Best 10 Children Fonts to Use For Any Creative Project!

Technology today has become very advanced, with computers now being able to print out various templates and fonts for whatever reason! Whether you need a poster made or a resume built, you’ll be able to get the perfect template and font from the comforts of your home. Your children will even be able to play around with different fonts when doing projects or for a fun writing activity. There are many fonts for children out there, may it be for the young ones to hone their creativity skills, or for creating a template with a kiddie theme. Either way, you’ll want to make sure you have a neat but childish design that will catch attention. But the question is: What font do you need? Read on as we show you the best 10 children fonts you can invest in!

Best 10 Children Fonts

After much research, here are our choices of the best 10 children fonts:

The Hand Font Pack

Are you looking for fonts that are a bit more personal? Then go for the handwritten font! It was designed by Fanny Coulez and Julien Saurin from French foundry La Goupil Paris.

Not only does it have the clarity to help others understand the message you’re conveying, but it adds a more candid touch that would capture anyone’s attention!

Its straight lines are readable and balanced, showing a hint of professionalism and childish play that makes it a perfect font to choose for projects and presentations.

The all-caps font comes in five different weights and attributes. Not to worry about the all-caps look, because you can see the distinct difference between the upper and lowercase letters. You can even have a regularly dotted version to tweak the effects!

It’s ideal for those who want to add these on their creative school projects, or for simple invitations for your kiddie themed birthday party. With its clean lines and universal yet detailed design, you’ll appreciate the art they put into letters.

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Childish Reverie

A playful font, the Childish Reverie brings you back to a whole new place, where you can use this design in just about anything! You’ve got a colorful font, both literally and figuratively! The font has endless possibilities, where you can combine both upper and lowercase letters for more fun! Through its doodle-like design, you can add a touch of beauty and shine to just about anything, may it be for your branding or template.

You can add amusement to its cute colors and Memphis-style. It can be used for all types of products, may it be captioned on a notebook, your logo, or even for personal projects. Mix and match various colors and letter sizing for a better way to show what you’ve got to offer!

The font and doodles come in both OTF and TTF format. It’s a complete package, including all the letters, numbers, and symbols you need for your personal and commercial projects. I would recommend it for those who want a bit of unique pop into their work!

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Vanilla Frosting Typeface

When you think vanilla frosting on a cupcake, you’ll probably think of cute and pink styles that make it appealing for little girls and princesses! The Vanilla Frosting font is the perfect addition to your design, may it be for children’s books, or your invitations! You can change the pink font color to any other style for more variation, looking fancy and fun at the same time.

It’s a hand-illustrated typography design that looks like a professional doodle for personal or commercial use. Fortunately, you’ll be able to use the font for commercial purposes with the add-ons as well!

The whole pack includes TTF files, so you’ll be able to have access to everything you need, from the extra glyphs, alternates, and catchwords. You even have the option to get the glittery bonus, a sparkly effect to make your product or project even more glamorous!

We would recommend this font for those who want to create a book cover or a poster for their children.

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Balloon Typeface

Balloons are known for their fun and bubbly characteristics. This Balloon font holds no exception! It’s got the practical balloon design with the lighting and glares for the perfect addition to your project. It looks fantastic with its circular and round letters that look cute enough to squish!

It’s a two-layered font that comes with uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuations, and all the multilingual support of Western-European characters. You have various languages to choose from, making this font a very versatile one that can be used all over the world. The three adjectives we would describe it as? Beautiful, clean, and very gummily cute!

We would recommend the for cartoon logos or children books. It also makes for a great birthday card or invitation for kiddie-themed parties! With its funny cartoon typeface and various colors and designs, you have an affordable and cool font to use for a LOT of other projects to come.

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Cookies and Cream Typeface

Cookies and cream may seem like just a simple flavor, but this font puts the fabulous design to it! While it may not be edible, this font is perfect for just about any creative projects, may it be for casual posters or recipe tutorials! You see the uniqueness of the design through how relaxed and personal it seems, as it’s a handwritten font with the shadows in all the right places.

It can be used for a variety of project styles. But we love it more so on recipe books or in casual comments in posters. Or, you can put it as the primary font on your website for a touch of cuteness!

The font is versatile and recommended for those who want something personal for their cards without needing to spend time and effort creating the perfect handwriting.

It comes in a complete package, with all the letters, symbols, numbers, and even extra characters to make your project even more personal! The characters are little doodles like hearts and common words to add more flavor to your template. Use away for just about anything!

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Strange Party Font

Feeling strange but in an awesome way? Then the Strange party font is the perfect typeface to add to any of your projects! It’s crazy and can put more eccentricity and eye-popping madness that will have people turn heads. Whether it’s an invite, a poster, or even added to speech bubbles, you’ll get to convey the message clearly with its shaded bubble letters with an edge.

It has a hipster vibe put into it. It’s also something you would normally see in posters for gigs or centered around millennials. It also comes in all uppercase letters to emphasize what you want to say but in a casual and awesome way. The letters come with the numbers for the simple gig or personal branding.

Though it’s simple, it does the job in giving you the touch of coolness to any of your works. The font comes in PSD, AI, or EPS files, open for many types of applications for you to use with ease.

With its strange font, you have something that’s cool and unique to use for just about any casual or cool project.

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Kidlit: A Fun Serif Font!

Want something fancy without it looking too serious? You’ll love the childish touch Kidlit puts to its professional-looking fonts! If you’ve heard of Georgia or Times New Roman (which all computer literates have ALL learned about during their first few times of using Word), then we can describe this new font as the casual version of it.

But don’t think that casual is too “kiddie” to use! This font is great on just about any product or project! We love seeing this on children’s books or fairytale shirts, showing the fantasy style through its handwritten strokes.

It has got just the enough wiggles and squiggles to show a casual yet fancy shine with its three alphabet styles. You can choose from normal to tall or short letters, even opting for an extra-swirl for more fun and design!

And the plus side? The whole font comes with the complete package! It has both off and TTF file formats, the 52 official upper and lowercase letters, bouncy letters, swash letters, numbers, symbols, and even 200 accented characters to allow other nationalities to use it.

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Sticky Lollipop Typeface

This is one sticky lollipop we wouldn’t mind having again! The Sticky Lollipop font shows a vintage twist with its inky style illustrations. We love how unique it was made, made with the help of a vintage chinagraph pencil. The story behind the font was pretty cool too, as it was created by chance in the artist’s grandparents’ place! Through its vintage style, you have something to use for posters and captions!

It puts a neat look to anything, may it be book covers or other products. It also comes with alternative characters to mix and match the styles.

We love how vibrant the typeface is, along with how versatile it can be for creative projects. The fact we can use it in a lot of books or posters makes it a great investment to make! It comes with the web font and illustrations, which you can use for free!

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Felt Alphabet

Now, THIS is an excellent and very realistic font you’ll want to use for just about anything! We can say this is one of the cutest fonts that can be utilized for all children. You can even use it for printing to amuse your little toddlers! Its bright and bubbly colors make it fun to see and will put vibrancy into just about any room. It will also capture attention quickly.

You can use it for just about any print you want! But we love it most for kiddie design projects, such as invitations, wall decor, posters, scrapbooks, or as a wallpaper on your device!

It comes with the complete set of 26 letters and the 10 numbers. All of them come in bright and varied colors to choose from. Though they are all in uppercase letters, they can be mix and matched with different colors and sizes, perfect for that eye pop in the right way.

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KG Say Something Font

SAY SOMETHING! Did we get your attention yet? With the Say Something font, it will be able to capture stares without the very intense caps lock letterings! It’s a quirky and casual font that still shows some fanciness without it looking too regal and serious. It’s ideal for titles or small snippets of texts. You can even use it for posters and captions of photos to add a dramatic and cute effect to it.

As tempting as it is to use this as decorations for your term papers, don’t! You can use it for other projects, such as casual posters, book covers, or even shirts and mugs.

It has the right amount of curls and swirls, showing a fun personality that anyone would appreciate. It’s definitely the photo-worthy typeface that works with any creative project. Your children will appreciate its relaxed script, wanting to copy it as well!

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In Conclusion

May it be for a kid’s birthday invitation or to help with your child’s school project, the best 10 children fonts will be able to finish off the perfect design you need for your template. These fonts aren’t only designed for fun and games, but can also be used for other projects to turn heads! With cute, bubbly designs, to a more personal and handwritten font, you can make an easy choice with this selection of the best 10 children fonts.

Hopefully, this article on the best 10 children fonts helped you make the decision on what to choose for your next project or template! So what are you waiting for? Invest in any of the best 10 children fonts to complete your templates today.

We hope you enjoyed the article. If you have any more questions or suggestions for the best 10 children fonts, then comment down below! We’d love to hear what you have to think about these fonts and if you’ve got better ones in store!

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