Lightroom Presets 400+ Best Free Download For Adobe Lightroom

Today we are presenting the very best Lightroom Presets updated in August 2017. These are great collections available absolutely for free and you can use them to edit your images quickly and successfully. As you look at each one of them, you should feel free to share with us of any other free Lightroom Presets that you find impressive using our comment section. This list contains free and paid Adobe Lightroom 4/5/6 presets (Only the first three presets in this list are premium Lightroom workflow bundles). If you are new to Lightroom Presets, we recommend you also take a look at our Lightroom tutorials for in-depth insight.

(Editor’s Top Choice)

Sleeklens Complete Lightroom Collection

1600+ Lightroom Presets & 300 Lightroom brushes

If you are planning to buy Lightroom presets or Lightroom brushes, this bundle would be an awesome choice. You will get so many nice presets and brushes all in one pack. What is really amazing about these presets is that they are stackable, meaning you can apply several presets on top of each other when editing your images. The pack also comes with Lightroom Brushes which you don’t usually see in many bundles today. Brushes allow you to work with different sections of your images and it will make your edits much more professional. The price of these presets is really reasonable when you compare the quality and the number of tools available under this package. I have honestly never seen such a big and professional product anywhere on sale before.




Lightroom presets are a combination of effects, settings and edits which are saved allowing you to edit your images and photographs in a way that changes their appearance and effects. You can use the presets to completely transform the feel of your photos and images while at the same time improving their quality and appearance in a professional way. The Sleeklens Lightroom Presets are of very high quality and can be used on a wide range of photography to capture every imagination.

The most amazing thing with the Lightroom Presets is that you do not have to use an expensive and top-range camera for your photos to loom wow. You can edit photos taken using any camera model and the edited results will look extraordinary. The included brushes can be used to change anything from a dull background to a distorted face so as to give you the amazing look you are interested in. the LR presets and brushes can help expand your creativity horizons to a different level yet you do not need an extra software to get what you are looking for.

All the workflows are all compatible with either Lightroom 4,5 or 6 + CC

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#Strike a Pose Lightroom Workflow

(69 Presets and 62 Portrait Brushes) – Free sample available on the site.

Strike a Pose LR Workflow is yet another amazing product from Sleeklens. It is designed to help photographers and photo editors to adjust highlights, enjoy vivid tones, and achieve flawless skin for their subjects while at the same time improving image details at different points. The Workflow offers fast, professional and easy tools and approaches to help turn portrait images into incredible shots.


The Strike a Pose Lightroom Workflow comes with 62 Portrait Brushes and 69 Portrait Presets which can be used to edit different parts of a portrait ranging from the eyes, lips, skin tone, hair and much more. As a photo editor seeking for reliable photo editing and enhancement tools, you will delight yourself in some of the most unique brushes to work with as you handle your projects.

If you have photos shot in a perfect location but aren’t satisfied with the exposure, lighting or any other element in your photo, just make use of this Workflow and you will have discernible differences on your portraits.

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Through The Woods Workflow by Sleeklens

(80 Presets and 42 Landscape Brushes) – Free sample available on the site.

Landscape photography is a challenge that most photographers try to approach at a precise moment of their career. But what makes the difference between an amateurs’ image and professional quality work?

For most people, technique and gear would be the answer to go. However, we can be certain that breathtaking pictures are not solely the product of high-end, expensive gear, but a sensitive mindset in where capturing nature is your end goal. For all this and much more, Sleeklens introduces us this complete suite for editing Landscape Photography with the help of Adobe Lightroom.


Through the Woods Workflow is a compendium of 80 Presets & 42 Brushes geared towards crafting the perfect landscape aesthetic within Lightroom, without even requiring advanced knowledge on your behalf. Highly intuitive, be ready to bring the very best from your photographs while learning what makes a landscape photo stand out in the process.

Watch how they edited the image above in this video:

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Forever Thine Wedding Workflow

If you are too busy to edit 500 of your client’s wedding photos, the Forever Thine Wedding Workflow can be a lifesaver. It includes over 100 presets, some of them basic while others are premade and ready to fix your JPEG and RAW photos with a single click of the mouse. The Workflow also comes with 23 professional photo editing designed to bring out the best in your photos. You can install the wedding Presets and Brushes in Lightroom 4, 5 and 6, as well as CC. There are video tutorials on the site and you will also receive the installation details with your download.

Before-After 4 Before-After 2Before-After 1

The ‘Forever Thine Wedding Workflow’ can turn any wedding ceremony photography into an ostentatious, splendid and perfect experience. These Presets and Brushes work perfectly well on both Mac and PCs. The collection offers you some of the most popular effects such as romantic effects, vintage effects and if these are not your favorite, you will be spoilt for choice thanks to the over 100 presets and brushes. You can enhance the details and clarity of your photos and images using some of the brushes or while others will work perfectly well when it comes to ceremonial photography.

You can also use 7 bridal brushes which are specially designed to correct light and shadows in the images, fix hair & skin definition, and fix skin color among other photo editing needs. The Forever Thine Wedding Workflow gives you limitless options and you can use your creativity to come up with amazing photos worth keeping and sharing. If your ceremonial photos are in need of a professional-level fine-tuning, this entire workflow will do the magic really quick.

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Superior Interior Workflow by Sleeklens

(130 Presets and 10 Interior Photography Brushes)

When talking about Real Estate or Interior Photography, we immediately think of indoor ambiences, with proper illumination conditions, designers’ furniture and so on. For some, Real Estate Photography is just the mere representation of studio photography focused on architecture; however, there is much more to explore than just sticking to what’s wrongly assumed, and give something valuable back to the community.
If our aim is to succeed in Real Estate Photography, then it’s time to consider investing in tools that make this craft a nicer, visually-appealing process for not just editing photographs but also learning how different parameters affect our overall result.

Sleeklens has done a superb job in developing a set of tools meant for enhancing those cosy indoor photographs in a blink of an eye. With “Superior Interior Workflow” you will find 130 Presets & 10 Brushes for Real Estate/Interior Photography at your service: ideal for indoors, patios, backyards or any other kind of Interior Design Photograph.

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Infoparrots 10 free HDR Lightroom presets bundle.

infoparrots handmade free lightroom presets

Download the 10 Free HDR presets by here

Free section of Lightroom Presets:

After you are done looking at all the free LR presets, you can download them all with 1 click at the bottom of this page

1. The Starter Pack  30 Free presets and 10 LR brushes

This bundle is absolutely awesome if you are looking for free presets. It contains everything you need to get started with Lightroom and also have a few more advanced presets for people looking to add more diversity to their post processing.

The ‘Starter Pack Lightroom Workflow’ offers 30 LR Presets and 10 Brushes which are fully compatible with Adobe Creative Cloud and Lightroom 4, 5 and 6. You can use this Starter Pack to edit both RAW and JPEG images in a way that best fits your individual preferences. The instantly downloadable workflow works with both PCs and Mac.

The free Starter Pack can cover different parameters so as to make any adjustments that you need quickly. If you want to fix some of the most common photo shooting issues, you can use Exposure Presets or turn to Tone Tint Presets if you want to accomplish Split-toning effects quickly. This Starter Pack LR Workflow has some of the best presets and brushes available for free and you are not likely to find such a free offer anywhere else. You can download these presets now and enjoy quick and original filters to help correct imperfections, make adjustments and give your photography that personal touch before sharing them.


2. Free Lightroom Develop Presets: “Daisy”

As you search for free Lightroom Presets for use in your photo editing, Daisy will be another one worth considering. These 3 Develop Presets are available for free by Nicole S. Young and can be accessed from Nicolesy Store. The 3 free download Develop Presets are designed for Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) and Adobe Lightroom 4/5.

Just as with other downloadable products, the free LR Develop Presets: Daisy is delivered in form of a link that will take you to a downloadable .zip file for your extraction. You can get further instructions on how to install the product from Nicole’s website and even learn how to use the product using her provided tutorials. Nicole also has other Presets which you could look at and see whether they interest you in any way. While this free pack doesn’t offer much in comparison with the first product, you still can enjoy working on your photos and get some better results.

Free Lightroom Develop Presets: “Daisy”

3. The Ultimate Fighter Look

The Ultimate Fighter Look is a martial arts inspired Lightroom Preset pack. This gorgeous lightroom preset is available for free and has been developed by a Tampa-based photographer Matt Kloskowski. The Ultimate Fighter Look preset is compatible with Lightroom CC, Lightroom 4, 5 and 6. If you have every watched the Ultimate Fighting Championships, you realize that the images come with some special effects which makes them look tough. You can achieve the same results as seen in those videos and photos using the Ultimate Fighter Look Presets.

The free LR pack offer you 3 different presets which can work best on both brighter and dark dramatic photos. This means you can achieve different results although you might not get the portrait effects you might want for a family photo. Despite the limited presets, the free lightroom presets can still give you something to work with as you edit your photos for that dramatic courageous effect.

You can also get the installation instructions online and some videos on how to use the presets. If you are new to photo editing and lightroom presets, I would advice a free download to help you acclimatize yourself with this beautiful art.

The Ultimate Fighter Look

4. My Cloud  by Matt Kloskowski

Yes, another one from Matt, this free lightroom preset is for cloud effects. You can use this preset to work on your clouds and bring out the effects you desire thus leaving your photos looking amazing. The presets are basically designed to help give the clouds enhanced colors while at the same time leaving them looking much better. You can use My Cloud Presets to put clouds in images and photos that do not have any at all or even enhance pictures that already have some amount of clouds and take them to the next level.

You can watch installation tutorial videos or even learn how to do the installation by following the provided instructions. This free Lightroom Preset will definitely help enhance your blue, cloudy sky thus giving you something to smile about. Don’t forget to let Matt know if you face any problem regarding the download in the comment section.

My Cloud by Matt Kloskowski

5. Vintage Presets

This lightroom presets free pack contains two vintage presets – Classic II and Misty. These free presets can be used for both lightroom 5 and 4 thus giving your photos a vintage touch and appearance. The two Vintage Lightroom Presets can help add a ‘look-back’, film-like quality that leaves your photos with a nostalgic vintage effect. You can also get more premium Vintage LR presets to enhance your photos and images thus leaving them looking exactly as you have visualized them.

The Classic ii and Misty presets can help you manipulate your images in a way that adds a number of effects on them. With each of these free presets, you will be able to work on multiple photo designs ranging from portraits to landscapes, taking you back to yester-years. There is no better way to do it than to use these two free downloadable presets.

Vintage Presets

6. Curve bright

This free Photoshoot LR preset does magic to add some brightness to your images. You might have shot them in a gloomy room or under shadowy environment thus leaving them looking a little dull and not-so-impressive. However, this shouldn’t worry you since the free Curve Bright Presets can add that bright touch to lighten up your photos before sharing. The Curve Bright Preset works in Lightroom 4 and 5, giving you the photo editing ability to change tone curves, color one images or change base settings with ease.

Though this presets are not all that detailed, you will still love the effects they give to your images. Simply put, there is much you can achieve with this free kit as you work on your image. You can also get premium workflows from the same developer if you want to take your photo editing to the next level. Download Curve bright free photoshoot lightroom presets from

Curve bright

7. Wedding look lightroom presets free

In this pack of free presets by Pierre, you will find four different wedding lightroom presets which include SOOC / ORIGINAL, Wedding Look (The original version), Wedding Look Cool, Wedding Look Cool Bright. The four presets are designed to work in Lightroom 4 and 5. These Wedding Look Lightroom Presets can be used to add different effects on your images which is basically to make them look creamy and bright, add some warmth, increase exposure or brightness or even some vibrancy. In addition, you can use these free presets for portrait sharpening or even add slight vignette to the wedding photos.

If you have some underexposed wedding photos, you can work with these presets to edit them and just give them a brighter feel without messing them up. The presets are however designed to work well with RAW images and photos but can also be used for JPEG images although small adjustments are required on these to avoid or reduce any unwanted noise. Download these nice presets for free and enjoy your lightroom works.

Wedding look lightroom presets free

8. 365 of 365

This is the 365th free preset of Pierre’s 365 in 365 day’s project. Pierre set on a journey to publish 365 nice lightroom presets for free for a whole year! And this particular one will not disappoint you. The free Lightroom preset adds warmth to your photos thus making them look clearer and more interesting. If you have some photos shot under a shadowy environment, the 365 of 365 lightroom preset could be the way to go especially considering that it is free. Check out to download more of his awesome works.

365 of 365


9. Catch a Fire lightroom presets free download

In your hunt for free lightroom presets, you can’t ignore “Catch a Fire” which is capable of bringing a dazzle to your photos. The free preset can help edit your photos and add some effects on the same while still leaving them looking original. As you use this preset, the most important thing is to work on your photos with a little bit of keenness so that you do not leave them looking fake and unimpressive. But of course this is the main approach you should take when using Lightroom Presets. You can download this cool preset “Catch a Fire” along with some other lightroom presets free by look filter if you are registered with their site – you can register for free.

Catch a Fire free Lightroom preset is designed to work with Lightroom 4 & 5+ and you can use it for RAW and JPG photo formats.

Catch a Fire lightroom presets free download

10. presets free from Lightgram

Lightgram not only gives you one but five free samples which you can download and use on your next photo project. These free presets are designed for both adobe lightroom 5 and 4 and you can use them to add different effects on your photos including vintage effect. The free presets from Lighgram offer 100 percent non destructive photo editing capabilities which mean that you can easily reset your images back to their original state with a single click. This helps keep all your original Raw images safe. The free download presets will work well with photos taken in different lighting styles while guaranteeing amazing results. Whether you are working on landscape photos or your family photos, the free presets from Lightroom will give you something to smile about.

The free download pack includes – Instaleaks Willow (from Instaleaks Collection) which allows you to generate light leak effects using your own photos. The most amazing thing with this preset is that you can enjoy light leaks of different colors from various directions. Basically, the Instaleaks Willow allows you to improve your photos and images with luminous contrast effects, artistic color tones with film-inspired look. This set will help create a unique look on your photos. You will also find, Rise – X-Pro II (from Instagram for Lightroom Collection), Instafade n°6 & n°20 (from Instafade Collection) included in the free download pack.

Download 5 lightroom presets free from Lightgram

11. Lightroom Presets Free downloads from beArt

BeArt free Lightroom Presets are also amazing if you are looking for something that helps you save money while at the same time making your workflow more efficient and simplified. One of the amazing benefits of these free downloads is that they allow you to use a single click of your mouse to repeat the essential photo editing steps as opposed to finagling each and each photo until it turns out the way you want it to be. With this package, you will get three lightroom presets for free and these are compatible with all Creative Cloud and Adobe Lightroom 4 to 6 versions.

To enhance your images this Kit includes three Lightroom presets free downloads. Just add them to the shopping cart like regular buyers – and you receive an email from with the download link. The free download presets are fully compatible with RAW and JPEG images. They will work perfectly well in both PCs and Mac. If you want to create some professional photos efficiently and with ease, just download the BeArt Lightroom Presets for free.

Lightroom Presets Free downloads from beArt

12. Wonderland Adobe Lightroom Presets

Wonderland is offering 14 creative presets free for your download. You can use these Lightroom Presets as  a launch pad for your photographic workflow and take your photos to the next level of professionalism. The most amazing thing is that although you can also buy wonderland’s premium packs from their new website, you do not have spend your money first before trying your hands on their products and see how they work for you. If you are really looking for freebies, then you won’t have to look very far, Wonderland Adobe Lightroom Presets will work as a magical bullet that catapults you to the beautiful photo editing results you are looking for. The presets are very easy to use and used properly will leave your images clean and attractive, ready for sharing.

orchid lightroom preset freebie

13. Color effects from insidelightroom

For various general color effects, check out these free lightroom presets at You can mimic effects produced by other picture styles or software, mimic different photographic styles etc. Feel free to experiment with these awesome collections and create pictures that look uniquely different. The color effects from InsideLightroom come with download and installation instructions and since they are zipped, you will find them to be very easy to transfer.

You can use the free download collection to manipulate your workflow to the extremes thus giving you interesting effects. There is no limit of what you can do with these color effects. You can mimic the vintage photos of the seventies or just give your pictures an old-fashioned feel. You can use these Lightroom Presets for free to either acquaint yourself with the photo editing industry or to take your professional work to the next level. Why not give it a try?



14. Point Curve lightroom presets free

If you are looking for a powerful preset to help you in your next photo project, then Point Curve Lightroom presets will work the magic for you. These presets are free and you can use them to make some sophisticated tonal adjustments on any image or photo for that unique look you are interested in. These free post processing presets are designed for radical edits to the Tone Curve thus giving you the luminosity that makes your images interesting. Just click the lightroom icon to download the zip files.

Free Point Curve lightroom presets offer you an incredibly unique platform to process your images in a way that gives them the exact effects you might be looking for, ranging from that special vintage look to the film effect imitation. You can easily download the Point Curve Lightroom Presets for free and start working on your next photo project now. Why not try your hands on the free collection now?

Point Curve lightroom presets free

15. HDR in Lightroom 5

Want to take your photography closer to what you see with your eyes? If your camera is one of those old models or does not give you photos that are as vivid and closer to real-life appearance, then you can edit them effectively using free HDR or “High Dynamic Range” lightroom presets. These presets are free for download from and come with clearly detailed step by step guide on how to use them on your photograph with different software.

These free HDR presets are compatible with Lightroom 5 and work well with RAW images as oppose to JPEG files. There is much you can achieve using the free HDR in Lightroom 5 free download presets. Just be sure to share this with your friends when downloading to appreciate the author’s hard work!

HDR in Lightroom 5

16. Afternoon HDR

If you took a photo in the morning or later evening but want to give it a taste of the afternoon lights, the free Afternoon HDR lightroom presets is just the right preset for you. The preset is designed to help you tone down the glaring overhead afternoon sunlight that makes your photos look yellowish or fluro green especially if there is any foliage in the photos.   The free to download HDR Afternoon Lightroom Preset comes with clear installation instructions which you can easily follow in a video. With this Preset, you do not have to worry about the bright afternoon sunshine anymore whenever you go out to shoot photos. You can get the right results in your editing project and the most incredible thing is that the preset it absolutely free. Just make sure that you take the pictures in RAW format instead of JPEG so as to increase the effectiveness of the preset and get the best results possible.

Afternoon HDR includes a nice installation guide as well.

 Afternoon HDR

17. Free Lightroom 5 HDR Presets

The initial HDR Preset was designed for Lightroom 4 but later upgraded and optimized for use in Lightroom 5. However, even with the improvement and optimization, it is still free and available for enthusiastic photo editors looking for a punchy HDR lightroom preset to work with. To get the best of this preset, you will need to take your photos in RAW format as opposed to the JPEG format. This is because RAW images normally have a wide range of information and this is not something you do not get from JPEG images.

As with all other free download Lightroom Presets from Photoinsomian, the free Lightroom 5 HDR presets come with clean installation instructions and you can watch the short but informative video provided in the website to make your work easier. There are also premium Lightroom Presets available from and you can try them as well.

Free Lightroom 5 HDR Presets

18. on1 Signature Collection Lightroom 5 Presets is giving away some nice presets from their premium packs for absolutely free. They have created these packs to cherish the flavor of traditional photography and you can easily make use of them just by a single click. The free on1 Signature Collection presets for lightroom 5 allows you to enhance your photos just the same way you would do it you decided to use Instagram filters. It is however important to note that these free Lightroom Develop Presets from On1 Signature aren’t designed to make bad looking photos better but for use with good photos so as to improve them further and achieve different effects

It is important to also point that these Lightroom presets are very different from Instagram Filters in that you will have a wide variety of options to use. In other words, it is not a “one size fits all” kind of a situation. You can do so much more with the on1 Signature Collection Lightroom 5 Presets yet these products are free to download and use.

no1 signature lightroom presets

19. Shadow Crusher

If you have plain looking and unprofessional photos that do not impress you, there is no bette way to turn them around into stunning pics that will leave you and everyone else impressed that to go for Adobe Lightroom Presets. If you are new to this industry, then you should first of all consider trying your hands on free lightroom presets and Shadow Crusher is definitely one of the best options available. The Shadow Crusher will help you work on your post-processing workflow to change how your photos look like, giving you something magical in return.

The free Preset is designed for use with Lightroom 5 and also has comfortable color schemes and themes which you will find easy to use. It is always easy to download the preset to your PC or Mac. The installation instructions are also available and very easy to follow. There is no need for you to be disappointed with your pictures any longer while you could use the Shadow Crusher to transform them from those dull and flat images into spectacular and interesting photos that are ready for sharing.

Shadow Crusher

20. Alice

Alice is not a girl 🙂 but promises to give you that very romantic feel you could be looking for in your pictures. This free Lightroom Preset happens to be one of the works of Shutter Darling photography. It is free to download and comes with installation guides and also how to use it. One of the things you might love about this preset is that it does not alter your pictures a big deal but using it will definitely help promote an interesting drama.

The free download Lightroom Preset Alice will help change those dull, shadowy pictures into something warm and attractive. It brightens the dull colors including backgrounds and makes them worth looking at. So, why not spread that romantic effect on your landscape or portrait pictures today? After all, this preset is free to download and use…


21. Blue Sky Dream

One of the best ways to enhance your landscape photography is by manipulating the skies to make your images brighter and lovely. We all love blue sky as it communicates some beauty and warmth and the Blue Sky Dream preset is a great preset developed to help you achieve exactly that. This free to download preset is very clean and work of preset love. Just make use of the Blue Sky Dream Lightroom Preset and give some life to the sky in your pictures and see them change from dull images to great ones full of live and vibrancy.

It is a free to download preset with an installation guide in their website. Apart from installation guides you can also learn how to use it in the same website.

Blue Sky Dream

22. Smart Warmer

This amazing free to download preset is from the Silky preset. This preset is one among the many wonderful works created by Silky. This particular one will warm your image and also keep your skin tone looking natural. Looking at the “Before and After” photos edited, you will be amazed at how much you can achieve using this absolutely free Lightroom Preset. It leaves all your colors looking dazzling but doesn’t mess up with the skin to make it look as though the picture has been manipulated.

You can use the Smart Warmer Lightroom Preset to enhance your portraits and landscape photos. The free download preset has clear installation guide and also how to use it. You can have a look at the preset and also download it here

Smart Warmer

23. Downtown

This preset will add a feel of softness to the environs of your portrait. It is an amazing preset created by Forrest lane. Using this preset, you can add a little bit of shine to your images thus brightening the environment for that attractive look. With the Downtown Lightroom preset, it is always possible to come up with professionally looking pictures before going ahead with the processing. If you have a picture that needs a little touch of professionalism and don’t want to spend money on a preset, this unique freebie will come in handy. Just play around with the settings and see your photo change to something incredible.

It is available for free download and you can also learn how to install and use it from the preset love site.


24. High Fashion B&W

High Fashion B&W is another great lightroom 5 preset which you can download and use for free. It has been created by Forrest lane, a well-known name within the photography industry. This amazing free Black and White Lightroom Preset will help you add a perfect touch to your images and photographs thus leaving them looking as gorgeous as those of the 70s. The High Fashion B&W helps add a stunning black and white fashion feel to different photo types including wedding photos, portraits and also baby photos.

The B&W High Fahion presets will add remarkable touch of black & white film on any pictures. If you are looking for a reliable preset to help you change the color of your photos to black and white, then this one will help you do it with ease and for free. The free download presets are designed to create a unique retro look on both RAW and JPEG images. Download now!

High Fashion B&W

25. Float

This is another interesting preset from the Silky preset. The preset is designed for adobe lightroom 5 and will help add a soft touch to your pictures leaving them looking stunning and warm. One of the amazing features of this preset is that it is beautiful and delicate and you can use it whenever you want to create an air of romance in your photographs. You can use it in your wedding photos, landscape photos or any other type of pictures you intend to edit before processing. It will leave you with admirable results whole saving your time and money. It is available for free download from their store. It comes with a procedure of how to install and also a simple guide on how to use it.

See more here:


26. Milky

This preset has a film like feel in it. It is one of the different freebies designed by Grainy Milk and promises to transform your pictures into spectacular showcase for free. You can use the Milky Lightroom Preset to perfect your otherwise dull-looking photos and give them a brighter and smooth feel while at the same time preserving the original pictures. This lightroom preset is easy to use but it also gives you a host of possibilities when it comes to photo editing.

You can work on your photos to achieve 8 different effects when using the presets. It is a free Lightroom preset which has installation and how to use procedures.


27. Princess

The Princess is yet another free and great preset from the silky presets. It is very clean, easy to install and you can use it to add that gorgeous touch to all your photos. One of the most amazing reasons as to why you should use this preset is that it can help you change the shade and tone of both the skin and the environment in your pictures thus giving you great results in the process.

The free preset is designed for Lightroom 5 and it can be used for portrait or landscape photos where a little bit of brightness needs to be added. As you choose this unique free download lightroom preset, you will also get installation instructions in their web site ( Just download it for free and enjoy experimenting with some of your photos before processing them.


28. Wedding Smiles

The Wedding Smiles is a free lightroom present which can help add a dramatic touch to your photos.  This preset has been created by preset love and can help engrave the excitement and intense emotions of a wedding into your photos. It has a modern theme which is very clean and amazing. As you seek to remember your wedding and the excitement that was there, the Wedding Smiles will help you walk down the memory lane and leave you desiring for more.

It is a free to download preset. This preset has installation guides to help you in the installation. You can download the installation details from Feel free to download the wedding smiles preset today and enjoy every moment of your pictures.

Wedding Smiles

29. WhiteSnow

This preset has been created by Pastel and promises to give you just the right effects and textures you are looking for to enhance your pictures. Pastel has created a number of Lightroom presets and this is one of the most amazing works which is not only efficient but also available for free.

The free preset download helps add white snow light and contrast to a wide array of pictures and you can use it on your wedding photos, landscape pictures and the like. There is so much you can achieve using this preset. Just enjoy the amazing effects as you freely manipulate your pictures with the free White Snow Lightroom Preset.



30. Abandoned

If you want to create that dilapidated feel in your photographs, then this is the preset to go for. While there are many other presets capable of creating that grungy feeling, this one is absolutely free to download and use thus giving you the leisure of playing around with your pictures without worrying about the cost. It has been created by Forest Lane, and ranks highly among most of their impressive creations. You can turn any pictorial environment into a dilapidated surrounding and create an impression of this old and neglected place.

If you have ever taken some pictures in such an environment, then you understand the beauty and ruggedness that Abandoned Lightroom preset is likely to give to your images. This preset is available for download from their store and you can also get the instructions for installation from the download website.



31. Presets from Alex Broadstock Photography

Alex Broadstock is one of the best known photographers according to ThatSweetGift and his Photography facebook fan page app is offering exciting and gorgeous lightroom 5 presets free to download. Presets from Alex Broadstock Photography can help enhance your pictures ranging from landscape to lifestyle photos including weddings and camping adventures. These gorgeous presets are designed to work with Lightroom 5 and you can use them to create any kind of effects on your photos. Whether you want a modern or vintage feel, these are the presets to go for. Using them is free and the installation process is also simple.

You can achieve some amazing results with the different lightroom presets from Alex Broadstock Photography today. If you have any question regarding photography of these presets, you can just ask Alex on that fan page.

Presets from Alex Broadstock Photography

32. RNI – ALL Films edition 3

Looking for easily accessible Lightroom presets which will only take a single click for you to achieve what you are looking for? RNI – All Films edition 3 will be a great option to consider as they offer excellent version of wide range of films thus making it easy for you to edit your photos for that amazing feel and look. These Film presets are actually compliments of Really Nice Images (Awesome people).

The ease of use offered by the All Films edition 3 makes them just amazing for both newbies and pros. As you look for varied ways to add some flavor to your photos, these presets will generously give them to you thanks to their great wealth of options available. If you like RNI’s work, check out their official site at to find out more good ones..

beach preset film

33. Rough

If you want to add great details and contrast to your photography, then you will need to get yourself “Rough” Lightroom preset. This preset if from Polarpx and will help take your photography to the next level especially if you want to add some roughness to them.  This free Polarpx preset works better with RAW files. You can achieve some great professional images by simply downloading it into your system and selecting your desired photos for editing.

If there is any look you desire in your photo, just try Rough Lightroom preset free download and see how it works. It is a free to download preset only for personal use. The version is for lightroom 4.This preset was created to make a photo look rougher. This preset has a number of tones which are appropriate for the rough look. Just use it to change everything about the look and feel of your photos while still keeping the original as it is. This is not for those romantic and silky photos but for images where some roughness is needed.


34. Fall To Spring

Want to give your fall photos and give them a spring feel? Well, this is one of the best presets to use if you want to achieve the best. This preset with the autumn and green feel is for lightroom 4 and is recommended to be used on dark autumn pictures so that you can get the best out of it. It just breathes in some life and vibrancy to your autumn photos, giving them a green and attractive look that leaves everything looking lovely and lively.

The lightroom preset is designed to work with RAW images and will change those dull images into something more magical. Just add some blossoming effects on your photos using “Fall to Spring” free lightroom preset. Using this preset is very easy and with your image selected, you will be able to transform it in just a few steps. The preset is absolutely free to download and use but only for personal use.

Fall To Spring

35. Pink Tone

This is another amazing work from PolarPx. This preset has been specifically designed to bring a pink tone effect to a picture just as its name suggests. Your pictures do not have to be bad for you to edit them but you may want to breathe a different tone upon them. If you want to create an eccentric theme on your pictures, then the Pink Tone preset for lightroom will be a great option to choose. Polar PX has created a number of professional presets most of which are available for free.

You can choose this one if you want to create a pink theme or pick on any other freebie from their collection depending with the results you want to achieve. This is from the lightroom 4 and is only available for free download only when you are using it for personal photo editing. You can use it on your landscape photos or any other photo where pink effects are required.

Pink Tone

36. Green Boost

We all love taking beautiful photos during autumn when the landscapes are green and attractive. However, every day cannot be autumn but still we must continue shooting. Green Boost helps you create what you cannot take with your lens thus leaving you with lovely green-looking landscape photos. This preset has been designed to be very appropriate for dark pictures which contain a green color.

It is from Polar PX and works with lightroom 4. If you love nature and landscape photography and would want to try your hands on lightroom presets, then you should consider the free Green Boost lightroom preset. The preset works with RAW files which can be a bit flat at times. But do not let this worry you. With lightroom, you can achieve so much and this is what the preset enables you to do. The preset which is available for free downloads only when you are using it for personal use.

Green Boost

37. Autumn

This free download preset has been created by Polar PX. The inspiration to create this preset is from the fact that natural scenery is one of the favorite times for taking beautiful photos and the preset was designed to enable the autumn color stand out more and also bring more light into a picture.  The free preset promises to give an autumn-inspired sepia effect tone to your photos thus taking them to the next level.

Whether you are working on your landscape photos or Christmas pictures and would want to give them a retro look, the Autum Lightroom Preset is available to you for free and you can achieve exactly what you are looking for. Just use the free Autumn preset to enhance the autumn tones on your landscape pictures and add a little bit of light to them. It is a lightroom preset and is available for a free download only for personal use.


38. Blue Tone

The Blue Tone Lightroom Preset from Polar PX is yet another great but free preset you can use to make some dramatic changes to your photos. This incredible preset helps to enhance the blue effects in your pictures thus giving them a cool tone and feel. You can use it to work on the sky in your pictures or just splash some nice blue effects on your pics for free.

As with many other lightroom presets created by Polar PX, the Blue Tone preset is designed to particularly give a nice blue ambiance to your photos whenever you need to. You can have a look at “before and after’ photos to see the dramatic changes you can make to your photos using this free preset. You can use this preset for free if you are working on your own personal projects as you take your photography projects to the next level.

Blue Tone

39. Polaroid 690

Polaroid 690 is yet another free download preset for Lightroom. You can use this top Lightroom presets  to give your pictures an authentic, rugged look and this is what makes it a favorite for many designers. The lightroom preset is perfect for introducing some level of characterization to your pictures and images leaving you with the perfect results possible.

The Polaroid 690 free download preset perfectly imitates faded contrasts and colors which are normally seen in instant photos. If you want your photos to look as though they were shot two decades ago, this free preset will help do the magic and leave you with a smile on your face. The free preset is created for Lightroom 4 and is very easy to install and use. Just download and use this free preset to take your photo editing a notch higher.

Polaroid 690

40. Lightroom Preset – Somber Grain Set

These free download presets are designed to add a creamy tone to the whitish parts of your pictures. We all agree that cream is a cool color when it comes to photography. However, not every time you capture those shots will you be having cream colors and the Somber Grain Set Lightroom Presets are designed to compensate for this. The presets help preserve different colors in the range while adding a timeless fresh film appearance with “in-your-face-grain.”

The grain notwithstanding, this unique and free preset also adds more contrast and details to your pictures. The lightroom preset works perfectly well with RAW/CR2 files. You can download it for free and use on as many images as you wish. Just make those colors stand-out with the lightroom preset Somber Grain Set and add the creamy time you would want to have in your white tined pictures.

Lightroom Preset - Somber Grain Set

41. Rockabilly Vintage Lightroom Presets free

The name of this free Lightroom Preset tells it all. If you want to add a stunning vintage effect on your pictures, the free Rockabilly Vintage Lightroom Presets will be a great option to consider as they are not only easy to use but also very effective when it comes to photo editing. This free download preset has been created by BowieR for lightroom. It has a classic, yellow vintage feel. You can use the freebie to manipulate your photos thus adding that rugged look and more details.

As with every other vintage Lightroom preset, the Rockabilly Vintage lightroom preset will take your photos a few decades back thus giving the impression of yester-years. The free lightroom preset can be downloaded by simply signing up in their website. It is very easy to download and use on all your photos.

Rockabilly Vintage Lightroom Presets free

42. Desnudo

This is also a great and free lightroom preset which you can use in your photography projects. It was created by Loucont. Although Loucont has nothing much to say about this creation of his, you will still find it to be of great help especially if you are working on fashion and lifestyle photos. It is available for free download but you will first have to sign up in the website where the lightroom preset is available for you to be in a position to download.

The preset doesn’t give much challenge to install and use thus helping make your experience enjoyable throughout. You only need a single download to enjoy all the presets contained in the pack. Enjoy experimenting with the other works of Loucont by downloading this pack. To give your photos that “desnudo’ feel, just download these presets and use them for free.


43. Frosty Kiss LR Presets free

This free lightroom preset has been designed by DorottyaS. It is one of her many amazing works and you can use it to edit your photos, changing them to get the different tones you want. The preset helps add a frosty tone to your images, creating the impression of a wintery season. It is very easy to download and install the Frosty Kiss LR preset and this is just one of the many freebies available from DorottayS. One thing you will note with these presets is that they can help make your blues much brighter while adding some more light to other colors within your pictures.

With these free LR presets, you can make your photos more vivid and “HD-like.” If you can’t take those images as clear as they look, you can create the impression using Frosty Kiss LR presets free. DorottayS would appreciate comments about how you used the preset and the result. Feel free to tell her by commenting in the comments section or share your edited photos.

Frosty Kiss LR Presets free

44. LT’s Sweet Rose Action

This freebie is brought to you by awesome family photographer Tori. These actions are not for lightroom but are designed for Photoshop. The Sweet Rose Action for Photoshop is downloaded in Zip file and the process is very easy. It is also very easy to install by extracting the actions into your computer ready for use. Mostly, the LT’s Sweet Rose Actions adds a hazy tone to your pictures thus making them look as though they were shot in a smoky, vintage environment. You can enjoy using the Photoshop actions on different types of photos for free.

 LT’s Sweet Rose Action

45. LT’s Softer Action

This is also one of the many works of lady Tori. The actions give you a number of options when you are using it, meaning you can try it on different photos and get amazing results. The actions are designed to give your pictures a smooth look while at the same time giving soft ones an even softer look. The LT’s Softer Action will give every aspect of your pictures a smoother touch of character and color.

The Softer Action by LT, is suited for both pros and beginners, and will help get rid of blemishes, flaws and imperfections from your photos. The beauty with these actions as with all other photoshop actions is that they will help save time while at the same time being proficient. If you are looking for freebie to enhance the outlook of your photos with a few clicks, then this will be a great option to consider. The Softer Actions for Photoshop are can be found in Lady Tori’s store and downloaded for free.

LT’s Softer Action

46. Sundown Lightroom Presets by Julia Starr

This preset is designed for both lightroom 5 and lightroom 4 (also for Camera Raw CS5+). These are some amazing presets that will surely add another dimension to your pictures. The Sundown Lightroom Presets will give your photos some yellowish hues just as beautiful as it would during sunset.

Most photographers would really love to shoot landscapes photos when the sun as it setting and capture the yellowish rays of the sun as they penetrate from the horizon. However, not always will these be captured as you would want them to. As such, the Sundown landscape Lightroom presets by Julia Starr will add deep colors of the sunset to your photos for free.  You can download the preset for free and use it to be creative with your photos as you enjoy new textures and looks.

Free Sundown landscape lightroom presets

47. Instagram Presets for Lightroom

This set is by Pstutorialsws from deviantart. It contains 5 Presets – X-Pro II, Amaro, Valencia, Inkwell, and Nashville. You can use these with both jpg and raw. The Lightroom presets are designed to reproduce the same kind of effects you get from Instagram filters and will leave your photos looking gorgeous and attractive.

One of the greatest advantages of these Lightroom Presets is that they can be used to enhance colors and looks of any image and this is a good thing especially considering that you are not limited on whether you have JPEG or RAW files. When using the free Instagram Presets for Lightroom, you can always be sure that your original images are safe. The presets are designed to work on photos with different lighting styles. Just download the presets and enjoy playing around with your photos for free.

Instagram Presets for Lightroom

48. Cool Sharpness Lightroom Presets 0003

Cool Sharpness preset is compatible with both adobe lightroom 5 and 4. If you are trying to give your photographs a cool atmosphere effect, this is for you. The presets are designed to give your pictures a cool or wintery atmosphere thus leaving them looking sharper. You can use these free lightroom presets to retouch your images in a way that gives them a professional feel.

As the name suggests, the LR preset will definitely be an ideal pre-publishing tool and help get rid of those dull tones and effects on your images, leaving you with clean results. The Cool Sharpness Lightroom Presets 0003 work well with both RAW and JPEG images, meaning you have some great options to with. The preset is brought to by ymufa at deviantart.

Cool Sharpness Lightroom Presets 0003

49. Whimsical Dream Preset for Adobe Lightroom / FREE

The Whimsical Dream Preset is one of the many creations of Miracle Designlatvia. This preset has been designed for Adobe lightroom and it is also among the top free to download LR tools. It is a recent work and has a modern feel in it. You can use the preset on both RAW and JPEG images and it is compatible with Lightroom CC, 4, 5 and 6.

If you want to create some amusing and appealing images without spending any money for it, this free to download LR preset will be an ideal choice to go for. You can use it on any number of images you wish but if you want more variations, then you might want to consider going for a premium collection. The Whimsical Dream Preset can be downloaded by following this HTTPS // whimsical dream.

Whimsical Dream Preset for Adobe Lightroom / FREE

50. Sweetsummer

This free Sweet Summer lightroom Preset is Nellkas-art at DeviantArt. It is created for both adobe lightroom 4 and lightroom 5 and works perfectly to bring that sweet summer feel to your images. The sweet summer preset brings out the sweet tones to an image thus giving is a more dramatic look. Whether you want to make the red tones much sweeter or to add a little shine on any colors in your pictures, this is the right free LR preset to go for. With a simple effect, you can get that dramatic look which could be lacking in your images.

The Sweet Summer preset for Lightroom is suitable for both artificial and natural lighting styles of photos. To enjoy the beautiful results, just download the lightroom presets for free and get down to work.


51. Soft Wash Film Lead

When looking for the perfect film aesthetic, ShutterPulse amazes us with this collection of Presets for Adobe Lightroom.

Featuring 24 different Film presets, you can adjust the overall feeling of your portrait photographs – and even landscape ones – to craft unique, timeless pictures just for free.

52. The Quantum Collection

For those who love presets with creative effects, this is a collection worth checking! The Quantum Collection contains 16 different presets covering common topics as Black & White Photography, Cross Processing effects, Dreamy Haze and many other effects highly appreciated by photographers that not only can be used in themes as landscape, portrait, urban photographs, but also they can adapt to work under different kinds of illumination conditions.

53. Color Pop

One important asset to count with when editing photographs is to properly know how to boost tones and tints to make the image stand out. Popular effects known as “Color Boost”/”Color Pop” can be acquired just for free thanks to this bundle of 15 Presets courtesy of Photographypla.

54. Matt Kloskowski’s Spotlight

Sometimes simple effect tells much more than complicated adjustments. That’s the logic behind this versatile bundle by Matt Kloskowski named Spotlight. Taking advantage of the Radial Filter Tool in Adobe Lightroom, these presets are meant for enhancing both landscape and portrait photographs, not to mention some architectural and seascapes as well, by adding realistic spotlight effects to them.

55. Trey Ratcliff Presets

Looking for a compendium of effects to apply to your photographs? Get a hold of this amazing presets bundle courtesy of Stock in Customs’s founder Trey Ratcliff.

Some of the presets he used for editing photos all over the world can be yours in a blink of an eye, with video tutorials included.

56. Cinema

The recipe for crafting stunning effects for your outdoor portraits can be yours without much effort. ShutterPulse introduces us their bundle Cinema, with which you can add realistic cinematic effect to your portraits through their 12 Presets included.

57. Yeah – High Contrast

For those who aren’t familiar with the expression “enough Contrast”, here comes a bundle that resumes such tonal intensity under very simple steps. Enjoy high-key effects, with a noticeable red hue embedded with these presets courtesy of PresetPond.

58. Autumn Inspired

There is nothing as beautiful as warm Autumn photographs – and you can capture such feeling with the help of this preset pack!
Introducing Autumn Inspired by ShutterPulse, this pack of 20 Presets for Adobe Lightroom can apply sepia-infused effects for an unforgettable collection of Autumn-themed photographs in just seconds.

59. Winter Wonderland

Capture the magic of wintery landscapes with the help of this preset pack! Winter Wonderland by Contrastly efficiently resumes the task of editing winter photos while keeping your style as a photographer intact. Working in non-destructive mode, be sure to take a look at this bundle.

60. Grungy Urban Portraits

See what happens when you decide to mix up portrait photography with classic urban feeling. This set of presets work by adding detailed, high-contrast look to your images, using 10 different presets that you can try and test for getting the perfect grunge aesthetic. Either by boosting contrast or adding hues, this is a bundle worth to be added to your collection!

61. Shadow Crusher

When looking for a way of boosting the role of shadows in our photographs, Shadow Crusher is the preset pack to go! These presets add extra saturation to your shadows in order to keep the image sharp and intense: ideal for outdoor portraits with nature!

62. Mediterranean Scenes

Feel the magic of Mediterranean landscapes in your photographs by using this set of presets for Adobe Lightroom!
Mediterranean Scenes capture the unique ambience light we can found in the coasts of Monaco, Nice or Algiers, among others, and boost your current seascapes for delightful memories to keep or share with friends.

63. XAnalog Basic

Infuss your photos with vivid, retro, Cross Processing effects while keeping your style as a photographer intact! Highly saturated images, sharp details and intense highlights are among the effects that can be achieved with the help of this bundle.

64. Summer Theme

Delicate, bright sun effects can be added to your photographs with the help of this pack of 8 Presets for Adobe Lightroom. This set, courtesy of Kevin Hosford can be found via DeviantArt and it’s guaranteed to draw a smile on your face after admiring the beauty of those warm landscapes or portraits crafted with it.

65. Island Breeze

Not all presets should add sharp as tack effects to your photographs: some of the most desired preset bundles are those that can mix efficiently image quality and dreamy feeling. For all that and much more, we can show you this bundle named Island Breeze, ideal for adding stunning effects to your photos by recreating mist effects and infusing new tonal values to your files.

66. Sandman Cinematic ACR & Lightroom Presets

Considering to enter the fascinating craft of cinematic effects? Well, here’s a bundle you should take a look at. Presetrain introduces a high-quality package of 20 Lightroom presets, which are also include in ACR format if you prefer to switch your project to Photoshop.

67. 90 Basic Adjustments – Pro Lightroom Presets

Sometimes we wish to have a good variety of editing resources from the same designer to convey multiple effects for large client’s orders. In this case, this massive bundle courtesy of Shinypixel may take you a step closer to that goal, featuring the essential basic adjustments plus some auto-presets intended to improve the overall color, contrast, tone and enhance details.

68. Orange Teal Lightroom Presets and LUTs

Summer happens to be the perfect season to try and test different effects for our photographs. In this case, this set of 26 Lightroom presets with convincing fading effect will help you to improve your color grading edits in a blink of an eye. The lifelong companion for your beach photos you been looking for a long while!

69. Retrochrome

Because we love retro effects for photographs, this bundle couldn’t be out of this list! Presetrain does it again in what means to craft a quality product for Adobe Lightroom, and here we have an incredible bundle for us to check. 17 presets, including 7 base effects and 10 variations of the previously mentioned ones with which we can make a vast range of effects for our work.

70. 10 Cyberpunk Lightroom Presets & LUTs

Some incredible futuristic film effects can be created in Adobe Lightroom without much hassle. Take a look at this high-tech inspired bundle of 10 Lightroom Presets & LUTs today.

71. Color Mix Lightroom Presets Vol. 2

Our portrait photos deserve just the best. Don’t hesitate to take a look at this premium package of Lightroom Presets with 22 different adjustments that you can combine. Works for JPEG/RAW images using LR 4 onwards.

72. Forests & Sands Lightroom Presets

Landscape presets are always appreciated, and if the offer is entirely free of any charge then it becomes irresistible! Take a look at this set of 12 LR presets designed to make the most out of your outdoor scenarios, featuring multiple variations for camera lighting and settings.

73. UltraPOP Lightroom Presets

20 incredible effects for making color pop out of your work can be accessible just for the convenient price of an Envato Elements Subscription. Feel free to give this bundle a chance before keep losing time with a non-end number of adjustments.

74. Matte Fashion Lightroom Presets

Improve the look of your fashion photographs with the help of this professional-looking package of presets for Lightroom. 20 different matte-inspired presets for enhancing both indoors and outdoors fashion session photos are waiting for you!

75. Interior Lightroom Presets

Consider the chance of enhancing your real estate photographs in a blink of an eye. With this Lightroom preset bundle you can completely adjust the overall feeling of your interior photographs: fix contrast issues, improve lighting, add multiple effects… the sky is the limit!



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Not sure how to install the Lightroom presets? Watch this video

Short Summary of Lightroom – Why should you use Lightroom instead of Photoshop?

We have just talked about over 50 awesome presets for using in Adobe Lightroom. Now, let’s about this cool software itself.

Lightroom is a photo processing and image organizer for windows and OS X. This software has been upgraded over time to include more and more powerful features. Often contrast with Photoshop, this software will help you up with your skills and knowledge about photography. It provides extensive features, such as, non-destructive editing, presets (like the ones we presented in this article), etc. You will have access to lots of information which will definitely boost your confidence in the photography world.

The following are some of the benefits of using the lighthouse software.
1. Gain knowledge and information concerning Cameras and Lens.
You will gain knowledge on some of the essential tools you need in order to up your game. This will include the right cameras and also lenses. You will learn how you can polish or make wide creative adjustment to get amazing results.
2. How to make individual photos look the best.
You will learn how to use different tools for photo editing, and which tool lets you perfect every pixel in your photos. Get the right amounts of color, contrast, and tone in your images!
3. Learn essential knowledge on everything beyond the camera
Lightroom will allow you to do it all. View organize, print among others. This will be done on an application which will bring out detail in highlights and shadow. You can even plot a photo journey by using the application and lightroom workspaces allow you to organize your pictures effectively. Presets for lightroom also come in more variety so you will be able to find just what you are looking for.
4. Allows you to easily and quickly share your photos
You can share your photos directly to social sites or even photo sharing sites, such as, Flickr, etc. If you have been reading blogs, then you will realize that most of them provide a functionality to share their blog post to social media networks. Lightroom mimics such functionality.
5. Socialize with fellow Photographer
Lightroom gives you the opportunity to meet lots of Lightroom photographers and share your beautiful Lightroom actions with them. This is a nice way to socialize in this internet dominating world, where photographers are supposed to share their work online.

Differences Between Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom

Many beginners ask the difference between Photoshop and Lightroom and they have a hard time choosing the right software for their needs, as they are the products from same company “Adobe” and seems to provide similar sets of photography tools.

I will show you the difference between these two software from Adobe, and what Lightroom can do which Photoshop can’t. On a related note, the first 5 differences are advantages of Lightroom over Photoshop, while the rest are disadvantages.

1) Non-Destructive Editing

Adobe Lightroom provides non-destructive editing, which as it sounds enables you to edit your photos without you being worrying about losing the last changes; you can revert back your changes as many times you want! Thanks to your hard drive, which will store every snapshot of the changes you make on the photos. Non-destructive editing gives you full control on your progress, and your original work will always be in your hard drive.

2) Built-in raw editing

In Adobe Photoshop, you cannot edit the RAW images directly from your camera; Photoshop only supports editing images of commonly known formats, such as, .png, .jpeg, etc. In order to edit RAW images in Photoshop, you are supposed to use plugins like ACR (Adobe Camera RAW). On the other hand, Lightroom natively accepts RAW images straight from your camera, and it allows the editing of RAW as you’d expect with all the features of Lightroom.

3) Image management

Lightroom supports editing several photos at a time; that is, you can apply a filter or preset to several images within a single window! In Photoshop, you need to open images in separate windows, and it takes quite a lot of time to apply filters on every image separately. Lightroom is a great option, if you seek such workflow.

4) Easy to use

Adobe Lightroom is extremely easy to use, unlike Photoshop which has bloated features. Lightroom supports only those features that are relevant to photography, so you won’t find features like raster editing or vector object creation. The layouts are extremely easy to use, and their usage is pretty obvious from the look, so you won’t need to spend your precious time crawling the internet for tutorials.

5) Lightroom Presets

This feature in Lightroom should be pretty obvious to you, as you have read about presets in this guide, right? lightroom 4 presets are not the same as presets for LR 5,6 and CC so you should check your current version of LR before you buy.

Presets is a very powerful feature of Lightroom which every photographers want to use. It enables photographers to apply several filters, changes in exposure levels and other image corrections in just a click! Many photographers (and websites teaching about photo editing like us!) share their presets online to help their fellow photographers to achieve cool effects without manually applying filters.

6) Layers (Layer Management)

Photoshop provides a very useful feature called “Layers”. This feature allows you to distribute your changes in images to different layers, through which you can easily see the changes between different images just by hiding / showing a layer above / below another layer! Consider a stack with images on top of another image. The layers can be reordered. On the other hand, Lightroom doesn’t support Layers features, because it provides non-destructive editing through which you can see the previous changes, which removes the need of layers.

7) Advanced tools

Lightroom doesn’t support advanced photo editing tools that are required for heavy editing of photos, such as, clone stamp, the spot healing brush, etc. Only few tools of Photoshop are provided in Lightroom. The preset feature in Lightroom reduces the need to manually edit photos through the tools. Lightroom is not a good choice for those who want the maximum raw power of Photoshop.

8) Photos only

Adobe Lightroom can only be used to edit photos / images taken from photographers with the use of different cameras. You can only import / export existing photos, which means that editing raster and vector graphics is not possible in Lightroom. Adobe Lightroom is intended to be used as an alternative to fast-editing photo processor to simultaneously edit several photos at a time, something which Photoshop can’t do.


As you can see, I have clearly highlighted the difference between two giant softwares from Adobe. If you prefer the smooth workflow, and fast photo editing through presets, then Lightroom is highly recommended for you (we have already provided 50 awesome presets in this article, so why not take advantage of this?). Conversely, if you prefer a powerful raw editing photo processor with an infinite control and tons of features, then Photoshop is the best choice for you, as not only you can edit photos with Photoshop, you can also create cool raster graphics with it.

Do you have any question regarding Photoshop actions and Lightroom which we may have missed in this guide? Tell me in the comments section below! I am very excited to hear your ideas! And also know that these free lightroom presets for mac also work on PC

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