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There is no confusion that infographic templates can help you create your smart new digital way of communicating ideas, knowledge and data – within shortest possible time. These infographics templates can assist you to explain complex information or analysis in an “easy” and attractive way to your audience. People usually feel very comfortable with graphical presentation when they approach to learn something new. So businesses and creative designers all over the world making use of these infographics tools to create unique infographic designs and presentations and capturing attention using charts, graphs, icons, stylish illustrations and symbols while saving lots of time.


1. Business start infographics

A great infographic template with business related icons, humans and gears.

Business start infographics

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2. Infographics tools 2 big vector set

This is a rich vector set for modern business related infographics. The download comes with two vector files, Ai CS6 and EPS10.

 Infographics tools 2 big vector set

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3. Infographics templates Elements 05

This is collection of different infographic elements from serkorkin. Files are available is vector format and can free fonts have been used for easy editing.

 Infographics templates Elements 05

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4. Infographic template from robuart

An interesting infographic template with banners and icons. The background have a nice gradient texture and the design is very neat and clean. It can be used as a very simple timeline infographic template to create presentation based on yearly or monthly simple data.

 Infographic template from robuart

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5. Infographic steps elements templates

When creating graphical presentation with different infographics templates, you can use these clean fresh and modern steps elements to make it more spectacular. These infographics tools can also be used for creating simple visual step by step guide to any topic.

Infographic steps elements templatesInfographic steps elements templatesInfographic steps elements templates

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6. Abstract colorful infographics templates

To create gorgeous and abstract colorful infographic, this would be a great choice.

Abstract colorful infographics templates

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7. SEO infographic template Bundle

This is a awesome infographics templates collection from Mayachok. If you have a blog related to seo, social media or online business – this infographic tool set can help you by providing a various range of nicely created elements to better represent your data or concept. This package includes three fully editable and layered infographic files: .ai cs, .ai cc and .eps, 50 SEO icons, 5 schemes, 5 different types of tooltips with different directions (north, east, west, south, north east, north west, south east, south west) and 5 different types of charts: pie, area, line, bar, column. Free Ubuntu fonts have been used for easy text editing.

SEO infographic template Bundle

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8. 8 Vector Info graphics set infographic template tools

Another great bundle of  Vector Infographic Elements from VL Shop. All These Infographic elements are available only in Adobe Illustrator vector formats. This offer includes – Vector infographic template, Modern business bubble template, Abstract colorful, Modern vector options, Squares background vector etc. With the download you will get AI and EPS files along with preview images.

 8 Vector Info graphics set infographic template tools8 Vector Info graphics set infographic template tools

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9. Retro flat business infographics templates

This is a set of retro business icons and elements. These infographics tools are completely editable vector files saved as EPS-10 and AI CS6 and all the objects are transparent. You can just rescale them to almost any sizes. All the elements shown in preview image are included in the final download.

Retro flat business infographics templates

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10. Infographic Template computer jigsaw

An unique concept, awesome computer jigsaw banners for an entirely different kind of presentation. This concept is in vector illustration format.

Infographic Template computer jigsaw

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11. Infographic Tools 9

Another cool Infographic Tools set from Desigggner. To edit these without any problem they requires Adobe illustrator or any other programme that can handle at least eps10 vector files. This is a continuation of Desigggner’s popular series of fun vector elements collection. Saved as EPS10, CS EPS and AI CS6 – all of them are fully editable vector files. Fonts used – Nexa Light & Bold and Helvetica Neue.

Infographic Tools 9

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12. Brain Colour infographic template

Brain Colour is an exciting Design Diagram Line Style infographics templates from Pongsuwan. To create a nerdy style data presentation or conceptual graphic for fun, this could be very helpful.

Brain Colour infographic template

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13. Vector Creative infographic Template

A very simplistic yet elegant infographic tool, could also be used as simple liner timeline graphic.

Vector Creative infographic Template

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14. Infographic templates with squares

A big set of vector Infographic or UI template with squares and a nicely designed place for placing and editing texts (from Microvector).

Infographic templates with squares

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15. Minimal style infographic template

A very modern design, a set of minimal style files from Pongsuwan. It have origami like flavor, so if you are an origami enthusisat – its goona be your favorite one when creating your desired concept graphically.

 Minimal style infographic template

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16. 6 infographic template Concept

Extremely colorful and classic style vector conceptual compositions from serkorkin. Download file contains: EPS SC, JPG. 100% free fonts have been used – links to those are included in the package.

 6 infographic template Concept

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17. Education pencil infographic template

Education pencil for educators, or any graphic works related to kids or adult education related graphic visualization.

Education pencil infographic template

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18. Pie infographic template

Pie Infographic templates to create a a pie style data wheel, in a colorful and comfortable way.

Pie infographic template

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19. Timeline infographic template

Timeline Vector files with well designed and colorful Icons and Charts.

 Timeline infographic template

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20. Abstract vector background infographic template

infographics templates containing Abstract vector background from Eugenia Hauss Design, just fill out with your desired elements or data for your audience.

Abstract vector background infographic template

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21. Education infographic template design

A great vintage design and set of icons to create educational presentation.

Education infographic template design

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22. Pets and veterinary infographics templates

An exceptional set of elements and various types of icons for creating your own infographics on a Pets and veterinary subject (from Flat design shop). This pack comes  in a vector format (eps) and jpg image format.

Pets and veterinary infographics templates

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23. Flat infographics long shadow

A flat long shadow graphic concept with step, option and data from robuart.

Flat infographics long shadow

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24. Modern infographics template options banner

These options banners can be used for workflow layout, web design, number options, diagram and many more.

Modern infographics template options banner

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25. Infographics templates for sport athlete illustration

Infographics templates for sport athlete illustration

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26. Modern Infographic Puzzle Template

This is a nice pack of options banner with circle divided into four color puzzle elements and different icons. Offer includes – Big letters – Tw Cen MT Bold, 1 EPS10 file, Emblem – Tw Cen MT, 1 EPS CS file with editable text, Big letters – Tw Cen MT Bold, 1 JPG image 300dpi and so on.

 Modern Infographic Puzzle Template

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27. Modern Infographic Options Template (2 Colors)

Modern Infographic Options Template (2 Colors)

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28. Modern infographics tools template

Modern infographics tools template

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29. Modern infographics templates Process (2 Colors)

Modern infographics templates Process (2 Colors)

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30. Business infographic template

Business infographic template

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31. Infographic templates Options (two color)

Infographic templates Options (two color)

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32. Christmas Infographic Tools

Christmas Infographic Tools

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33. Modern Infographic Process Template (2 Items)

Modern Infographic Process Template (2 Items)

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34. Business Arrow Step Staircase Infographics

Business Arrow Step Staircase Infographics

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35. Business Lightbulb Infographics Template

Business Lightbulb Infographics Template

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36. Books Step Education infographic template

 Books Step Education infographic template

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37. Multi-Purpose Set of Infographics Elements v1.0

Multi-Purpose Set of Infographics Elements v1.0

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38. Modern Infographic template Options Banner

Modern Infographic template Options Banner

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39. World Transportation infographic template

Transportation and other logistic elements with a nicely drawn world map and delivery chain illustration. High quality Editable EPS and Render in JPG format.

World Transportation infographic template

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40. Business Partnership infographic template

Business Partnership infographic template

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These infographic templates could be great marketing tools for your business. And we also know this fact that most of the people are basically visual learners, they feel interested to learn or interact with something that’s “visual”. If you present a bunch of data along with complex analysis just as a set of plain texts, it may not always work out with everyone. Rather, if you approach your readers/audience with a much more interesting and visual way like infographic, the probability that they will understand this or ‘you will achieve your goal’ to a good extent is much higher. It’s always great to create a long lasting graphical impression with comfortable details.


Some interesting related info:

* An average person is exposed to 174 newspapers everyday.

* 99% of all sensory information is filtered out by the brain almost immediately – that means 1% of actual info gets through the brain! And you can count in infographics – they are in this 1 %!’

* ½ of the brain is dedicated to visual function.

* 65% of the population are visual learners.

Source: Why Do Infographics Make Great Marketing Tools

If you are looking for more share for your contents – wan to create great stuff with easy editing tools, check out this blog post  : How to Make Your Own Infographic.



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