23 Best Serif Fonts

Serif fonts have a rich history and broad appeal. Typically known for being a more structured approach to typography, serifs can also be used to add flourishes and ornate details to text. The following are the top serif fonts, organized by style.


Serifs have a reputation for being traditional, but these fonts show how, with a little tweaking, serif fonts can have a modern charm.

All Formal

All Formal is a wonderful modern take on a traditional serif font. The lettering is moderately spaced and wide-set, giving it a very contemporary appeal. The serif is well-balanced and proportional to the text, creating a very elegant and formal final product. This set can be used on the signage for formal occasions, in event invitations, on websites, and just about anywhere else you’d like to add a refined font. The set is equipped with both regular and italic versions and includes punctuation and Spanish characters.

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Didonesque Poster

Over the past five years, this bold poster-style font has made a comeback. Didonesque shows us how well classic Didone fonts can work in modern designs. The boldness of this font makes it a great option for headlines, logos, pull quotes, product packaging, and book covers. Wherever you utilize this font, it will certainly add a stylish effect. This set comes with the works—small caps, petite caps, alternates, and complete European language support.

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This modern serif font utilizes long, lean letters that remind the viewer of the winding canals of Venice. There is something familiar and comforting about the design, but it holds its own in a modern setting. In fact, Venice looks wonderful as a text overlay for your Pinterest posts and website. The Vogue-inspired typeface would also look elegant splashed across a magazine or in your marketing collateral.

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Hudson is the perfect serif display font for those wanting to portray authenticity without feeling too retro. It borrows from popular historical fonts but uses delicate modern touches to create a timeless effect. This set also comes in two styles—regular and press. The press version adds texture to the lettering to create a printed effect. This font would lend itself well to any entity striving for an authentic, reliable, and modern brand appeal.

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Morva Typeface


There are a lot of factors working in Morva’s favor. Graceful, sweeping curves meet strong, crisp lines to create a truly unique typeface that begs to be admired. The mesmerizing curls make this font nearly impossible to ignore, making it the ideal font for websites, logos, and advertisements. In addition to regular and italic versions of the font, this bundle also comes with a set of ornaments, which can add an elegant flair to your design.

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Serif fonts were all the rage prior to the 21st century. If you’re trying to achieve a vintage feel, try one of these great serif typefaces.

The Wallington Pro

The Wallington Pro is lavished in swooping curls and elegant curves that mirror fonts from the 1800s. The late 19th century brought a wave of self-reliant workers and cooperatives, which valued sustainability and small businesses. We see a similar trend developing in urban areas across the globe, and Wallington Pro font speaks to this growing artisan trend, which values a handcrafted approach. This style can be used to create flawless lettering designs, storefronts, menus, and logos.

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Like Wallington Pro, Andimia takes cues from a bygone era. This ornate display font is a wonderful choice for those who a seek lavish, but easily readable typeface. Andimia helps you achieve a look that is playful, classic, and intriguing. This bundle includes seven variations of the font and three bonus sets, allowing you the ultimate creative freedom. Because of the extensive amount of detail, this serif typeface works best as a headline or display font. That said, its potential is vast. Andimia looks incredible on product labels, cards, logos, and more. For only $12, this bundle provides a big punch!

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Alitide is another ornamental display font that pays homage to old, vintage fonts. This particular typeface has a touch of old western fonts and is, therefore, more rugged than many other vintage-style fonts. Alitide also used elegant shading and glyphs to modernize the otherwise historic feel. Alitide is the perfect serif typeface for logos, packaging, t-shirt designs, and headlines. This font will help you bring the rustic elements of the Old West to the modern era! The set is complete with .otf, .ttf, and vector files for easy use.

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Victorian Parlor

This Victorian font is inspired by parlors of the olden days. It reminds viewers of silent films, handmade goods & elixirs, and, of course, parlors! Over the past several years, we’ve witnessed a resurgence in the Victorian trend. This is due in part to its charm and visually stimulating nature. These fonts beg the audience to take a moment to appreciate them; thereby engaging viewers. Each detail is intentionally created, and the result is a well-balanced, decorative typeface. This set comes with twenty-two font variations for your use.

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Murmers is another reliable font with a vintage take. Murmers is reminiscent of black and white murder mysteries and early 19th century logos. The old fashioned vibe makes it feel as thought it should be stamped onto brown construction paper and tied up with twine. However, modern elements have been applied to craft a typeface that still feels trendy. Use Murmers for your logo, storefront lettering, packaging, or product labels.

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A traditional serif font is known for its easily readable characteristic and timeless qualities. The following options include elegant and versatile serif font options.

Addington CF

Introducing: Addington! This serif font is a plump, well-crafted typeface that feels traditional without being stuffy. Addington uses thick, soft curves to even out the sharpness of the straight lines. The result is a balanced and welcoming serif that can be used for just about anything. The practicality of Addington is one of its most endearing features. It can be beautiful as a headline font but is easy to read as body text. The set includes seven weight variations so you can take full advantage of its versatility. If you need a simple serif font that is classic and adaptable, Addington would make a great addition to your collection.

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Edinburgh represents the best qualities of a serif font. It’s easy to read, sophisticated, sleek, and works in just about every context. You can achieve very different effects depending on how you choose to use Edinburgh. For a graceful and classic look, the narrow stroke of the all-caps set is a go-to typeface. Alternatively, the lowercase letters will deliver a softer, romantic look. This text would look beautiful in print or on a website. In addition to upper and lowercase letters, this download will come with numbers and punctuation.

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Silk Remington

This list of best serif fonts would be incomplete without a typewriter font. Silk Remington takes this classic style and adds layers of realism through texture, uneven opacity, and a bleeding ink effect. These factors come together to create a truly convincing typewriter font, which should be a standby in any graphic artist’s arsenal. Creator Jadugar Design Studio offers six variations so that you can always have the perfect typewriter font without the hassle of actually using a typewriter.

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All Formal Monogram

Earlier in this list, we included a link to the All Formal font. All Formal Monogram is the traditional sibling to the more modern All Formal typeface. The monogram font captures that traditional style by including floating small cap letters to mirror classic monograms. Like All Formal, the monogram font works beautifully on a diverse range of projects, including invitations, cards, websites, text overlays, and marketing collateral.

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Argent CF

Can a font be adorable? According to Argent, the answer is a definite “yes.” There is something cute to this classic serif typeface. It might be the perfectly portioned curves or rounded serifs; it could be the fact that it combines traditional typefaces with modern character, or it could be the whimsical flair added to the italic set. Whatever the reason, Argent is endlessly appealing. Six different font weights mean you can use this font all day long. And, with a face like that, why wouldn’t you?

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Serifs have a reputation for being structured, but that doesn’t mean that can’t be fun! Below are some serif fonts which push the boundaries of traditional serif typography.


In a world full of fonts, Bakersville is unique. As a hand drawn serif sketch font with a curvy, but traditional style, it integrates multiple elements we rarely see combined into one font. While these characteristic might sound conflicting on paper, the result is pretty close to flawless. Bakersville has an artistic and friendly personality that would shine on food packaging, invitations, and lettering pieces. The handcrafted overtones would also work well for natural or organic products.

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Minty March

Condensed serif fonts can at times be overwhelming, but Minty March manages to pull it off without a hitch. The delicate and narrow stroke is balanced out by the defined serifs, which mark almost every edge of the characters. Minty March represents a growing trend in typography, which is to create a hand-painted look. This font would be a great choice for greeting cards, invites, or as the headline font on a website. The set contains both uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, international characters, and ligatures.

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SF Kingston Family

This set of six font weights makes Kingston something of a typeface chameleon. At first glance, the font might appear to be a traditional serif. On closer inspection, Kingston’sintricacies reveal a more intriguing picture. The various weights allow you to use this crafty font in just about any capacity. The extra light style is delicate and old fashioned with a hint of art deco. The boldest of the set is much more sturdy and modern. Here, the unique serif stylings are in full effect. This beautiful font set won’t be overlooked by your audience, and multiple weights make it a dependable addition to your collection.

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Brave is an aptly named font set. This wonderful design set is ideal for the courageous artist who wants to explore new ways to utilize typefaces. In addition to the fonts, this set contains vector graphics that dare the user to be creative in their application. On top of the added goodies, this set also gets bonus points for being exceptionally nice to look at. The hand illustrated effect works wonderfully in lettering, on cards, and on text-based artwork. Taking on this Brave set might seem daunting considering the multitude of features, but each download comes with a video tutorial to show you how to get the most out of this pack.

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Fnord Display Collection

Fnord Display Collection combines the best of vintage typography with modern graphics. This pack comes with three different styles so you can enjoy a range of applications. Fnord Engraved is a multidimensional typeface that stands out against bold backgrounds. Fnord Inline adds a geometric effect that modernizes the swooping curves and straight edges. Finally, Fnord Woodcut adds texture to the font through the use of horizontal lines. Despite being the most detailed, Woodcut is actually subtle in its delivery. Right now, this impressive bundle is on sale with an exclusive 66.6% discount. Get is while it’s hot!

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Boucherie Block Regular

This elegant angled text is could be categorized as traditional, but it’s just playful enough to fall under the artistic category. What sets this typeface apart is its low center and slanted lines. This comes into play in obvious ways—for example, “H” and “E”—but it also has a surprising impact on “B,” “G,” and “R.” This font will keep you entertained as you design your next postcard, website, invitation, or product label.

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Piramid Font

On a surface level, Piramid a playful and whimsical font. However, it also has a deeply nostalgic property to it that makes it a great artistic font. The shape of the characters is unique and familiar, bringing up memories of camping, racing, and exploration. This font set would work well on birthday invitations, signage, and playful marketing collateral.

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This font comes in two styles—Minimal Stencil and Distressed Corroded. The former is a beautiful and elegant display font that could work well in many different environments. The Distressed Corroded elevates this typography by adding slight breaks in the stem and strokes of various characters. This slight alteration makes QUAS a fashion-forward option for graphic artists.

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