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The Best Brush Fonts You Can Find in the Market Today

The role of typography is to help a graphic artist convey a message. However, the role of typography is not only to serve as a means for delivering information. Rather, it can serve to inform the audience on the information being received. When used correctly, typography can convey emotions and create context for the audience. Even the word “stop” can have different connotations when used with different fonts. When styled with a bold font in uppercase characters, this message is imposing and urgent. A script-style delicate font, however, could make the message look like a whisper.

Because typography plays such as essential role in graphic design, it’s not surprising that brush-style fonts are exceptionally popular at the moment. Perhaps more than any other genre of font, brush fonts capture a feeling. The extensive options for purchase mean there are options that cater to just about every need, which make brush fonts a necessary tool for every graphic artist. Here are the best brush fonts currently available for download

1. Saturday

As a straightforward, script-style brush font, Saturday could serve as a staple font for many graphic artists. The authentic dry bush effect will add texture and distinction to postcards, written invitations, and marketing collateral. This font collection would be especially beneficial for novice graphic designers, who are looking to beef up their set of fonts, as this bundle includes a scope of features, including six style options and two sets of alternate characters. These additions provide more opportunities to personalize your typography and will add diversity to your projects.

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2. Better Times

One of the amazing aspects of brush style fonts is that there is a broad range of stylistic options to choose from. Better Times, for example shows us that script fonts don’t necessarily have to be dainty. This handmade brush font is more playful than wistful, and boast thick strokes and beautifully rounded features. A unique feature of this font set are the upper and lowercase alts. The letters are intentionally designed, so that they can be used interchangeably and remain consistent in sizing. This allows designers to have fun with their typography projects and have flexibility in their designs. To view Better Times in its full potential, check out the sample images on the product page.

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3. Blackhawk

BLACKHAWK takes a brush fonts in an impactful direction. These vivid strokes create a sense of movement and bring designs to life. This font is also notable for the fact that it achieves exciting levels of creativity without sacrificing readability, a feature that makes it a great choice for logos, apparel designs, and artwork. Each download comes equipped with three files—one with the original all-caps font set and alternates, one featuring italic characters, and another with 11 swatches and 4 splatter effects to use in conjunction with the BLACKHAWK font.

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4. Misguided Brush Font

The hand drawn nature of brush fonts make them feel more vulnerable than some of the computer-generated options on the market. This is especially true for Misguided, a beautifully designed and inventive brush option. This font family includes a great diversity of character sizing, stroke thickness, and transparency. These discrepancies will make your text look as though it has been hand drawn with care. Each purchase of this font family includes a hand-painted set of upper and lowercase characters and symbols, and two complete sets of alternates. Have fun pairing your alternates for various effects.

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5. Bammantoe Typeface

Bammantoe is a fast alternative that accurately depicts an artistic individual’s handwriting. Despite its nonchalant attitude, Bammantoe is deceptively elegant. This becomes clear once you view the sample images on the product pages, where the typography artist has demonstrated how beautifully this font pairs on product packaging, as a text overlay, and used on artwork.

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6. Modern Brush

Brush fonts have a unique ability to exhibit personality. Just look at Modern Brush, a hand painted brush font exploding with charisma. Round features and realistic texture add character to the font family. Additionally, the thick stroke and wide-set characters make this a great option for signage, product packaging, and clothing apparel. When delivering a friendly message in a bold way, Modern Brush is a go-to.

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7. Amberlight

Sometimes the purpose of type is to accent art, but sometimes the purpose of type is to be the art. The latter is definitely the case with Amberlight. Not for everyday use, Amberlight should be reserved for special occasions, where its sweet, decorative style can truly shine. This font draws heavily from calligraphy, and would be well-utilized on invitations, branded client-facing materials, and social media content. Each download is equipped with 325+ stylistic set and 120 complimentary swash characters. This is a great option for beginners, as it includes a free tutorials on how to use the character alternates in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

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8. Broadway

Broadway Font is a handwritten brush-style font that is personable, elegant, and highly readable. This unique combination of characteristics makes Broadway the perfect option for marketing collateral. In addition, the sweeping nature of the letters keep the eye drawn toward your marketing message and ensure your audience is engaged with your designs. Along with your purchase, you’ll receive the base set of glyphs, upper and lowercase letters, punctuation, and numerals as well as four complete sets of alternates, 26 hand drawn swashes, and 15 ink splatters effects. Get the entire collection for only $15.

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9. Heatwave

Do you feel warm? Because Tugcu Design Co. is bringing the Heatwave. This unique set of 80-inspired brush characters are a creative option for a display font. As represented in the sample images on the product page, Heatwave looks great when utilized on apparel designs or as a text overlay. When your design calls for something a little more rambunctious, Heatwave is there to answer the call.

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10. Fjord

Fjord dares to be different. This font was hand crafted using a thick paintbrush and a plastic surface. The result is a somewhat wet and uneven appearance, that feels familiar and comforting. The bold strokes of the character seem to contradict the otherwise gentle appearance of the font, but this juxtaposition contributes adds a level of versatility to this delightful and engaging font.

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11. Powerful

Powerful is an aptly named font, as it combines impactful dry brush texture and soft features. This combination comes to life when set against photos, on apparel, or on social media content. It can also be featured in art designs or typography pieces. This set comes equipped with a complete set of lower and uppercase letters, with punctuation and numeral. In addition, the download includes alternates and ligatures, which can be used interchangeably. To add more texture and artistic features, the typography artist included a set of eighteen swashes and eight splatters.

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12. Atone

Despite having expansive brush fonts available on the market, it can sometime be challenging to find ones that wills work made a bold statement as a display font. That’s the not a concern with Atone. This uppercase set of characters replicate the passion of paint on a canvas and utilizes sharp lines to maximize readability. In place of lowercase letters, the set includes uppercase alternates. For a bold statement, Atone is a go-to.

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13. Lovile

At first glance, it’s pretty easy to determine why Lovile made this list. This handcrafted font is perfect for any project requiring hand lettering. The bold version features a thick stroke that mirrors a wet watercolor brush. The thinner strokes are more reminiscent of script-style fonts, and look beautiful in any context. With three distinct variations of typefaces, this font family is a great option for graphic designers looking to appeal to broad audiences.

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14. Glossy

Glossy is a take on a growing trend in the graphic art industry—watercolor textures. Capitalizing on that developing niche, this font set includes everything you need to create beautiful typography to utilize with watercolor designs. It’s a great option for beginner or novice designers, because it provides both the brush and glyphs to create beautiful art pieces. Each download includes upper and lowercase letters, symbols, numbers, international characters, and 20 watercolor layers.

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15. Trincha

Trincha Typeface isn’t the typical brush stroke. Instead of taking a contemporary, calligraphy approach, Trincha keeps it old school with a street or sign-inspired font. The artist took inspiration from the hand painted signage commonly seen on Brazilian walls. You can increase the distressed effect of the typography can be increased by using the lowercase letters. This font family also includes over 100 glyps, which can be used in conjunction with the font.

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16. New York

Though technically a marker font, New York boasts a lot of the same benefits brush font, including a textured and handwritten appearance. New York draws inspiration from the city itself. Combining urban influences with rustic strokes, this is a font New Yorkers would feel proud to call their own. With your download, you’ll receive a bonus set of 18 other marker fonts. Check out the sample product images to get a feel for how this compares to brush strokes.

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17. Another Wild

Another Wild is a handlettered brush font with rough lines. This particular font family is calligraphy-inspired, but adopts a more rustic-chic vibe. To add more flair to your design work, graphic artists can utilize one of the complimentary swashes. This set is equipped for English and Spanish language characters, and includes alphabetic and punctuation characters. These additional features are easily accessible in many platforms, including Word. It’s great news for the general population, who may not have access to more advanced programs, such as Adobe Creative Suite.

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18. Sloth

Created with The Goonies in mind, this font is a whimsical and bold option that would work well as a display font. For added versatility, you could combine this heavy typeface with a condensed sans serif. Try it on marketing collateral, in digital designs, and on apparel designs.

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19. Wild Spirit

Name Wild Spirit, this font captures the essence of feeling free and untamable. Handcrafted with long, elegant strokes and utilizing a dry brush texture, this font family feels fluid, current, and is likely to appeal strongly to younger demographics. If prefer font downloads with additional freebies, this is a great choice. In addition to the complete set of alphabetic characters, this set also includes Wild Spirit Alt, a second version with a complete set of alternate characters, and Wild Spirit Extra, a set of swashes and ligatures. For designers requiring multi-language support, Wild Spirit provides support for English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Polish, Indonesian, Filipino and Malay!

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20. Daft

Everyone needs pick me up every now and then, and that’s exactly what Daft brush provides. Featuring a set of charismatic and organic characters, miracle is bursting with personality. Despite its distinctive characteristics, Daft looks good in many different contexts. The typography artist also provides four alternates for each characters, and two alternates for numeral characters. Try out on your next folksy design, against modern floral backgrounds, or in playful contexts.

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21. Introblues

Got the blues? Introblues is coming to your rescue! This beautiful calligraphy font has a joyful, floral-like quality that breathes life into your design projects. The energetic nature works well against clean backgrounds or with artistic accents. In addition to this comprehensive set of characters, you’ll also receive 228 glyphs, 118 characters, ligatures, and a wide range of language support.

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22. Echo Soul Font Duo

We know there is such a thing as soul food, but is soul fonts a thing? If so, that’s exactly how we’d categorize this hand-lettered brush duo. It’s soft and sweet, modern but classic which makes it a wonderful tool for graphic designers. The set is also comprehensive, as it includes 3 separate font files: Echo Soul, Echo Soul Alt, and Echo Soul Sans. These three files have a complete set of numerals and punctuation, multiple sets of upper and lowercase characters, and special letters to add design elements to your artwork!

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Brush fonts have come to the forefront of typography design in recent years, and they don’t seem to be losing traction in the design community. With so many lively and elegant options to choose from, we’re completely okay with that. Are there brush fonts missing from this list? Let us know in the comments!

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