Adobe Lightroom Presets For Wedding Photography | LR 6 & 5

All of these Lightroom presets for wedding photography are premium. If you are looking for free lr 5 or lr 4 presets check out this free lightroom presets collection. I hope you enjoy the list!

Let me know if you got any suggestions of other Wedding presets that I can add to the list.


1. Forever Thine Wedding Workflow

If your big day was special, you need to show it through your wedding pictures. This package can help you achieve perfect results with just a click of the mouse, results that will save precious time and efforts. If you are new to Photoshop, you will have video tutorials on how to install and use the wedding brushes and presets. There are 23 professional brushes and over 100 presets to use on your RAW and JPEG photos. The package will be compatible with Lightroom 4, 5, and 6 and CC.

Before-After 2 Before-After 3 Before-After 4

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2.Wedding Beauty Lightroom Presets

Wedding Lightroom Presets is a great Collection from Sleeklens. This lightroom presets for wedding photography would be nice  to edit wedding images. This pack can be applied to a single or to multiple images all together. These premium lightroom presets wedding will also work on lightroom 4-5 and 6. With this set you can easily add colors to wedding images to make you pics look shining within no time.

All these presets for wedding photography includes- Antique, Victo, B&W Tone, Sunset, Gold, Romantic, Happy, Pretty Tone, Love and Pastel Tone light room presets wedding.

Sleeklens Wedding Beauty Lightroom Presets

another preview of sleeklens wedding presets

wedding presets

wedding dance presets lightroom

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3. 20 Wedding Photography V-2 Presets

This is from symufa, an awesome adobe lightroom presets wedding bundle that contains twenty professional Lightroom 5 presets for wedding (LR 4 Compatible). You can use them for other kinds of photographs too if you wish. Compatible with PNG, RAW and JPEGs – you will have support guide on how to install and use them.

 20 Wedding Photography V-2 Presets


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4. Bright Skin Adobe Lightroom Preset

This adobe lightroom presets  can make your photographs more flawless. Try out this Bright Skin to soften and brighten up the pictures – a great collection of lightroom presets for wedding photographers.

Bright Skin Adobe Lightroom Preset


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5. Summer Lightroom Preset

To enhance your outdoor portraits of summer weddings in a single click- Summer  is here.

Summer Lightroom Preset


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6. Warm Sunset presets

Warm Sunset adobe lightroom presets wedding is an awesome collection for people who are searching lightroom presets for wedding photography. This add-on will transform your “golden” hour images into aewsome color rich portraits in just a single click of your mouse. This warm evening effect is from GrDezign Studio.

Warm Sunset Lightroom Preset


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7. August Breeze

“August Breeze” is a great preset that will give your photos a warm dreamy look – mainly best for portraits and wedding photographers. It will work best on photos that are captured in absolutely natural light with warm tones, but do remember- the result of the final product could vary with different photos.

August Breeze - Lightroom Preset


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8. LR Wedding Collection

LR Wedding Collection is a lightroom presets wedding collection of 21 presets. But along with wedding photography, you can also use this presets for other types of images too (portraits, family pics and so on). LR Wedding Collection is lightroom 5 and 4 compatible.

LR Wedding Collection


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9. LR Portrait Collection

Another one from PresetHut, this contains thirty Portrait Presets for Adobe Lightroom. As the name of this pack states, you use this pack to edit your prtraits along with wedding photographs easily. This lightroom presets for wedding are Designed to be used with JPG or RAW image files. Documentation  is included if you face any problem regarding installation or use.

LR Portrait Collection


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10. LR Vignettes Collection

Yes, another one from PresetHut – LR Vignettes to create the ultimate vignette effect – it could be also useful lightroom presets for wedding photographers. In this Vignettes pack you will have six of them to choose from – Soft White, Soft Round Border, Black, Solid Round Border etc.

LR Vignettes Collection


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11. 20 stunning presets from Pastel Presets

This bundle contains 20 wedding presets to add a wonderful light and mood to your photo. These presets work best under an exposed white balanced photo. This wedding preset is available for download at a price. These presets are fully editable. They have been designed by Pastel preset

20 Wedding presets - Actions - 1

12.Vintage wedding Lightroom presets by BeArt

This is a collection of 3,0 premium presets for Lightroom. This bundle is a comprehensive one with all kind of vintage variations for your wedding. By using this set you will be in a position to quickly add a professional vintage finish to your image. This is becoming very popular with couples these days.  They come with an installation instruction to help you with the installation.

Vintage Wedding Lightroom Presets - Actions - 1

13.Wedlock volume 1 collection

This collection of lightroom preset will enable you to quickly and easily enhance your photos. This collection will encompass photos before and during the wedding. It has helped many commercial photographer who are in studio business and even individual who practise photography for fun. This collection contains 10 one-click presets. They are meant to add a variety of different tones and also effects. This pact contains 10 lightroom preset. They are compatible with both lightroom 4 and 5.they are easy to modify and will work well with RAW and also JPEG images. These presets have been designed by Presetual.

Wedding Lightroom Presets - Add-Ons - 1

14. Wedding LR Presets Collection

This contains a collection of wedding images that can be applied to either single or multiple photos. This preset will improve workflow for both processing and editing wedding photos. This collection contains 15 clean professional presets which have specialized for wedding photography. These presets will enhance beauty and add more colour to your photo. This will lead to stunning photos which will leave you amazed. This collection will help both armatures and professional photographers to make great wedding and fashion portrait photos. A unique and gorgeous look will be experienced by use of these presets. You will be in a position to quickly and easily add a professional finish to your image. This preset has been designed by beArt.


Wedding Lightroom Presets - Actions - 1

15.20 Wedding photography lightroom V-2

This bundle contains 20 wedding presets. These presets can easily be used with any photo. They produce an amazing effect and also high quality photos. They come with a read me instruction file to help you with the installation. They are compatible with both lightroom 4 and 5.They are also compatible with RAW and JPEGs, PNG. They have been designed by Symufa in add-ons

20 Wedding Photography Lightroom V-2 - Add-Ons - 1

16.50 premium quality wedding related presets for LR

This bundle contains 50 wedding. They are easy to use and by only one click you will transform your photos into an amazing look. They have a stunning effect on photos. This bundle has been created to boast convenience in that you will not waste time applying different effects. All the different kinds of effects can are found in this bundle.

50 Wedding Lightroom Presets - Actions - 1

17.Wedding inspired presets by photshop store

This is a bundle of lightroom presets. It has a total of 20. This bundle contains different effects to give you an appealing photo. They have been designed by

Wedding Lightroom Presets - Actions - 1

18.Wedlock vol. 2 pro LR

This wedlock volume 2 contains wedding light preset that will quickly and easily enhance your photo. This pack contains: 10 premium lightroom presets which are compatible with both lightroom 4 and 5.they work with JPEG and Raw images. This pack is easy to modify and comes with instruction on how to install it. This wedding preset has been designed by Presetual. They spend countless hours designing each preset and this collection has specifically designed for professional designers and also the diehard photographers.

Wedding Lightroom Presets - Add-Ons - 1

19.  big pack of 50 wedding Presets from Pmvchamara

This is a pack of 50* professional wedding preset. These presets will make your wedding look lovely. It works with lightroom 4 and is compatible with RAW, JPG, PNG.It has been designed by pmvchamara.

50x Lightroom Wedding Presets - Plug-ins - 1

Most of these wedding presets are important for professional wedding photographer. They help the photographer to come up with the best photograph for a particular moment.

Most of these presets come in a bundle giving you the chance to experiment with different preset and get different outcomes using the same design but with different characteristics and effects.

The above list contains lots of premium presets. This means that you will have to pay a certain fee for you to be in a position to use them. We recommend that you have a look at our lightroom tutorial section if you don’t know how to work with presets in general.
This site will continuously be update with new preset over time. If you have a favorite or you would like a particular preset to be added to this set, leave a comment in the comment section.

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