Best 35 Trendy Retro Badges

As everybody loves vintage style… is there a better chance to use it into your design productions? Websites, photographs, business cards, etc. Check out this 35 trendy retro badges to enhance your workflow with style

120 Banners & Ribbons

This package contains 120 vector ribbons and banners, in 6 different styles. Perfect for labeling and fully editable in Adobe Illustrator


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Very Vintage Vector Kit + 14 Logos

Do you want to give your product that old-style logo publicity? Check this package of 14 pre designed logo templates, based on newspaper adds. Also contains the vectors files (borders, frames, rays, etc), 8 vector textures for that old and worn feel to your logo, as well as 5 vintage brushes. Used fonts are suggested at a text file within the package


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Retro Camp Badges

Make your camp/hiking/fishing group be the trendiest with this vector badge kit! Fully editable in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, this package contains 9 badge templates with different shapes. Fonts included.


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Distressed Vintage Vector Kit

Here is where your lack of creativity comes to an end. This kit includes everything you need to create old worn out retro badges, logos and labels. Inspired by grungy, hand made vintage design, now give your photo/product that “old made” effect with this package.


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ArtDeco Badges & Frames

Travel back to the glorious ages of graphic design with this package! Now being out of fashion is just a matter of choice. Adobe Illustrator/Adobe Photoshop editable, enhance your design with this pack of 10 badges/frames perfect to use at logos/cards/photographs. Free fonts included.


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30 Vintage Logos Bundle

This 5-volume bundle contains every element needed to create your own logos, just like old ads: 30 logo templates (both Photoshop/Illustrator editable), 35 vector icons and 15 grunge png textures. Perfect for t-shirts logos and fashion store brands.


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Premium Beer Labels

Anyone also love beer labels? This premium pack contains 10 labels packaged with vectors, in full Adobe Illustrator editable format. You can easily change its color, adjust the text, etc.


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100 Items Handlettering Kit

Have you ever wanted to add that handlettering style to your artistic creations but you didn’t knew how? Or perhaps you don’t have enough time to make your own’s. Don’t worry, this package will provide all the needed tools for your job, with over 100 handdrawn handletter vectors, plus some silhouettes, objects and banners. Easy to use, just drag and drop, adjust to your needs and voila!


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12 Retro Labels/Price Tags

Now you can sell your product the old fashioned way. Check this package of 12 retro vector labels, fully editable at a PSD layered file. Perfect for stores and websites who want creativity to be part of their marketing strategy. Free fonts included


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The 80’s Action Badges

Go back to the 80s with this creative package! The perfect partner for pub logo design as well as old school reunion parties.. feel the magic of the 80s through this set of 16 badges inspired in 80s action movies. Fully customizable at Adobe Illustrator (EPS and AI files), even though it requires a good pc build given the size of the files to handle inside Illustrator. Fonts not included.


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Classic Car Garage Badges & Logos

Especially made for car enthusiasts: make your store/website stand out with this retro badge package. Contains 100% editable Adobe Illustrator files, with fonts included.


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6 Ornamental Vector Labels

Looking for an old fashioned mysterious-looking label? You reached the right site. Six high quality vector label templates, 100% editable in both Photoshop and Illustrator. Package contains free. Perfectly fit for t-shirt design as well as invitations and logos.


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Vintage Logo/Insignia Collection 2

A must have collection for every designer. You’ll find yourself using this package for labels, packaging, website, fashionable invitations, etc. 10 sophisticated retro-inspired logos, editable in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.


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Hand Drawn: Anchor Pack

A package of 30 hand drawn anchors, perfect for old styled, navy logos. Fully editable in Illustrator, this set contains both vector anchors as well as bonus shapes and borders for logo design.


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Badges for Handmade Products

Just as the name says, this old trendy badges will suit every hand-made product in a fashionable way, just like old neighbouhood stores. 10 EPS files, Adobe Illustrator editable plus its PNG versions of each logo.


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Christmas Decorative Elements

Vintage reindeer vector shaped logos, with christmas patterns applied to them… Feel the Christmas spirit with this package! Along with the reindeer vector files, there are also some present box shaped vectors, ribbons and badges. The perfect combo for designing warm christmas cards to gift your friends. Fonts are not editable in this package.


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Creators Badge Set Vol.1

Perfect for the creative designer: quickly edit text, color and ready to go for your next project. This package offers a wide range of vintage badges and logos, pretty reusable for almost every occasion. You’ll find yourself applying them to t-shirts, invitations, album covers, etc. Photoshop and Illustrator editable.


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The Lost Signs 2 – Ancient Badges

To add that mystique effect on your next design. 10 radial vector objects inspired in ancient symbols; perfect for a sci-fi themed card. Photoshop and Illustrator editable files.


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6 Store Badges

Design your next business logo with this old fashioned store badges. Perfect for candy stores, cafes, pet shops, etc. 6 vector postage stamp files, free fonts included, fully editable in Adobe Illustrator


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Hand Drawn Geometric Elements

A collection of 36 hand drawn geometric vectors, in outlined and solid style, with intentionally imperfected lines to resemble hand pulse of a drafter. Perfect for logos, t-shirts and photos. Eps and PDF files ready to import and edit.


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Speech Bubble Pack

Make your images speech with this pack! Ever wondered how to add a friendly touch to your design? Well, here is your answer. This 48 speech bubble pack will suit your needs. Available as AI or layered PSD files.


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Vintage Workshop Badges

Set of 10 vector workshop badges and vintage label graphics, perfect for branding your next creation. Editable only at Adobe Illustrator


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Bio Labels And Badges Set

Who said bio-caring products had to look boring? Check up this bio label package to add a retro, friendly-looking ad campaing to your sales. Perfect for product branding and packaging, as well as websites. Font not included, fully editable in Photoshop/Illustrator


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The Hipster Pack

Make your design hipster-fashioned with this vector badges pack. Bundle of 30 logo template, 35 icons plus 10 textures; Adobe Illustrator editable (EPS files)


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The Vintage Logo Elements Collection

EPS files of icons and badges, plus 10 PNG texture files, are the elements inside this set. Perfect for t-shirt design and fashion store flyers. Only Adobe Illustrator editable.


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Minimal Vector Badges

This minimalist style vector badges pack also keeps in mind to be vintage in fashion. Fully editable in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, take a look at this 8 vector badges pack, with shadows graphic styles as a bonus.

001-f (1)

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Summer Sale Vector Label

Be back to the 90s with this HOT summer sale vector. Perfect for your store as well as websites. 10 EPS files editable in Adobe Illustrator ready for you to use


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Editable Retro Badges Vector Pack

Add a quality-guarrantee retro styled badge to your product! 10 vintage vector badges available for editing at every vector graphics software like Illustrator, Corel or Inkscape.


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1950s Storefront – Badges and Logos

Feel like at one of “The Jetsons” episodes with this vector package. Set of six, fully editable vector badges and logos. Each is supplied in 3 versions – colour, black and white and minimal, allowing for various uses across all kinds of media. Fully editable in Illustrator and Photoshop


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6 Postage Stamp Badges + Bonus

Like old post mail, remember past times with this vector set. Perfect for designing postcards and invitations, as well as photographs or travel agencies’s ads. Fonts included.

01-f (1)

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Persona Frames & Badges

Have fun with this kit of Frames and Badges, retro styled, for portraits. Though football themed, it suits well for every sport design. Available in vector and bitmap files.


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Hand Drawn Vector Shapes

Add a handmade feel to your design with this retro shaped handrawn vectors. A collection of 40 unique shapes illustrated by hand. Completely scalable and editable vector graphic elements, fully editable in Adobe Illustrator.


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Retro Coffee Labels and Badges set

Boost your coffee shop image with this label and badges set, vintage fashioned. Also works perfectly at websites, for buttons, stickers, etc. Editable both in Photoshop and Illustrator.


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Vintage Elements Bundle

Creative elements for your graphic design works! Great for logo designs, badge designs, sign designs or as backgrounds. 144 elements for enhancing your work, now 50% off.

preview1-f (1)

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8 Stamped Vintage Insignias

Either at cards or websites, remind old time postal packages with this vintage logo set. Fully editable in shape, size and color at Photoshop. Free fonts included


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