Best 13 Branding Mockups Templates for Designers

The explosion of digital marketing has forever shifted the way businesses market themselves. In a world of digital impressions, social media strategy, and increased accessibility, a more holistic approach to marketing has come to the forefront. This process is often referred to as branding. While the concept of branding isn’t new to the industry of marketing, it requires a much different approach when dealing with digital media.

In previous generations, branding encompassed signage, slogans, and public perception. This definition has been expanded to include more the of the intangible aspects associated with digital marketing, but ultimately, the goal of branding has remained consistent. Your branding should clearly articulate the business’ services, establish credibility, and promote consumer loyalty.

The best way to accomplish these goals is to clearly deliver a message that is consistent with your company values. This entails creating a cohesive aesthetic across all media platforms using appealing logos and designs. If you’re in the early stages of developing your brand, one of these great branding mockup templates will help expedite this process.

  1. Essential Branding & Identity Kit

This branding kit is great for companies without an established brand identity. This comprehensive set of graphics provides multiple identities to choose from and provides everything from the logos to branding patterns.

This bundle would also work well for individuals working on a tight budget. For only $25, you’ll receive:

  • 12 logo templates to choose from
  • 65 hand-drawn illustrations featuring bright colors and delicate lines
  • 14 hand-drawn patterns to be used for websites, product packaging, and more.
  • Over 430 different digital elements to utilize

Despite the comprehensive nature of this set, it is thoughtfully designed, as to not overwhelm new designers and entrepreneurs. The graphic artist responsible for this identity kit also included brand boards for each logo option, thereby eliminating some of the guesswork. Purchase this set and be on your way to have a full-blown branding concept to present to investors or market on social media!

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  1. Restaurant / Food – Branding Mockup

Opening a new restaurant is a daunting task, but building a brand identity doesn’t have to be. With this branding mockup, specifically designed with the food industry in mind, you can easily manipulate the colors of the objects in the flatlay images and import your logo. This will give you a sense of how your branding will look once implemented. This specific branding set includes:

  • Over 80 different items
  • Changeable background color and texture
  • Smart Object features, which make altering the images a straightforward process
  • An adaptable perspective, so you can see products at varying angles

Each of these templates are designed based on professionally photographed images to create a stunning final product. This set will help you fine tune your vision and brainstorm you future marketing initiatives. To start testing out your brand identity, simply download the set for $32 and start designing!

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  1. Cosmetic Packaging Branding Mockup

The cosmetics industry is often perceived as one of the most competitive markets; however, social media has eliminated some of these barriers to entry. For example, makeup artists who garner a dedicated following have gone on to create successful makeup collections of their own.

If you’re a beauty addict looking to develop a cosmetic line, then you likely already appreciate the importance of great presentation. Fortunately, that’s exactly what this branding template delivers. Among the many features in this set are:

  • Realistic compositions featuring collections of over 350 professionally photographed items
  • Top and front views of product packaging
  • The ability to change liquid colors to match your product
  • Miscellaneous items such as plants and home décor to add dimension to your arrangements

With the comprehensive cosmetic branding kit, you can easily create a complete vision of your product line to present to prospective business partners, manufacturers, and investors.

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  1. Barber & Cosmetics Branding Mockup

A great barber is something of a neighborhood necessity. Many barber shop owners have had great success recently due in part to the increasing popularity of coiffed hairstyles and appreciation for craftsmanship. In order to best position yourself in this market, it is important that your brand speaks to this trend.

The Barber & Cosmetics Branding Mockup does just that. It features bright photography of iconic barbershop essentials to create a complete mockup for your business. Included in this bundle are:

  • 50 professional photographed items
  • 4 prepared scenes
  • Easy editing features via Adobe’s Smart Object tool
  • 11 PSD files

Intentionally created to be accessible for individuals of all experience levels, the user can simply import their logo onto to individual images to create personalized branding templates. For only $24, this is a great value for hairstylists and barbers!

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  1. Ladypreneur Mockup Creator Toolkit

There is a common misconception that blogging is a ­low-stress job. While running a blog has many perks, this certainly isn’t one of them. For many bloggers, especially those new to the industry, it requires long, grueling hours and a high level of commitment. Blogging is, in many ways, akin to starting a small business, as you are often required to learn about a broad scope of new skills, such as website management and graphic design. To reduce the amount of effort you’re putting into your blog, consider purchasing a premade branding template.

This option from Station Seven is the perfect choice for bloggers, as each photograph is taken with the “ladypreneur” in mind. The bright, high-resolution images will appeal to a wide demographic, especially women and design-conscious individuals.

This set includes:

  • 100 high-resolution images
  • Premade blog and social media header images
  • 8 backgrounds
  • Premade scenes for product development

With all the essentials in one, easy to use bundle, you can refocus on creating content your readers are hungry for!

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  1. Custom Branding Creator

When developing a brand identity, it’s important your aesthetic appears contemporary, but won’t look dated within the span of a few years. This custom branding kit achieves that balance perfectly with a palette of pastels and neutrals that will look beautiful for years to come. However, if this color scheme doesn’t suit your style, Smart Objects makes it easy to adjust colors to your preferences.

Using this template, you’ll be able to see how your logo and branding colors look plastered across marketing collateral, apparel, and in publications. The expansive collection of items makes this a great option for the modern Renaissance man or lady, who requires a large inventory of branded products.

This comprehensive mockup set comes fully equipped with:

  • Over 100 fully customizable images
  • Templates for 8 scenes
  • 10 backgrounds
  • 2 bonus mockups

For any burgeoning blogger, lifestyle brand, or online retailer, this custom branding template is a steal!

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  1. Brand Identity Mockup for Wine Store

Aspiring winemakers, restauranteurs, or wine retailers, we’ve found the ideal brand identity kit for your new business! In this set, you’ll find everything you need to mockup branded bottles, tableware, and merchandise.

For only $15, you’ll receive

  • Over 25 fully customizable components
  • 4 professionally designed scenes
  • Easy-to-use high-resolution files

This kit will provide you with all the wine and business essentials so that you can begin to visualize your future empire!

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  1. Simple Homes Mockup Creator

Looking to start your own lifestyle brand or blog? The Simple Home Mockup Creator can be your support system! This all-inclusive home-inspired set is equipped with hundreds of item, which you can use to create stunning images and layouts for your website. These beautifully photographed objects and scenes will allow you to project a cohesive and elegant brand image. For a limited time, get this set for 30% off and receive:

  • 600+ objects
  • 60 professionally arranged scenes
  • 20 background textures
  • Adaptable files in 4K

If elegance and grace tie into your brand identity, check this template out!

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  1. Premium Stationery Mockup

Beautiful branding will set you apart from your competitors. Perhaps the most important time to invest in high-quality branded items is prior to attending any networking events, trade shows, or conventions. Should you anticipate an upcoming event, this template will provide a great foundation for your stationery designs.

Included with your purchase, you’ll receive:

  • 6 template files
  • Easy to use Smart Objects features and layers
  • Premade gold and silver foil effects
  • Adaptable backgrounds

Prior to your company’s next outing, be sure your business cards and stationery are a proper reflection of your brand.

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  1. Corporate Stationery Mockup

The corporate world isn’t all digital. In fact, there is a lot of marketing collateral, stationery, and merchandising in need of branding. If your operation is in need of internal marketing collateral, this is perhaps the most extensive bundle of corporate stationery templates available on the market. There are over 60 stationery items, including envelopes, pens, briefcases, notebooks, and more, to ensure all of your basic and not-so-basic stationery needs are met!

Additionally, this comes equipped with:

  • Automated background perspective features
  • Adjustable colors & shadows
  • 10 PSD files
  • High-resolution images featuring professionally photographed items

With this handy set, you can see how your branding looks before you place a print order. So eliminate the headache of hiring graphic artists or working with an external design team and create your branding mockup yourself!

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  1. Hotel Amenity Set

Is your business or empire in the realm of hospitality? If so, this branding set is tailor-made to suit your needs. This hotel amenity set is perfect for bed & breakfast owners, hotels, motels, or even Airbnb landlords. Branded items will enhance the customer experience and are likely to leave an impression on your guests. Plus, many amenities can double as marketing collateral, which increases their value!

To branding your custom amenities, download this bundle and get started with the following:

  • 30+ customizable items
  • 9 PSD files
  • Changeable backgrounds
  • Simple editing via Adobe’s Smart Objects tool

For only $25, you can easily import your designs on a full range of hotel amenities. Use this template in presentations to business partners, for investors, or when working with manufacturers.

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  1. Branding Identity Mockup

It’s easy to overlook the importance of branding in favor of focusing on other aspects of your business, but good presentation is a crucial part of your success. So when starting a new enterprise, be sure not to overlook even the more minute details, like business cards, stationery, and presentation materials.

Instead, download this convenient branding identity mockup kit. With a few easy steps, you can import your designs and ensure cohesion across all media. This bundle includes all the basics for presentation and networking materials so your brand will have the maximum amount of impact on your audience.

Among the many perks of using this branding set are:

  • Completely adjustable layouts
  • Smart Objects features for simple editing
  • Photorealistic depth of field
  • 6 PSD files
  • Editable background texture and color

Take the easy route and download this set today.

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  1. MADE Apparel Mockups

Depending on your business model, your branding needs are likely to vary. An online print-to-order apparel business may require less marketing collateral than a corporate office, for example. However, there need for branding templates applies to nearly every market.

In the instance of apparel companies, these mockups can provide a simplified way to test new apparel designs. Additionally, business owners can implement their designs and use the mockups as a way to market their product. This helps keep costs and inventory low, so your business can achieve sustainable growth.

If you’re in the apparel business, consider purchasing this set of templates for your next line. With your download, you’ll receive:

  • High-resolution product images
  • 12 fully customizable shirts
  • Photorealistic layouts
  • Well-organized and easy-to-use layers

Get ready to showcase your apparel designs with this one-of-a-kind branding template!

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There you have it—the 13 best branding mockups the internet has to offer. For beginners and experienced business owners alike, these templates provide a tremendous amount of value. Not only will you be able to achieve an impressive brand identity, you’ll also conserve some of your most valuable resources—time and money. Purchase one of these convenient sets and allow yourself to focus on more pressing matters. For additional branding templates, visit online digital marketplaces, such as, which are fully stocked with an endless supply of premade design templates!

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