Lightroom Presets 400+ Best Free Download For Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom Presets is what we are presenting today. This a great big collection of absolutely free and paid Adobe Lightroom 4/5/6 presets. These presets listed below have been collected from various sources, still – i’m sure there are so many other sources who are sharing nice presets for free. If you want to add your free preset in this list, please feel free to let me know in the comments. (Only the first three are premium Lightroom workflow bundles) If you are new in this area, we recommend you also take a look at our Lightroom tutorials.

(Editor’s top choice)

Sleeklens Complete Lightroom Collection

1472 Lightroom Presets & 300 Lightroom brushes

If you are planning to buy Lightroom presets or Lightroom brushes, this bundle would be an awesome choice. You will get so many nice presets and brushes all in one pack. What is really nice about these presets, is that they are “stackable” meaning you can apply several presets to each image. The pack also comes with Lightroom Brushes which you don’t usually see in bundles today. Brushes allow you to work with individual areas of the image and it will make your edits much more professional. The price is really low when you compare the quality and the amount of tools you get in this. I have honestly never seen such a big and professional product anywhere on sale before.

All the workflows are all compatible with both Lightroom 4,5 or 6 + CC




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#Strike a Pose Lightroom Workflow

(69 Presets and 62 Portrait Brushes) – Free sample available on the site.


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Through The Woods Workflow by Sleeklens


Watch how the they edited the image above in this video:

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Forever Thine Wedding Workflow


Before-After 4 Before-After 2Before-After 1
If you are too busy to edit 500 of your client’s wedding photos, the Forever Thine Wedding Workflow can be a life saver. It includes over 100 presets, some basic, others premade and ready to fix your JPEG and RAW photos in one mouse click. The brushes are created by professionals to help you bring out the best in your photos. You can install the wedding presets and brushes in Lightroom 4, 5 and 6, as well CC. There are video tutorials on the site and you will also receive the installation details with your download.

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Infoparrots 10 free HDR Lightroom presets bundle.

infoparrots handmade free lightroom presets

Download the 10 Free HDR presets by here

Free section of Lightroom Presets:

After you are done looking at all the free LR presets, you can download them all with 1 click at the bottom of this page

1. The Starter Pack  30 Free presets and 10 LR brushes

This bundle is absolutely awesome if you are looking for free presets. It contains everything you need to get started with Lightroom and also have a few more advanced presets for people who looking to add more diversity to their post processing. 15 free presets and 5 Lightroom Brushes that should help you get started.


2. Free Lightroom Develop Presets: “Daisy”

Another awesome lightroom presets free download made available by Nicole S. Young. You can get this mini pack for free from the Nicolesy Store. Check out some example of “Daisy” –

Free Lightroom Develop Presets: “Daisy”

3.The Ultimate Fighter Look

The Ultimate Fighter Look is a martial arts inspired pack. This gorgeous lightroom preset free download is from Tampa-based photographer Matt Kloskowski.

The Ultimate Fighter Look

4. My Cloud  by Matt Kloskowski

Yes, another one from Matt, this free lightroom preset is for cloud effects. Don’t forget to let Matt know if you face any problem regarding the download in the comment section.

My Cloud by Matt Kloskowski

5. Vintage Presets

This lightroom presets free pack contains two vintage presets – Classic ii and Misty (for both lightroom 5 and 4).

Vintage Presets

6. Curve bright

Download Curve bright free photoshoot lightroom  presets from, you can also buy the full pack for more.

Curve bright

7. Wedding look lightroom presets free

In this pack of free presets by Pierre for lightroom 5 and lightroom 4, you will have four different wedding presets – SOOC / ORIGINAL, Wedding Look (The original version), Wedding Look Cool, Wedding Look Cool Bright. Download these nice presets for free and enjoy your lightroom works.

Wedding look lightroom presets free

8. 365 of 365

This is the 365th free preset of Pierre’s 365 project. Pierre published 365 nice lightroom presets for free for a whole year! Check out to download more of his awesome works.

365 of 365


9. Catch a Fire lightroom presets free download

You can download this cool preset “Catch a Fire” along with some other lightroom presets free by lookfilter if you are registered with their site – you can register for free.

Catch a Fire lightroom presets free download

10. presets free from Lightgram

These free presets are for both adobe lightroom 5 and 4. This pack includes – Instaleaks Willow (from Instaleaks Collection), Rise – X-Pro II (from Instagram for Lightroom Collection), Instafade n°6 & n°20 (from Instafade Collection).

Download 5 lightroom presets free from Lightgram

11. Lightroom Presets Free downloads from beArt

To enhance your images this Kit includes three Lightroom presets free downloads. Just add them to the shopping cart like regular buyers – and you recieve an email from with the download link.

Lightroom Presets Free downloads from beArt

12. Wonderland Adobe Lightroom Presets

Wonderland is offering 14 creative presets free to download which could be a springboard for your photographic workflow. You can also buy wonderland’s premium packs from their new website if you like the “no cost” ones.

orchid lightroom preset freebie

13. Color effects from insidelightroom

For various general color effects, check out these free lightroom presets at You can mimic effects produced by other picture styles or software, mimic different photographic styles etc. Feel free to experiment with these awesome collection.



14. Point Curve lightroom presets free

These are for radical edits to the Tone Curve. Just click the lightroom icon to download the zip files.

Point Curve lightroom presets free

15. HDR in Lightroom 5

HDR or “High Dynamic Range” lightroom presets free download from – they also included a detail step by step guide on how to use this on your photograph with different softwares. Just be sure to share this with your friends when downloading to appreciate the author’s hard work!

HDR in Lightroom 5

16. Afternoon HDR

If you took a photo in the morning or later evening but want to give it a tase of afternoon lights, Afternoon HDR lightroom presets free is just for you. Just make sure that you take the pictures in raw format and you are all good to go. Afternoon HDR includes a nice installation guide as well.

 Afternoon HDR

17. Free Lightroom 5 HDR Presets

Here you can get the punchy HDR and afternoon HDR Lightroom 5 presests – all in just one place. The previous presets were for lightroom 4.

Free Lightroom 5 HDR Presets

18. on1 Signature Collection Lightroom 5 Presets is giving away some nice presets from their premium packs for absolutely free. They have created these packs to cherish the flavor of traditional photography. Make use of them just by a single click.

no1 signature lightroom presets

19. Shadow Crusher

Beginning from this entry, i will feature several of Lightroom Presets free downloads . This is a great collection for your basic to advance lightroom 5 presets free download needs. The website is very easy to navigate, uses a comfortable theme and color scheme. Super easy to download options and a clear cut guide on how to install and use those free presets.

Shadow Crusher

20. Alice

This preset is has a very romantic feel in it. It is one of the works of Shutter Darling photography. It is free to download and comes with installation guides and also how to use it.


21. Blue Sky Dream

This preset is a very clean work by preset love. It is a free to download preset which has installation guide in their website. Apart from installation guides you can also learn how to use it in the same website.

Blue Sky Dream

22. Smart Warmer

This amazing free to download preset is from the Silky preset. This preset is one of the wonderful works from Silky. This particular one will warm your image and also keep your skin tone looking natural. It has an installation guide and also how to use it. you see more here

Smart Warmer

23. Downtown

This preset will add a feel of softness to the environs of your portrait. It is an amazing design by Forrest lane. It is available for free download. You can also learn how to install and use it from the preset love site.


24. High Fashion B&W

Another lightroom 5 presets free download credit goes to Forrest lane.

High Fashion B&W

25. Float

This is another interesting preset from the Silky preset. It is an adobe lightroom 5 presets. It is available for free download from their store. It comes with a procedure of how to install and also learn how to use it. see more here


26. Milky

This preset has a film like feel in it. It has been designed by Grainy Milk. It is a free Lightroom preset which has installation and how to use procedures.


27. Princess

This is another preset from the silky presets. It is very clean and easy to install. It has installation guide in their web site ( It is free to download and experiment with.


28. Wedding Smiles

Free light room present the wedding smile preset. This preset has been created by preset love. It has a modern theme which is very clean and amazing. It is a free to download preset. This preset has installation guides to help you in the installation. The guides and the preset can be downloaded from

Wedding Smiles

29. WhiteSnow

This preset has been created by Pastel. It is one of the amazing works designed by Pastel. It is a free lightroom preset which can be downloaded and experimented with.



30. Abandoned

This is a preset with a grungy feel. It has been created by Forest Lane. It is one of many presets by Forest Lane. This preset is available for download from their store.



31. Presets from Alex Broadstock Photography

Alex Broadstock Photography face book fan page app is offering exciting and gorgeous lightroom 5 presets free to download. If you have any question regarding photography of these presets, you can just ask Alex on that fan page.

Presets from Alex Broadstock Photography

32. RNI – ALL Films edition 3

These Film presets are actually compliments of Really Nice Images(Awesome people). If you like RNI’s work, check out their official site at to find out more good ones.

beach preset film

33. Rough

This preset if from Polarpx. It is a free to download preset only for personal use. The version is for lightroom 4.This preset was created to make a photo look rougher. This preset has a number of tones which are appropriate for the rough look.


34. Fall To Spring

This preset with the autumn and green feel is for lightroom 4.This preset is recommended to be used on dark autumn pictures so that you can get the best out of it. It is free to download and use only for personal use.

Fall To Spring

35. Pink Tone

This is another amazing work from Polar Px. This preset has been specifically designed to bring a pink tone effect to a picture. This is from the lightroom 4 and is only available for free download only when you are using it for personal use.

Pink Tone

36. Green Boost

This preset has been designed to be very appropriate for dark pictures which contain a green color. It is from Polar PX. it is a lightroom 4 preset which is available for free downloads only when you are using it for personal use.

Green Boost

37. Autumn

This is from Polar PX. The inspiration to create this preset is from the fact that natural scenery is one of the favorite times of Polar PX. This preset was designed to enable the autumn color stand out more and also bring more light into a picture. It is a lightroom preset and is available for a free download only for personal use.


38. Blue Tone

This is another amazing preset to make your photo have a nice blue effect.

Blue Tone

39. Polaroid 690

Polaroid 690

40. Lightroom Preset – Somber Grain Set

These wil add a creamy tone to the whites of your pics.

Lightroom Preset - Somber Grain Set

41. Rockabilly Vintage Lightroom Presets free

This is a lightroom preset. It has been created by BowieR for light room. It has a classic, yellow vintage feel. You can download it by first signing up in their website.

Rockabilly Vintage Lightroom Presets free

42. Desnudo

This is a lightroom presets. It is one of the works of Loucont. It is available for free download but you will first have to sign up in their site for you to be in a position to download. Only one download has a pack of presets in it. Enjoy experimenting with the other works of Loucont by downloading this pack.


43. Frosty Kiss LR Presets free

This preset has been designed by DorottyaS. It is one of her many amazing work. This preset is available for lightroom and it is a free to download preset. DorottayS would appreciate comments about how you used the preset and the result. Feel free to tell her by commenting in the comments section.

Frosty Kiss LR Presets free

44. LT’s Sweet Rose Action

This freebie is brought to you by awesome family photographer Tori.

 LT’s Sweet Rose Action

45. LT’s Softer Action

This is among the many works of lady Tori. This preset gives you a number of options when you are using it; you can try it on different photos and get amazing results. This and other works of Lady Tori can be found in her store.

LT’s Softer Action

46. Sundown Lightroom Presets by Julia Starr

This is both for lightroom 5 and lightroom 4 (also for Camera Raw CS5+). These are some amazing presets that will surely add another dimension to your pictures

Free Sundown landscape lightroom presets

47. Instagram Presets for Lightroom

This set is by pstutorialsws from deviantart. It contains 5 Presets – X-Pro II, Amaro, Valencia, Inkwell, Nashville. You can use these with both jpg and raw.

Instagram Presets for Lightroom

48. Cool Sharpness Lightroom Presets 0003

Cool Sharpness preset is for both adobe lightroom 5 and 4. If you are trying to give your photographs a cool atmosphere effect, this is for you. This pack will work both on jpg and raw images. Brought to by ymufa at deviantart.

Cool Sharpness Lightroom Presets 0003

49. Whimsical Dream Preset for Adobe Lightroom / FREE

It is one of the works of Miracle Designlatvia. This preset has been designed for Adobe lightroom and it is free to download .It is a recent work and has a modern feel in it. This preset can be downloaded by following this HTTPS // whimsical dream.

Whimsical Dream Preset for Adobe Lightroom / FREE50. Sweetsummer

Sweetsummer  lightroom presets free by Nellkas-art at deveantart – both for adobe lightroom 5 and 4.


Download all the free Lightroom Presets here

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Not sure how to install the Lightroom presets? Watch this video

Short Summary of Lightroom – Why should you use Lightroom instead of Photoshop?

We have just talked about over 50 awesome presets for using in Adobe Lightroom. Now, let’s about this cool software itself.

Lightroom is a photo processing and image organizer for windows and OS X. This software has been upgraded over time to include more and more powerful features. Often contrast with Photoshop, this software will help you up with your skills and knowledge about photography. It provides extensive features, such as, non-destructive editing, presets (like the ones we presented in this article), etc. You will have access to lots of information which will definitely boost your confidence in the photography world.

The following are some of the benefits of using the lighthouse software.
1. Gain knowledge and information concerning Cameras and Lens.
You will gain knowledge on some of the essential tools you need in order to up your game. This will include the right cameras and also lenses. You will learn how you can polish or make wide creative adjustment to get amazing results.
2. How to make individual photos look the best.
You will learn how to use different tools for photo editing, and which tool lets you perfect every pixel in your photos. Get the right amounts of color, contrast, and tone in your images!
3. Learn essential knowledge on everything beyond the camera
Lightroom will allow you to do it all. View organize, print among others. This will be done on an application which will bring out detail in highlights and shadow. You can even plot a photo journey by using the application and lightroom workspaces allow you to organize your pictures effectively. Presets for lightroom also come in more variety so you will be able to find just what you are looking for.
4. Allows you to easily and quickly share your photos
You can share your photos directly to social sites or even photo sharing sites, such as, Flickr, etc. If you have been reading blogs, then you will realize that most of them provide a functionality to share their blog post to social media networks. Lightroom mimics such functionality.
5. Socialize with fellow Photographer
Lightroom gives you the opportunity to meet lots of Lightroom photographers and share your beautiful Lightroom actions with them. This is a nice way to socialize in this internet dominating world, where photographers are supposed to share their work online.

Differences Between Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom

Many beginners ask the difference between Photoshop and Lightroom and they have a hard time choosing the right software for their needs, as they are the products from same company “Adobe” and seems to provide similar sets of photography tools.

I will show you the difference between these two software from Adobe, and what Lightroom can do which Photoshop can’t. On a related note, the first 5 differences are advantages of Lightroom over Photoshop, while the rest are disadvantages.

1) Non-Destructive Editing

Adobe Lightroom provides non-destructive editing, which as it sounds enables you to edit your photos without you being worrying about losing the last changes; you can revert back your changes as many times you want! Thanks to your hard drive, which will store every snapshot of the changes you make on the photos. Non-destructive editing gives you full control on your progress, and your original work will always be in your hard drive.

2) Built-in raw editing

In Adobe Photoshop, you cannot edit the RAW images directly from your camera; Photoshop only supports editing images of commonly known formats, such as, .png, .jpeg, etc. In order to edit RAW images in Photoshop, you are supposed to use plugins like ACR (Adobe Camera RAW). On the other hand, Lightroom natively accepts RAW images straight from your camera, and it allows the editing of RAW as you’d expect with all the features of Lightroom.

3) Image management

Lightroom supports editing several photos at a time; that is, you can apply a filter or preset to several images within a single window! In Photoshop, you need to open images in separate windows, and it takes quite a lot of time to apply filters on every image separately. Lightroom is a great option, if you seek such workflow.

4) Easy to use

Adobe Lightroom is extremely easy to use, unlike Photoshop which has bloated features. Lightroom supports only those features that are relevant to photography, so you won’t find features like raster editing or vector object creation. The layouts are extremely easy to use, and their usage is pretty obvious from the look, so you won’t need to spend your precious time crawling the internet for tutorials.

5) Lightroom Presets

This feature in Lightroom should be pretty obvious to you, as you have read about presets in this guide, right? lightroom 4 presets are not the same as presets for LR 5,6 and CC so you should check your current version of LR before you buy.

Presets is a very powerful feature of Lightroom which every photographers want to use. It enables photographers to apply several filters, changes in exposure levels and other image corrections in just a click! Many photographers (and websites teaching about photo editing like us!) share their presets online to help their fellow photographers to achieve cool effects without manually applying filters.

6) Layers (Layer Management)

Photoshop provides a very useful feature called “Layers”. This feature allows you to distribute your changes in images to different layers, through which you can easily see the changes between different images just by hiding / showing a layer above / below another layer! Consider a stack with images on top of another image. The layers can be reordered. On the other hand, Lightroom doesn’t support Layers features, because it provides non-destructive editing through which you can see the previous changes, which removes the need of layers.

7) Advanced tools

Lightroom doesn’t support advanced photo editing tools that are required for heavy editing of photos, such as, clone stamp, the spot healing brush, etc. Only few tools of Photoshop are provided in Lightroom. The preset feature in Lightroom reduces the need to manually edit photos through the tools. Lightroom is not a good choice for those who want the maximum raw power of Photoshop.

8) Photos only

Adobe Lightroom can only be used to edit photos / images taken from photographers with the use of different cameras. You can only import / export existing photos, which means that editing raster and vector graphics is not possible in Lightroom. Adobe Lightroom is intended to be used as an alternative to fast-editing photo processor to simultaneously edit several photos at a time, something which Photoshop can’t do.


As you can see, I have clearly highlighted the difference between two giant softwares from Adobe. If you prefer the smooth workflow, and fast photo editing through presets, then Lightroom is highly recommended for you (we have already provided 50 awesome presets in this article, so why not take advantage of this?). Conversely, if you prefer a powerful raw editing photo processor with an infinite control and tons of features, then Photoshop is the best choice for you, as not only you can edit photos with Photoshop, you can also create cool raster graphics with it.

Do you have any question regarding Photoshop actions and Lightroom which we may have missed in this guide? Tell me in the comments section below! I am very excited to hear your ideas! And also know that these free lightroom presets for mac also work on PC

Download all the bundles here

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