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Author: Kristen Morley


The 21 Best Thin Fonts You Can Find in 2017

Each time period is marked by specific trends and preferences. This is especially visible in the industry of graphic arts, as design simultaneously mirrors and informs the latest trends. It can be easy to...


Best 13 Branding Mockups Templates for Designers

The explosion of digital marketing has forever shifted the way businesses market themselves. In a world of digital impressions, social media strategy, and increased accessibility, a more holistic approach to marketing has come to...


14 Best Wall Mockups

To say the rise of the Internet has changed the economic landscape is a considerably tame sentiment. While many of the fundamental aspects of business still apply—business still require capital, consumers, and marketable products,...


17 Best Mug Mockups for Creative Artists

Mugs are among the most accessible products on the market, which makes them the perfect canvas to display your logo or design. Whether you’re establishing a digital print-to-order business, growing your online presence, or...


23 Best Serif Fonts

Serif fonts have a rich history and broad appeal. Typically known for being a more structured approach to typography, serifs can also be used to add flourishes and ornate details to text. The following...