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Best Blogger Templates: The 18 That Will Revamp Your Blog!

When it comes to owning a blog, you’ll need to make sure that you have the best design and template in over to entice your viewers to come back for your amazing content. After all, one of the first things viewers would watch out for would be how your blog looks like. If it doesn’t have the easy-to-navigate posts or readable text, then they won’t stay for so long. But what are the best blogger templates one should invest in?

You’ll be surprised at the fact that there are tons of blogger templates you can choose from, and it isn’t just the usual ones! No matter what niche you write about, you should check these best blogger templates and find the perfect design that suits you, your blog theme, and that will please your viewers’ eyes!

The Top 18 Best Blogger Templates

Based on the design, ease of use, and customization, here are the top 18 best blogger templates to choose from:

1. Blogger Template Responsive- XANTHE 

best blogger template

If you’re looking for the minimalistic template that you can use for both mobile and desktop, then Xanthe has the clean template with a header and photo board to feature your favorite photos and links to popular posts. It has a fixed menu effect and ready for SEO, which is very important for bloggers!

You have the ability to easily customize everything, from the colors to the font. And with beautiful typography with the many widgets available, you will surely appreciate its clean slate with many possibilities.

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2. Blogger Template Responsive- Natasha 

For those who want a bit of color but the hint of minimalistic and clean designs on their blog, then Natasha has one of the best Blogger templates for you to take advantage of. You get a splash of color with its bold and dramatic style, ideal for ladies because of its femininity. It’s fully customizable and with the modern features, including the post sliders and responsive design. You can add all the widgets and buttons for sharing your posts in a breeze as well. And with amazing support and optimized features, your blog will take a huge turn for the better, from design to the audience.

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3. Blogger Template Responsive- Peyton 

Peyton stands for beauty and elegance, with this Blogger template exuding both. This is one of the best Blogger templates that shows sophistication and dramatic effects, best for the professional blogger who wants something simple but with a touch of class that will leave their audience impressed. It’s ideal for fashion or beauty bloggers who want to improve their blog and give it a luxurious feel without the frills. Simple with gold lining on your header, you have something beautiful yet easy to customize according to your preference.

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4. Blogger Template Responsive- ADELYN

For nature lovers and campers who want to share their travels around the world through their blog, then you must have the beautifully simple yet elegant Blogger template to easily run through. The Adelyn responsive Blogger template is perfect to post your green and white photos of the sky and mountains. You can feature multiple posts and photos below your header to make it easy to scroll through the best posts. It even has the beautiful pages where you can add a small description or other information about you. With its simple colors and bold fonts, you can definitely make a statement and stand out as a travel blogger.

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5. Escalate Creative Blogger Template

Whether you’re a man or woman, entertainment or all-around blogger, the Escalate template adds a bit of personal touch for any blogger. It’s designed for personal blogging and built for just about any niche, making it versatile and easy to customize because of this. It’s got the rich grid masonry design that shows high-definition posts without the lags. You can tweak its background and fonts, making it look cleaner and according to your preferences. You can even choose to have a top carousel and other features, such as threaded comments, author boxes, and widest for social media so you won’t go unprepared as a blogger with an awesome template.

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6. Feminine Blogger Template- Meghan 

If you want a beautiful and feminine blogger template, then this is it! The Meghan has the cute faded pink headers that put a bit of style and candidacy towards it. The elegant typography is also very pleasant to the eyes as well, boding well with the clean white background. It’s perfect for personal bloggers who love the color pink and want to show a bit of their feminine side.

You can choose between five different blog layouts with various social icons, widgets, and even featured boxes and sliders for recent posts. There are even more features that make it easily customizable as well.

Check It Out!

7. Style Magazine Blogger Template 

For style bloggers or companies who want to set up an e-magazine based on style and fashion, then you’ll love this template. It has multiple feature boxes where you can organize your posts into different categories, as well as a header where you can add in your favorite posts. Multiple authors can add posts as well, with multi-author templates. It’s very easy to navigate and use whether you’re a blogger or viewer, and you will appreciate its ad placement and other widget boxes, suitable for the professional blogger. It isn’t only limited to style magazines, but other niches as well, such as entertainment or food!

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8. Beauteous Blogger Template 

Are you a blogger who wants cuteness written all over your blog but without overdoing it? The peachy and pink tones from this blogger template will have you squealing from the perfect balance of both elegance and femininity. It’s one of the best blogger template scripted for any type of blog, may you have a fashion, lifestyle, travel, or food niche. It’s designed with readability and easy navigation in mind, providing the excellent user experience with the light and fluid layout.

Check it Out!

9. Vibe Personal Blogger Template 

What I love about Vibe is how it gives such a relaxing and minimalistic setting that anyone will love. It has the clean layout with the simple design suitable for personal blogging. I love it for travel bloggers who can post their amazing feats and photos here without the template catching more attention than the post itself. It has everything you need for a beautiful layout you and your readers will enjoy. I love its top carousel the most, and the easy customization to change the way I can layout my photos or content. Amazing look!

Check It Out!

10. Blogger Template Glitter Gold Amber 

One of the best features I appreciate most about Amber is its beautifully matching colors. This chic blogger template has the minimalistic design, but what’s great about it is that it has hints of gold and black for elegance and class. There is beautiful gold confetti on top of the layout for a touch of character, making any modern blogger stand out with its unique design. You’ll live its simple template designed for personal bloggers who want something cute yet classy and unique at the same time.

Check It Out!

11. Couture Responsive Blogger Template 

Couture is definitely one for any type of blogger, but I would recommend it mostly for the ones who want to exude in class and elegance when it comes to their blog’s layout. It’s ideal for bloggers who want to blog about sports, activities, beauty or fashion, even food posts! It’s very versatile and works for any type of niche, though better for those who want to focus on a luxurious theme because of its font and style. Even the placement of lines and featured boxes was taken accounted for!

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12. Blogger Template- Rainbow Cake

Minimalistic design with a touch of rainbow splashes on top, this is one of the cutest blogger templates I have seen! I love that it has a colorful top that gives it more of a personal and fun touch without ruining your content or posts. it also has the smooth and attractive layout you can easily customize. For those who want a bit of color in this blogs, this is it. You can also take advantage of its many perks, from the many widgets and other animation effects, along with a free installation service for beginners!

Check It Out!

13. Blogger Template Pink Grey Chevron 

If you’re a baker or cook and want a perky and cute template without overdoing its color and design, then the Pink Grey Chevron has got the ideal color combinations and layout that will match your equally attractive baked goods! It has got a chic look that can match good blogs, personal blogs, or even fashion blogs, as it has the touch of cute femininity.

It comes with everything you need in one blogger template, including the freedom to customize it however you want to.

Check It Out!

14. Vienna Responsive Blogger Template 

best blogger templates

Are you a traveler or food blogger who loves to explore and needs the perfect blogger template to show all your beautiful photos and content? The Vienna blog template has the clean and minimalistic design you’ll appreciate. Your readers will have an easier time looking through our posts while being impressed by how attractive everything looks without the need for all the extra frills and widgets. Fuss-free and elegant, it’s a great choice and can be compatible with any device.

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15. Blogger Template Responsive- Ashleigh

What you’ll love about Ashleigh is that it’s got a touch of femininity. BUT without having to add girly colors like bright pink or purple. It puts elegance and class with its clean and fresh design packed with style and many layouts to choose from. The opening page is beautiful with its simple promo boxes and post sliders, as well as the room for sidebars to add your information. A great choice for fashion bloggers or anything else between.

Check It Out!

16. Blogger Template- Wonderlyn 

You’ll love Wonderlyn because it can work for just about any type of blog. Yes, no matter who you are! It’s all-white with the organized layout and divisions that make it ideal for the minimalist blogger in you. The template is very easy to customize and use. Your readers will enjoy its ease of reading and when checking the content. It’s smooth and with the necessary widgets, you and your readers need when sharing or viewing your posts.

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17. Blogger Template Responsive- Sophie

Sophie is the ultimate blogger template made not only for lifestyle bloggers but for fashion and personal bloggers as well. It’s one of the hottest templates you can find right now because of its minimal and clean design. It also has the modern and simple style you’ll love. Despite its simplicity, it has the elegant theme and organized layout your readers will appreciate. Plus, it comes with extra features for a better reading experience.

Check It Out!

18. Lemonade Blogger Template

This has a bit of a simple and childish theme to it, making it very cute and ideal for the personal blog your children can create to hone their skills in writing and expression. It’s simple and attractive, perfect for young to adult bloggers alike.

Check It Out!

In Conclusion

Looking for one of the best blogger templates? Then need to make sure that you find the one suitable for your aesthetic and niche. You’ll need to think about both practicality and beauty here. Why? Because those are the two main things that would entice your viewers to keep coming back for more.

I hope that this article on the best blogger templates helped you pick the perfect theme for your blog. So what are you waiting for? Do you need to renovate your whole blog and give it that beautiful glow it deserves? Then check these blogger templates today to see which one is for you.

Do you have any questions or would like to share your reviews on the best blogger templates? Then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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