The Best Perfume Packaging Mockup: Freshen the Look of Beauty Products

Today, millions of women around the world aspire to become young and fresh. With the help of modern day beauty products, they will be able to achieve that and more! The beauty industry is a business that will never slow down. And with that being said, you might be interested in creating your perfume for men and women alike. While you’ll be able to find some available perfume bottles, the packaging is another important thing you’ll need to display. After all, you’ll want to make sure that the photos look enticing to purchase. That’s where a perfume packaging mockup comes along.

Instead of wasting a lot of time and energy trying to create your design for the mockup, choose between these 19 best perfume packaging mockup packages!

Best Perfume Packaging Mockup Reviews

Based on what I have researched on, as well as customer reviews, here are my top 19 choices on the best perfume packaging mockups:

  1. 3 Antique Style Bulb Spray Bottle Mockups

    perfume packaging mockup

    What I love about this perfume bottle is that it has the classic antique style bulb spray. It’s perfect for women who want the classic design. It also has the fun and bright mockup that looks attractive and sunny, making more customers encouraged to look at it. With its simple design and interchangeable fonts and texts, you’ll enjoy how quick and easy it is to customize.

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  2. Perfume Packaging

    If you need BOTH a bottle perfume packaging mockup and advertisement to post and sell your product, then this packaging mockup will do both jobs effectively. The perfume bottle is rounded and comes with a colorful and faded font, suitable for either men or women. The mockup itself is an advertisement, where you can post on a website or a catalog. The mockup is ready for magazines with its classic and simple design with text boxes to inform potential customers what they are purchasing.

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  3. Perfume Bottle Packaging

    Looking for perfume bottle that has two completely different designs to choose from? Then you can mix and match with this package! It comes with two of everything: two bottles, shapes, lids, liquid colors, even the various reflections and smart objects to easily add your graphics. It’s completely customizable according to your preference, and you can have the bottle of perfume you want that shows luxury and elegance without wasting so much time in designing. There are a ton of possibilities you can do with these two bottles, making it an ideal purchase for those who need variety in their packaging.

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  4. Perfume Mock-Up

    This perfume mockup may be simple, but it has EVERYTHING you need to complete your perfume packaging’s design. Not only does it come with the perfume bottle, but it also has its box and shopping bag included for a better look at what you have to offer. I love the fact that the bottle’s design is etched onto the bottle itself, and that it has the shiny and embossed font to increase its attractiveness. The mockup is high-quality with shadows and easily customizable settings, making it well-worth the investment.

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  5. Square Perfume Bottle Mockup

    This bottle comes in two sizes, so you will be able to choose between the two, depending on what you need. Or, you can even go for both! The square designs make it look clean and organized, with a more attractive and unique look. The scripted font will be replaced with your company name, adding a bit of flair to it.

    The mockup is simple with a blurred background to emphasize on the perfume bottles. It looks very clear and in high-quality, with its reflection at the bottom!

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  6. 10 Basic Perfume Bottles and Boxes Mockup

    If you can’t choose what type of perfume bottle you want, then get inspiration from this package of TEN different bottle designs!

    All these designs are suitable for just about any audience, may it be for men or women, children or seniors. It comes with the classic and luxurious designs with the equally well-made box and mockup, making it ideal for posting and selling to attracted customers. It’s worth the investment as you have the complete package of various bottle templates to choose from!

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  7. Perfume Mock-Up

    This might be one of my favorite mockups because of how realistic it is. I love the high-definition photo that was perfectly laid flat with the shadows and clarity. It has elegance and class all over it, from the white background down to the glass bottle and simply designed box. The label may seem very simple, but it is through the small and clean fonts that make it attractive. Plus, it makes customizing your perfume quicker for posting!

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  8. Perfume Mockup

    This is a small bottle that can take up to 25ml of perfume. While it’s small, the mockup is very beautiful and can be used as a sampler to show your customers on your website or catalog. It’s ideal for female customers with its gold colors and slightly shiny tints. It exudes luxuriousness without having to do anything. You can change the text and the logos into ones that your company owns. The mockup is Amazon-ready so you can post it for selling right away.

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  9. Perfume for Women Mockup

    For those who want to exude luxuriousness and elegance in their perfume bottles, then this is the perfect design. It comes in a plain white box with a classy, rounded-shaped bottle with a pearl-like cover. It even has the beautiful script and fonts at the bottom to showcase your brand-name. The mockup itself comes in a plain white background, so you will be able to make it look simple and attractive enough for potential buyers to get hooked with the perfume and purchase it.

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  10. Small Glass Bottles Mockup

    For smaller perfume bottles, you may want to consider getting these small glass bottle mockups. I like the fact that these small glass perfumes are innovative and designed to sit on top of one another, and with the candid-professional font that will catch attention. It is ideal for samplers and testers as well! You can tweak the mockup, depending on the color of the font or background. You can even add your logo to make it more personal and related to your business.

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  11. Heart Glass Bottle Mockup

    Now, this is a unique perfume packaging design I would recommend if you want something different and edgy. The perfume bottle comes in a heart glass design, so it’s suitable for either cute and elegant or rock and punk! It adds an edge against all other competitors, and its mockup looks realistic and in high-definition. You can tweak the logo and font to however way you want it, adding color or personality according to your company’s preference.

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  12. Perfume Mockup

    What I one about this perfume mockup is how realistic it is despite you customizing the packaging. It looks beautiful as the mockup comes from a well-designed box and elegant background, making it look attractive to many potential customers, especially women who want the best perfumes! Though the label is simple, it exudes a hint of glam and luxury. Through its realistic mockup design and a beautiful perfume bottle, you will surely appreciate how it looks and inspires, as well as the fact that you can post it on your website for selling!

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  13. Fragrance Bottle PSD Template

    This is a very simple Fragrance Bottle template that comes in a slightly rounded yet square shape. The bottle design is simple with its packaging cute and lovely, bearing a heart shape and scripted font where you can add your perfume’s name. You can choose between various colors and scale through it for easy customization. Through its fully customizable features and complete package, you can produce perfume bottles that smell and look great without the hassle of designing the packaging!

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  14. Green Perfume Container Mockup

    This natural Green Perfume Container Mockup will be able to show off your naturally scented perfume without too much flair, but with the attractive design. This bottle mockup is suitable for a male audience, with a squared shape and bold font to entice potential customers. The mockup also includes a text box where you’ll be able to put in any information needed about your perfume, making it even more sellable. It’s ideal for those who sell natural products!

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  15. Green Women Perfume Mockup

    Are you looking for a perfume packaging that shows off a bit more natural theme? Then the Green Women Perfume Mockup is the ideal one for you. It has the green tones and color themes you need for your product to stand out, making it not only look environment-friendly but smell great as well. The product has sections where you can add text and information regarding your perfume, as well as space where you can add your perfume brand name and logo.

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  16. Blue and Purple Perfume Mockup

    If you want your perfume to be more of a fun and quirky theme, then you’ll never go wrong with blue and purple! This mockup design has the cute and funky edge to it, making it ideal for flavors and scents that show off flair and innocent femininity. I would recommend this for perfume manufacturers who sell perfume to girls and women. It’s also great for perfuems with eccentric and fun flavors! The mockup shows gold flair in its font colors, so as to make it more attractive.

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  17. Brown and Yellow Perfume Mockup

    If you’re looking for a luxurious mockup suitable for men, then this perfume packaging is one you should consider getting. It has a simple design, only with the text and squared bottle to match a manly structure. It had gold and made for elegance, coming with a mockup suitable for advertising and selling. You can even add information about your product beside the perfume bottle, making it attractive and informative for potential buyers. You can also show your brand off at the bottom of the mockup, making it a suitable perfume package.

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  18. Turquoise Realistic Perfume Mockup

    If you are looking for a lovely turquoise color for your perfume brand, then you may want to consider getting this mockup! It has a unique design that screams aquatic, making it ideal for perfume related to either luxurious blue or the down-to-earth waters. Its bottle design is simple, with the fancy font where you can add your company and perfume name. The background of the mockup is equally turquoise, matching the color and making it look more enticing.

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In Conclusion

Perfume is one beauty product that will never go away. It’s the reason why many manufacturers are looking into the perfume industry. It is to show that they have what it takes to give you the scents you love, may you be a man or woman! So are you looking for an effective perfume packaging mockup to show your brand off? Then you can find it through any of these 19 best designs. Not only are they suitable for perfumes, but they will also have different perspectives and customizable layers you can easily tweak.

There is no best perfume packaging mockup for all companies. So I urge you to choose something that follows your company’s standards and style. That way, it will entice your recurring (and new!) customers to keep coming back.

I hope that this article on the best perfume packaging mockup reviews helped you become more knowledgeable and decide which one is the best for you. So what are you waiting for? Invest in a perfume packaging mockup today and see what it can do to make your business flourish.

If you have any questions or would like to share your thoughts about the best perfume packaging mockup, then comment down below. I will appreciate any opinions you have to share about the best perfume packaging mockup.

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