Best 21 Packaging Templates for Your Products and Branding

Do you own a business and sell various products? Then you’ll need the right packaging to hook eyes! Not only will the proper packaging protect your products, but the design will attract clients and customers into purchasing them. Whether you’re selling food, appliances, or other small trinkets for your business, you’ll want to invest in a good packaging template to avoid spending too much time thinking or drawing up a design. But how can you choose from the many available? To help you out, we show you the best 21 packaging templates you can invest in!

You won’t need to worry about these packaging templates, as they are affordable, beautifully designed, and suitable for any product you’re selling!

Best 21 Packaging Templates

Based on our preference and what businesses and customers want for design, here are the best 21 packaging templates you can invest in:

  1. Package Box Mockup

Looing for that particular design perfect for your small (or big!) box? Then you’ll be able to get the simple yet effective design with the package box mockup. The design is suitable for just about any business, as it’s for branding your product with the help of the delivery box. You can attach your logo on the center of the box and add your name. Don’t worry about the bright green tints, as you can also choose a sleek black design for visibility.

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2. Wine Packaging Mockups

Wine is a great business to get into, but you’ll need the quality bottles and design to draw attention. This packaging mockup has the sleek and modern design that will surely help showcase your products. It’s not only for those in the wine business but for companies and brands who want to give small gifts to their clients and employees as well. It’s got a clean design where you can change the tints, background, and even rearrange the objects according to your preference!

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3. Chocolate Box Mockup

If you’re into the chocolate business or want to give chocolate bars as a gift while showing your personal brand, then this cute design is an excellent choice! It has the cursive font and royal purple color for the right amount of fanciness. It shows regal glam that people would want to pick up. But if you’re not fond of purple, you can change the colors and rearrange the smart objects to get the unique packaging design.

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4. Oblong Package Mockup 1

If you’re into delivering products (such as online shops), then this box mockup will be a perfect addition for your packaging needs. It has a clean cut where you can add your business information along with the customers’ for personalization. You’ll also be able to add more designs, such as your logo, or move the fonts to make it the right angle based on your business or brand.

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5. Cosmetics Mockup Scene Generator

If you need something simple yet beautiful for your cosmetics brand, then this COMPLETE cosmetics mockup scene generator is perfect. It comes with a host of available designs and colors, where you can find one suitable for your business’ theme. It comes with brush designs, lotion or other bottle labels, boxes, and even mail or stationary paper for personalization. Not only can this be used for printing, but it’s perfect for creating a  mockup scene for advertising.

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6. Soap Box

For those in the soap business, then you’ll love these soap box designs! It’s simple and with the modern hexagon shapes that make it aesthetic and fresh. You can choose between many colors and fonts, with the ability to add in your logos or move the smart objects to get it the design YOU want it to be. It’s ideal for those who want something with an edge, but without the frilly, over-the-top layout

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7. Honey Labels

For those who want to get into the honey or jam business and need a packaging template for their jars, then these labels will do just the trick! The front and back cover is neatly designed, showing minimalistic details without the need to spend too much time on coming up with a design. It’s organized and editable, with you being able to edit it with your name and logo.

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8. Paper Pad and Paper Notes Package

Whether it’s for selling office supplies or promoting your brand while at the workplace, then you’ll know that paper is a necessity. Not only should you have personal stationery, but the package to put it in as well. It’s ideal for putting in ANY types of paper, may it be for an office supply business, for printing purposes, or even a designed box to throw recycled paper in for organization. Choose from different colors and add in your company name, and you’ve got yourself a simple box with personal branding!

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9. Product Label Templates

These are perfect for those into cosmetics, selling perfume or sprays. It goes well with various types of bottles suited for skin application. You can choose between six variations, with organized and named layers for easy customization. Everything is done for you, and all you need to do is edit it with your brand name and logo to make it suitable for YOUR business! These label templates are great for lotions, spray, or perfume bottles. Even add it on a jar for a nice packaging design.

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10. Clothes Box Design

The clothes box design is suitable for packing in clothes, ideal for those who deliver or sell apparel such as shirts or pants. It also comes with three illustrations to choose from, so you can categorize and organize your attire easier when shipping it out. You have shirts, sweaters, and sock pictures, and space where you can add your company name. Through its simple design and print-ready packaging, you can now sell your apparel line professionally. Not only does it make a great delivery box, but also a neat packaging you can give to customers upon checkout in your physical store.

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11. Shopping Bag Template

For those who want their personal shopping bag instead of using a plain plastic, then this uniquely-designed shopping bag is suited for you! It’s designed for ANY type of company, made with simple shapes and matching colors for professionalism and beauty. You have the adequate room and proper area to add in your logos and labels, making it pop to customers purchasing your products. You can choose from six colors and have everything done for you, even including a guideline to help you out when adjusting fonts or colors.

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12. Multipurpose Packaging Template

This packaging template is ideal for just about ANY type of business or company! Whether you’re selling office supplies or cosmetics, then you’ll be able to show your brand name and properly pack your products safely with the designed box. Its sizing is 4″ x 4″ x 4″, so it’s best for smaller products. It’s print ready, customizable, and includes the folds and creases for easy assembly. Its green tint and fresh fonts give a cleaner and more natural look, which is a huge plus!

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13. Soap Label Packaging Templates

Looking for something suitable for your soap company? This packaging template offers a fresh and new look that will have lots of people loving both your brand and design! Its detailed patterns show class and beauty, which is exactly what you want to represent in your soap. You’ll be able to easily adjust the labels according to your soap size dimensions and tweak the fonts and spacings according to your preference.

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14. Label Design Template

This is another cool choice for soap packaging, but more of a casual and clean look. While the above mentioned is more for class and beauty, this shows bubbly and fun styles without too many unnecessary frills. You can choose between three templates, according to style and flavor of your soap. Plus, its retro look makes it great for all-natural soaps or other products that fit the label.

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15. 3 Label Templates

These label templates are perfect to add into Ziploc bags, where you can store tea leaves, chips, or other small and cute accessories or food! It’s a multipurpose label that goes well on small pouches and other forms of packaging. It offers an eye-popping design with eccentric patterns to stand out from the crowd. With its bright colors and cool patterns, you will be able to show off your brand the right way.

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16. Minimal Packaging Template

This is another packaging template suitable for any type of business. BUT, what makes this stand out is its minimalistic design that can easily be adjusted according to what you want your business to portray. It is made out of simple shapes and neutral colors that will exude professionalism through fresh and neat looks.

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17. Olive Oil Packaging Template

This packaging template is suitable for those who sell olive oil bottles because of its green tints and olive illustration. Bu that doesn’t mean it’s only limited to that specific product! You can choose to use it for various small cosmetic or bottled products as well since it gives off a natural and neat look for your items. It’s print-ready with all the folds and creases showing to easily fold the box. You can even tweak the design to add in what’s needed for company branding.

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18. Box Design Template

These are great for small products, originally made for soup spice mix. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for anything else! Its design comes in different colors and fonts, making it fully customizable and versatile for any product. It’s made to look simple and clean, inviting clients and customers to purchase what the package has got to offer!

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19. Vintage Print Label Kit

Vintage is in, with a lot of brands and products labeling their goods with a cute vintage theme to draw attention. To save money and designing various packages, you’ll be able to save time and effort with the vintage print label kit! While it’s ideal for wine bottles and other bottled products, you can use it for just about anything, from apparel to tags, even for your logo as well! It’s the first Vintage Logo Kit available, making it a unique and eye-catching design.

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20. Carton Package Design Template

These are cute for milk or juice cartons, where its clean white and pale blue design is bound to show a minimalistic professional vibe. It’s very organized, with you being able to tweak any of the fonts or placement of logos. Easy to fold, easy to adjust, this carton box saves you a ton of time in designing and editing!

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21. Print Template – Kraft Box

The size dimensions are 4″ x 4″, making it suitable for small products. It’s VERY cute and perfect for storing creative materials and small accessories, great for millennials and artists!

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In Conclusion

If you’re planning on promoting your products for business, then it’s best to place it in the well-designed packaging to draw attention and interest. It helps your products get out there, and the more customers you get, the more successful you will be as your business grows. And it all begins with the right type of packaging! You’ll find a lot of packaging suited for your food, drinks, or even other non-edible products that will give more pop and color to what you have to offer. With beautiful designs and innovative product packaging, profit and sales will surely keep coming in.

Hopefully, this article on the best 21 packaging templates will help you become more knowledgeable with what you need for your products and business. So what are you waiting for? Invest in your chosen packaging template today and let your business soar!

We hope you enjoyed the article. If you have any more questions or reviews on these best 21 packaging templates, then comment down below! We’d love to hear what you have to think.

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