern

Turismo is a modern throwback. The wide-set lettering is reminiscent of mid-century modern fonts, but it holds its own in a contemporary setting. Turismo uses gradually curves and a rectangular template to create a powerful impression. Stylistically, the font is a perfect for software and technology, as it has a forward-thinking appeal. The font would work well for presentations, logos, and marketing collateral for corporate entities. The Turismo bundle also is available in both uppercase and lowercase lettering for greater convenience and usability. Also included in the set are Latin and Cyrillic alphabets. Once you purchase Turismo, you will be entitled to free updates and additional features.

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For a more timeless effect, these classic and vintage fonts are incredible.



Beaumont is the type of font that warrants a wistful sigh. The combination of thick and narrow strokes creates a perfect title card font reminiscent of early Hollywood. While this font does contain influences of art deco stylings, it doesn’t look misplaced in more modern pieces. In fact, this font also works well in print and would fit in perfectly in an edition of The New Yorker. Whether you use this font for awe-inspiring signage, or in your marketing collateral, it is sure to draw the attention of your audience and evoke feelings of nostalgia. The set comes full-equipped with ligatures, small caps, ordinals, and symbols. Additionally, the bundle provides a beautiful set of roman numerals.

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Marianina FY Black


Finding the perfect newspaper font can be a daunting task. A serif font can be too traditional, but some sans serif fonts can appear too modern. Fortunately, BlackFoundry created the perfect san serif alternative for newspapers and magazines. Marianina FY Black is one of several Marianina FY fonts designed for use in modern publications. This font combines stark, straight lines with soft, rounded edges. The result is a stunning font perfect for grabbing the attention of your audience. Marianina FY Black also boasts a beautiful ampersand that you’ll want to use on everything. In addition to newspapers and magazine, Marianina FY Black would work beautifully on invitations and in e-newsletters.

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Rearden Steel

In case you missed the reference, Rearden Steel is based on a character, Hank Rearden, from Ayn Rand’s 1957 masterpiece, Atlas Shrugged. The font, much like the fictional Rearden Steel company, portrays strength, reliability, and limitless potential. This font speaks to a historical period but works well for current brands as well. The bold, all-caps typeface would work well for manufacturing businesses, builders, and maker spaces. Despite traditional influences, there is an element of whimsy to the font, which would lend itself well to marketing collateral.

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Naive Deco Sans

This beautiful sans serif font is a dreamy invitation to get lost in the early 20th century. The lined font is a great representation of art deco fonts from that era–think Great Gatsby–but the designers had added fun, modern elements. The package comes with double and triple lines, which can be individually altered for a multicolor appearance. Naïve Deco Sans would be perfectly utilized on a website, party invitation, or photography blog. This set will add diversity and creativity to your font collection.

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Artnoova font – Heritage of Art Deco

Like Naïve Deco Sans, Artnoova borrows heavily from the art deco era. However, the Artnoova font brings a contemporary flair to the mix, making this a great multipurpose option for designers and artist. This font would look elegant on the invitation to a gallery opening or live performance. The set comes in size different font sizes and a multitude of formats, so it can easily be used for web or print purposes. The bundle also includes Latin and European characters. If you’re looking for a clean, playful font that is reminiscent of bygone years, Artnoova is the perfect fit.

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As a more traditionally vintage font, Alcester provides comfort and nostalgia to its audiences. Inspired by the fonts of old school coffee shops, Alcester is round and inviting. This font is best used when trying to create an intimate and handcrafted feel, but its uses aren’t limited to coffee-related marketing. Alcester would be beautiful displayed across the storefront window of a locally-owned store. You could also use it for typography or on your product packaging. However you use Alcester, it’s sure to evoke feelings of familiarity and warmth.

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Script / Handwritten

Add a touch of personality to your work by using one of the following script or handwritten sans-serif fonts.


Take a minute to fawn over this beautifully crafted handwritten font. Northwell is immensely convincing and charming as a script font and will add a personal touch anywhere it’s utilized. Font designer Sam Parrett emulated the quick strokes of a handwritten letter to create a truly unique and engaging font. Northwell would be stunning in the header image of a website or used as a text overlay. To add depth and diversity to your text, this bundle includes three variations of the font—Northwell, Northwell Alt, and Northwell Swash. You can use Northwell and Northwell Alt in the same piece, so letters do not appear too uniform.  The font is also available in double-letters for a natural flow.

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Even for a script font, Brisbane is pretty impressive. This font duo is a beautiful calligraphy-inspired set that works beautifully against pastel, nude, and floral backgrounds. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a context where this font doesn’t look elegant. With Brisbane, you can make gorgeous invitations, websites, and logos. This is the perfect font for those of us who want to achieve the sophistication of calligraphy without having to learn how to do calligraphy. The set is equipped with a script font and regular font, each of which has lowercase alternates.

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Summon the romance, style, and elegance of Paris from your living room! This minimalistic script-inspired font works well with other modern sans serif fonts to add dimension and personality to your designs. Additionally, its thick stroke makes it a great option for logos and marketing collateral. The smooth, sweeping motion mimics a marker or paintbrush to create a soft, but engaging appearance. Your purchase includes both lowercase and uppercase letters with number and punctuation.

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Sansy is a truly authentic handwritten option for graphic designers and artists. To achieve this look, this typeface was digitally reproduced from hand-drawn letters. Consequently, the letters are imperfect with slightly rough edges. The effect is a whimsical, but easy-to-read typeface that works well in digital collateral pieces, invitations, and in social media marketing.

Sansa will add a personal touch to your work and pairs well with other sans serifs and script fonts.

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Everlie is reminiscent of sitting in school and doodling in the margins of your notebook. It has a truly authentic handwritten feel and looks great in both uppercase and lowercase letters. This font would look great on a personal blog, or on a variety of invitations. While this font is approved for personal and commercial use, there are certain capacities in which the font cannot be published, so be sure to verify beforehand.

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Once in a while, a font comes along that makes you wonder how you ever lived without it. Cupcakia is one of those fonts. This hand drawn font resembles the wide, wet strokes of a watercolor brush and looks stunning on a digital platform and printed. Cupcakia is recommended for graphic artists looking for a typeface that is personalized and fun. It will work for all kinds of projects and appeal to a diverse audience. This set contains lowercase, uppercase, punctuation, numbers, and some international characters. To add a touch of sweetness to your artwork, use Cupcakia.

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These font sets are perfect for creative and artistic designs.


This condensed, geometric typeface could be categorized as classic, yet modern; whimsical, yet traditional. In a sense, Aquilone is a go-to font. The crisp, clean lines of Aquilone offer a steady contrast to other playful fonts. It is, therefore, a great addition to any artist’s arsenal. Aquilone will work in galleries, on invitations, and in digital formats. The set also includes alternates and accommodates multiple languages. This font is the perfect option for those trying to accomplish a modern look that’s evocative of the mid-century fonts.

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Marling has a distinctly Northwest feel that appeals to a much greater audience. The curved, imperfect lines create sensations of wistfulness. Additionally, the uppercase and lowercase letters are a stark, but welcome contrast. The uppercase letters are long and lean, and the lowercase letters are a stumpy, small-cap option. These fonts would look beautiful on a store’s signage, restaurant menus, or on a website.

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Introducing: Bleach. This font is not for the faint of heart, but it is for the bold and stylish! Bleach is a truly unique font that borrows from the psychedelic era. The font uses a wavy technique to add an artistic element to an otherwise simplistic sans serif. Despite the wave, the font remains easy to read. This would look beautiful as an overlay against a colorful background, or printing in marketing collateral. The font comes web ready with complimentary updates!

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Neon Type

Neon Type is a bold, bright font that reminds audiences of old Vegas. The font is designed to create an outline effect and emits a soft, neon glow to draw the eye in. Users will love having this font for their creative pieces, and it would also look great in digital media. This set includes an editable design and color, so that you can play around with style and customize it for your needs.

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This font is perfect for graphic artists. It boasts a truly original feel, but maintains clean lines and a modern aesthetic. Use this font sparingly to create a dramatic effect, as it compliments other sans serif typefaces perfectly.

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Tooth & Nail

Tooth & Nail is technically a handwritten font, but it lends itself very nicely for artistic purposes. The strokes of this font mirror those created with a dry paintbrush and have a rough quality to them. This particular set also comes with other custom characters, including arrows and paint splatters, to make it more versatile for the digital artist.

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