Best 11 Lightroom Brushes on 2015 market

Needing professional adjustments in a local basis? Don’t miss this selection of the best 11 Lightroom brushes available on creativemarket.

Through the Woods Workflow


Say goodbye to those days where landscape pictures used to be foggy, dull and uninspiring – Through the Woods Workflow is a bundle of 51 presets and 30 brushes ready to set a completely new workflow in Lightroom

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Out of the Shadows HDR Workflow


30 brushes and 64 presets to give your image unique HDR effect – Brighten shadows, reduce highlights, increase water definition and much more!

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Chasing Light Workflow


Feel the power of Sleeklens latest bundle of presets and brushes and enhance your pictures in only a few minutes – 60 stackable presets and 21 brushes meant for correcting natural illumination conditions as well as underexposed images

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LR Portrait Retouching Brushes


Lightroom portrait brushes ready to bring a professional look to your images! Airbrush and heal skin like professional designers do. Works both with JPEG and RAW images

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Portrait Facial-Editing Brushes -LR


20 brushes to boost your Lightroom retouchments – Even skin tone, make eyes pop, and color correct facial features are only just a few things this magnificent bundle can do for you

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Matte Film Workflow Collection


An excellent set of 50 presets and 24 brushes for Lightroom – Perfect for adding a vintage film touch to your Lightroom workflow

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The Fine Art Collection


Like its name says, this bundle of Lightroom goodies can turn your images into beautiful works of art in only a few seconds. Ideal for the photographer who thinks that photography is more than point-and-shoot.

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118 Premium Lightroom Presets


Give your images an unique vintage style with this bundle – Photography doesn’t need to be always modern and trendy; elements of old decades can turn your pictures into masterpieces with only a few clicks.

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Ultimate Brush Collection


55 Adobe Lightroom brushes at your service for turning your images into professional artwork – Portrait brushes, dramatic effects brushes, special effects brushes, light brushes and much more

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Pastel tones – Lightroom presets


Achieve light skin tones, softens lines, dreamy hazes and soft pastel tones with this Pastel-themed bundle for Lightroom – 16 presets and 13 brushes ready to boost your images

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