The 25 Best InDesign Templates You Need

Are you looking for a way to design your flyers or business proposals? Then try using InDesign! InDesign is one of the most popular publishing software that helps create the best for businesses and events alike. When it comes to using InDesign, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the templates they have to offer. From business events to personal branding, you’ll find the best InDesign templates you need for just about anything. It saves you a lot of time and effort having to design it on your own. Wondering what these models are? We show you the 25 best InDesign templates you’ll be able to invest in!

25 Best InDesign Templates

Here are our choices on the 25 best InDesign templates to invest in!

Gradient Magazine InDesign Template

We start off the 25 best InDesign templates with a nice magazine template! It’s perfect for the modern vibe, especially when focusing on fashion with its gradient colors blending in with photos and beauty articles. We love the color pop that matches the minimalistic fonts and text boxes.

The template comes with various layouts to choose from, along with the cover page and back cover for a complete set.

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Weekly Calendar

Want to plan your week ahead? This weekly planner has a great design that even comes with a front cover for printing. With four different styles, you’ll be able to keep track of your schedule and make sure you reach your goals. It even has a habit tracker and the adequate space to list down what you need to do for the week ahead.

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InDesign Business Proposal Template

Meeting with the big bosses and need a nice template for your business proposal? Let this professional model help you. It has the minimalistic feel that still looks attractive and easy to read. Your colleagues and bosses will love the amount of work you put into the design for the proposal alone. With free fonts and various page layouts, you’ll find what you’re looking for and be able to develop your project quickly.

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Fitness Planner

For those who want to set goals and begin their fitness journey, then this template is the one for you. It has the organized layers and layouts for you to list down your workouts and meal plans easily. It even comes with cute motivational quotes to keep you motivated the entire time. Good for thirty days, you’ll be able to edit everything according to your fitness and health plans.

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Food&Fun Magazine Template

Whether it’s photography or food you want to site about for your magazine, this template is perfect, as it emphasizes on photos in all the right places. It uses neutral and natural colors to catch the attention of readers. It even has different layouts, suitable for any photography or food-related article. With its fun and easy to read fonts, it’s a cool template that will leave readers impressed.

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3-Page Resume Template

Applying for jobs and need that winning resume to impress the big bosses? This resume template shows class and professionalism without the frills. Its colored header and clear fonts make it eye-popping and a perfect design for designers or creatives. Not to worry about the colors, as you can change it according to your theme or personality. You can add in all the details you need, from your contact information to work experience and skills.

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Urban Mystic eBook

If you want to beef up your eBook and make an eye-catching design that will attract people to check it out and give it a read, then try the Urban Mystic design, made for just about any eBook genre. We love it on business and inspirational books the most, as it offers layouts made especially for how-tos and small snippets with photos.

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InDesign Newspaper Template

Whether it’s a newspaper or newsletter for your company, family, or community, then this paper template has all the layouts you need. It comes with the headlines, ad placements, photo and text boxes to align properly, making the whole paper informative and designed according to the way you like it. The template is simple, but its what makes it a newspaper worth picking up for an excellent read!

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Rose Gold Blogger Media Kit

As a blogger, personal branding is important, especially when you plan to show who you are for companies and big brands! To help gain sponsors, this rose gold media kit will help you out. It’s perfect for fashion and lifestyle bloggers, as it comes with hints of rose gold tones. You can add all the numbers, pots, and information you need in the nicely aligned text boxes.

The gold textures are included, as well as all the fonts. With various layouts to complete the media kit, you will be able to impress potential sponsors for them to collaborate with you!

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InDesign Multipurpose Catalog Silver

Whether it’s to advertise your company or products and services, then this catalog will show sleek professionalism. There are no frills to it; its simple design will help keep it attractive without the added details and bright colors. The photos are aligned in such a way to avoid steering away from the information from the textboxes but placed well to keep readers interested.

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Textbook Template

Are you making your next textbook? This model is perfect for science books for elementary to high school students, as it offers good layouts with all the infographics needed. You have pie charts, bar graphs, and small text boxes for adding facts and snippets about the topics you’ll be handling. You get to tweak the photos and layouts quickly.

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JUNIPER Trifold Brochure

Are you advertising an event or business? This trifold brochure will look great! Its natural-themed design can be tweaked and replace the photos behind the text. The fonts are free and clear enough for understanding. With an attractive text and borders well-aligned to show the details, people will want to learn more and pick up a copy. Clean, modern, sleek: What more can we say?

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Clean Invoice Template

Your business needs an official invoice to let your clients know what they bought and how much the total is. So you can show the numbers in a professional and precise way, this invoice template will do the job. It increases the value of your company and is easily customizable according to the products or services you need to add, as well as the numbers and company logo.

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Palermo Brand Manual

Do you have a branding project or product and need to let your clients know how to use it? This brand manual isn’t only a great help for showing instructions and other information, but it can also be used to show the different products and services you have to offer. No need to worry about the pink colors on the manual, as you can choose to change it with the many colors available.

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Wedding Ceremony Program Template

Weddings are a very joyous occasion, and to send the most beautiful invites is important for your guests to feel welcome! This wedding ceremony program template is the perfect addition to your wedding invite. It shows all the details your guests need to know about the program and is a lovely keepsake for memories. Your guests will appreciate the cute template with a beautiful flower design and its bright fonts.

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JUNIPER Business Card Template

JUNIPER’s business card templates can’t go wrong, as it has the polished and hipster design made for creatives and designers out there. We love that it can come in either portrait or landscape version and that you can edit the photos to show YOUR brand. Whether it’s for business or personal branding, you’ll be able to have something to give to colleagues that they’ll keep for contacting.

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Employee Survey A4 Format


Your employees are valuable to you, so to keep up the company performance, an employee survey in formats like these will help! It has all the page layouts you need, from the tick boxes to the comments and suggestions section. Your employees will feel valued and noticed as they evaluate the company and how it’s doing. You can change the colors according to your company’s theme.

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NATURALIS Business Card Template

NATURALIS’ business card template is exactly how it is: Simple and natural. But don’t let its simplicity fool you, as it looks as professional and polished as all business cards should be. With its unique design and bright fonts, you can be proud to give your contact details to others for personal branding and the like.

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Corporate Flyer

For companies that are in need of flyers to send out to potential and returning clients, this corporate flyer template will help you give out all the information necessary. It comes in three different layouts, all of them including the small text boxes you need to add the information without going overboard. It even has a pie chart to show the company growth or how customers can benefit from working with the enterprise.

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Flyer Fashion Show


If you have a fashion show or gig coming up, then this flyer will be able to give all the details without it seeming too “cramped” It comes in three layouts you can choose from, each of them showing a hipster and unique theme that’s perfect for teenagers and young adults alike. Change the text and photos, and you have your uniquely-designed flyer to pass around and advertise.

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2017 Annual Report Brochure


Do you have the annual report due for your business? To post the numbers and growth your company has made for the year, let this template booklet help you out. It has everything you need and the professional book design that will have your bosses quickly understand and flip through. Don’t bother using plain white paper and leaving them bored or confused, as this annual report shows everything without the need to hassle yourself from design.

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Work Portfolio

This work portfolio will help spruce up your personal branding as a freelancer. May you be a fashionista or photographer, creatives will be able to take advantage and show their skills off to potential clients through this portfolio. The layout is cleanly designed, made to show all your best works. It even has the text boxes to write captions or information about what you do.

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Wedding Invitation

Is the big day coming up but you have no idea how to design an invite? This letter template will help you lessen the workload off your tasks for wedding planning. It has the intricate details and borders, and the fancy fonts that will wow guests. It has all the layouts you need for an invite, from the invite itself, down to the details and RSVP form.

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Corporate Identity Kit

Being in the business world, you’ll need to make your name for yourself. To show professionalism in the field, this whole identity package will have others see who’s boss. The complete identity kit comes with an invoice, letterhead, fax, business card, envelope, presentation folder, CD stickers, and a CD cover. All complete for the businessman! Take note: You can change the colors according to your preference.

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This certificate is simply designed but still with the fancy lettering and borders to impress awardees and audience alike. It’s perfect for framing and to save hassle creating a whole new certificate!

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In Conclusion

If you’re looking for a way to achieve the best design for events or to advertise yourself and your company, then you can check out InDesign for inspiration! You get to save a lot of time and effort designing a whole new template on a clean slate. Plus, you’ll still be able to impress your colleagues and loves ones with attractive designs.

Hopefully, this article on the 25 best InDesign templates will have helped you choose the beautiful and eye-popping templates you need. So what are you waiting for? Invest in these 25 best InDesign templates today and take advantage of the many features InDesign has to offer!

We hope you enjoyed the article. If you have any other tips or reviews on these 25 best InDesign templates, then comment down below. We’d love to hear what you have to think.

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