16 Best Easter Templates For Making The Event Awesome

In the fun-looking event, it makes sense to invite people with happy-go-lucky Easter templates.

In the great festival of Easter, many people go outside their home to celebrate the holiday with their family and friends. Easter is celebrated all around the world with great enthusiasm. Thanks to the recent rise in the popularity of Easter due to social media and internet, people have realized that several outlets can be used to create the feeling of happiness among their friends on the day of Easter. In such cultures where the gathering between different families and relatives are emphasized, many hold the parties in their home and invite the people as guests, wherein they celebrate the great day of Easter together and form a unison of love and peace. At such moments, it makes sense to think pragmatically about the resources that might be required for the great likelihood of a good event, combine it with the fact that we have innovative ways to invite guests to home, we get an idea of using Easter Templates from the online market, so that one doesn’t need to design the cards on their own plus they get incredibly professional looking print-ready templates that can be edited in however way they want.

Thus, I have decided to highlight 16 Best Easter Templates for you, so that not only it makes your event awesome, but also makes good feelings among your friends / family. Following are the Easter Templates that I’ve collected from the online market:

16 Best Easter Templates For Making The Event Awesome

1. Easter Mini Session Template


This is a great template for creating a static board for the invitation on the Easter party. It has a very clean and crisp 5×5 marketing board in a square shape, thus it can be used for marketing on social media networks, such as, Facebook, Instagram, or even email marketing! It has a standard 300 DPI resolution with complete layered .PSD files provided in the package along with the fonts and images that are used in the board. The best thing about this design is the font used in the writing of “Easter Minis”. This template is highly recommended for professional photographers who want to put the photos of their family to invite the guests to the event!

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2. Easter Day Flyer Template


It doesn’t make sense to talk about Easter without colorful eggs. Thankfully, this Easter template has a very sophisticated design with the merge of different colors in a very systematic order, giving the combination of white and green a different look. It is a print-ready, meaning you just download and print it without any need for changing the size. Its size is 6.8×9.6”. It has 300 DPI resolution. It contains a layered .PSD file that you can edit / manipulate as per your needs. It requires several external fonts that are included in the package.

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3. Easter Egg Hunt Flyer Template


This Easter Template is a very good flyer that gives an extremely good promotion for your event. The eggs in the design are carefully designed by selecting the proper colors and background to make it as much relevant to Easter as possible. The text is fully editable in the templates. Its size is 4″x6″ (10×15.3 cm) size with 0.25″ bleed. It has a 300 DPI resolution. It uses the LEAGUE GOTHIC font that is available in the package. Best of all, it only costs $7.

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4. Easter Egg Hunt Flyer Template 2


This template is from the same author as the last Easter template. The author has designed a number of templates / flyers for different events, which imply that he knows his stuff and has professional skills for designating. This template can be used for both Easter invitation or night club party, as the images / text is highly editable, and can be made to suit as per your needs. You are provided with one 1 .PSD file with 4″x6″ with 0.25″ bleed. It has a print-ready 300 DPI resolution. And, it also cost only $7.

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5. Easter Egg Hunt Flyer


This templates contains three 3 colorful eggs in a very symmetrical manner with the background of the contrast. If you’ve been noticing in these Easter templates, eggs are placed on a grass; it reminds people of the calmness atmosphere in the event. With it, you get a single .PSD file which is fully layered. Its size is 4×6 (.25 bleed) and has a print-ready 300 DPI resolution. This package is recommended to those who just need to get a start-up and need everything in a single package at a very low cost ($7).

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6. Easter Sunday Church Template-Rustic


This template is extremely colorful and modern with as simplistic look as possible. It contains each template for every kind of items for the print (i.e., postcard, flyer, DVD artwork, Facebook cover photo, etc.), which makes this package a very compelling choice for those who seek a single file solution. The fonts and colors that are used in the templates are extremely professional looking and give calming effects to the eyes.

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7. Easter Weekend Flyer Template 2


This Easter template by FlyerHeroes is perfect for advertising school events, children’s parties and local community celebrations. It has a very good color combination with simplistic design, and a giant title text which makes it look extremely professional and compelling, making your template get noticed easily. You don’t need any stock photos or complex editing, just edit the lines in Photoshop as per your needs. You would need to download the additional fonts whose links are provided in the package. It costs $9.

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8. Easter Egg Hunt Flyer Template


This template has a very modern and unique design, and is perfect for Club and party invitations. Several eggs have been designed that are placed on the grass. The focus on simplicity is emphasized more than the boilerplate elements. Its size is 4x6in with bleed of 0.25in. It has 300 DPI standard resolution for printing. Images, Text and Background are included on separate layers.

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9. Easter Egg Hunt Flyer Template (#2)


This Easter template is great for bars, businesses and community organizations alike. This can also be used for creating eye catching ads for the Easter’s party. All fonts are included in the package. The .PSD files are provided in the package that are extremely flexible and can be edited as per your needs. Its size is 4 x 6 in and has a resolution of 300 DPI. Best of all, it only costs $9.

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10. Easter Bash Flyer Template


This template is specifically designed to promote your next Easter, Spring party and Club event. Its size is 4.25 x 6.25 Inch with bleeds (0.125 each), and has a print-ready 300 DPI resolution. The fonts and colors have been carefully selected to match the theme of Easter. Due to the portrayal of a lady in the template, it’s better to use this invitation for the Easter bar party, rather than Easter events at home.

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11. Happy Easter bundle


This package is a bundle of Happy Easter greeting Card, Tags, Labels, Elements. Its simplicity makes it compelling to those who desire simplicity in everything. The rabbit is drawn on the template to portray the feeling of trust and happiness. It also has the bonus included in the package: the cute brushes of Easter garlands, which are available as PNG files. With $17, you get 8 Greeting cards, 29 Icons and elements, and 6 Brushes / Garlands.

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12. Easter Egg Hunt Flyer Bundle


In the series of Easter template bundle, this bundle is extremely great for the day-to-day Easter events needs. For example, this bundle has 3 templates in the package, with each template carefully crafted to look compelling to the eyes of the guests. Thus, you get 3 PSD files with it. Every template in the package has the size of 4×6 (.25 bleed) and print-ready resolution of 300 DPI. This bundle only costs $9.

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13. Easter Egg Hunt Flyer Template


Unlike the previous Easter templates, this template is provided in a vector format, meaning you can edit / manipulate the fonts / images / elements in the files and scale them without losing any quality at all. But, it also contains Photoshop version, which already has a standard size for the printing, you get the best of the both worlds.

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14. Easter Party Invitation Flyer


This template assumes that you have basic knowledge of Photoshop. The beautiful drawings of several colorful eggs with the grey background — which is the color of intellect, knowledge and wisdom — makes it extremely compelling to the guests who might be reading your invitation cards. You can change color, text, font, font color or replace image, etc. Its size is 4×6 in & 5×7 in  and has two pages. It has a standard 300 DPI resolution with 0.25 in bleed. The fonts that are used in this template is provided in the package, so you don’t need to download them on your own.

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15. Easter Egg Hunt 2 – Flyer Template


This is an extremely creative and clean flyer to promote any kind of Easter events. The photo of the bunny with several eggs meshes together along with the grassy environment and billboards look incredibly beautiful to the eyes. The symmetry in the design suggests that it’s a work of a highly professional graphic designer. Its size is 4.25×6/25 Inches. It has a standard resolution of 300 DPI. The fonts that are used in the template is provided in the package. It costs only $6.

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16. Happy Easter Vector Card


In the vector graphics series, this is an incredibly good-looking vector Easter template, that is designed as simply as possible. In $7, you get an extremely sophisticated looking logo of the abstract Easter eggs made from the strips with the text “Happy Easter” written with a very stylish font. This vector template is recommended to those who desire simple design in a cheap cost.

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Difference Between Raster and Vector graphics

Many newbie graphic designers wonder why the digital graphics is divided into two domains: raster and vector. They find it hard to see the distinction, as the end result of the work can seem similar in both. As we’ve been sharing both the raster and vector graphics content, we thought it would be great to differentiate between Raster and Vector graphics so that our readers can know which one to use in certain situations.

When you hear the word “raster”, some drawing of grids come to your mind, as schools often teaches the graphics in mathematics in the form of pixel grids. In raster graphics, the graphics is composed entirely of pixels, meaning the raster graphics is actually an array of pixels of different colors, which combine together to form some image. For instance, .jpeg, .png, .gif, etc. are raster formats, so if you open any of those images and try to zoom in, you will notice that every pixel in the image gets bigger and lose the original quality, like becoming blocky and pixelated. Raster graphics is a format that is found in the images that have been created by either the cameras or the photo editing softwares (i.e., Adobe Photoshop, etc.).

On the other hand, Vector graphics are made entirely of paths (i.e., lines, curves, etc.) that is created through a digital illustrator softwares (i.e., Adobe Illustrator). The cool thing about vector graphics is that it can be scaled / resized without losing the quality, colors or anything as the graphics isn’t made of the pixels, thus it is strongly desirable in cases where you need flexibility in the sizes, such as, logos, cards, banners, etc. as the design will look the same in every format and size. It is normally found in .eps and .ai format.

It should be noted here that raster and vector graphics can be mixed together, for example, in Adobe Photoshop you can import the vector file, however, the result image will always be in the raster format, whether you are working through vector or raster graphics editing software. Thus, it is recommended to design vector graphics in softwares like Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, etc. and then import them to the raster graphics editing software, such as, Adobe Photoshop, etc.


In this article, I have highlighted the cool Easter templates that you can use for whatever needs you have. I also mentioned the difference between Raster and Vector graphics, so to reduce the anxiety in our readers. If you have any question, you can ask in the comment section below!

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