Best Photoshop Texture Bundles for Photographers and Designers

Photoshop Textures can be quite the resourceful element to have within our designer’s toolkit in order to quickly improve the appearance of a photograph of graphic element. How? Well, imagine a painting in a plain canvas: unless it’s absolutely stunning on its own, the painting won’t show much as it doesn’t have a good textured canvas to enhance the strokes made by the painter. In some cases, photographs and designs work just under the same logic; mostly for scrapbooking and such, these textures bundles we’re going to review can bring so much to your day to day work.

Sleeklens Dry Strokes Texture Collection

Meet all of your design dreams and hopes with this complete collection of Dry Strokes Textures by Sleeklens – A pack of 60 high res realistic textures that will surely emulate the feeling of a dry brush in a texturated canvas. In a wide range of tones and strokes, this package can take your images to the next level in no time!

  • 55 original textures with 5 variations
  • 6300 x 4454px image size, with a high resolution of 300 DPI
  • Colors can be changed or desaturated
  • Textures compatible with Photoshop 4-6 and Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Textures compatible with Adobe Illustrator, Paint Photo Shop Pro, Gimp, etc.
  • Textures that work with both JPEG and RAW images

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100 Texture Bundle

An entire collection of 1 gigabyte of textures! Features 10 texture bundles in a wide range of topics such as: woodgrain, marble, retro halftones, grunge and much more.

  • Every texture is offered in both Vector EPS and 27 megapixel transparent PNG formats.
  • All textures are colored dark gray and may be manually changed via your favorite graphics software
  • Super handy PDF texture guides are included so you can easily find the perfect texture quickly
  • Textures do not tile nor repeat

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Easy Distress – Texture Pack

Unique bundle of 30 Photoshop Textures and 30 Photoshop Brushes for quickly adding incredible texture effects to your designs. Includes PSD Mockup for displaying your designs in a faster way.

  • PSD Mockup – 300dpi and 3000 x 2000. Includes 15 mask layers and 15 overlays
  • 30 Photoshop Brushes – Each brush is approximately 2500 x 2000. These are excellent for creating your own custom distressed effects.
  • 30 Textures – 300dpi and 3000 x 2000 black and white JPG. These files can be overlaid in existing artwork to create distressed effects. See included instructions for details.

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169 Massive Premium Textures

A bundle of 169 textures, ready to be part of your design projects, in a wide range of topics such as animal textures, geometric textures, glitters textures, watercolor textures and way much more!

300 DPI resolution – CMYK ready

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Digital Paper Textures

Picture yourself adding these real-life paper textures to your designs! 38 paper textures, plus also 11 watercolor papers and patterns to craft your way to beautiful image composition or killer graphics in no time.

600 DPI resolution files – the perfect bundle for creating wedding invitations, postcards, or even mockups that ought to have a papery background.


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Organic Textures – 12 Vectors

Inspire your clients with these, nature-inspired, organic textures and vectors. A complete solution for adding thrilling textures to your images or designs with the help of software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel and much more.

Since they are vector artwork, they don’t feature any resolution, being able to adapt to any kind of work you happen to require. Vector EPS files.

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Watercolor Textures. Light & Bright

Over 100 real-looking watercolor textures, with inspiring colors and splashes, to create incredible designs in no time!. Quickly adapt these high res textures to images, mockups, card designs and practically anything else you can think of with ease and flair.

600 DPI and 300 DPI files for experiencing a truly worth experience.

What’s inside the pack:

  • 63 .PNG shapes, forms
  • 28 .JPG papers
  • 12 .PNG blobs, splats
  • 6 .JPG seamless patterns

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80 White Wall Textures Bundle

Grab these white wall textures and amaze your clients with modern-looking designs that will take their breaths away! A fine selection of 80 textures in a great range of effects and finishes.

From concrete to brick; perfect finished textures to highly distressed ones – just that big wall texture bundle your inner flair has been craving for.

Textures available in 300 DPI resolution – image size from 16 to 24 mpx.

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Vintage Paper Textures 1

8 high quality vintage paper textures, with worn edges or scratches – perfect for stationary, cards or invitations.

300 DPI high res files in 12″x 12″ format

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Ultimate Textures Package

Perfect for any design project, this package of textures for Photoshop can quickly become your preferred background texture bundle thanks to its quality and variety of resources.

All images included in 7360 x 4912 px in a wide range of topics such as:

  • Wood
  • Brick
  • Wall
  • Concrete
  • Metal
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Fabric
  • Textile
  • Leather
  • Mixed materials

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Extremely HR Seamless Wood Patterns

Is there any better thing than tillable wood textures for crafting unique presentations? Seamless wood textures for your designs, in 34.5 x 25.6 inch format (10350 x 7680 px), with 300 DPI resolution.

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Shining Textures

A set of 12 high res, glittery textures, to add chic background to your design projects. 3600 x 3600 px file size.

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Film Textures

Easy to use as background or overlays, these film textures can surely add much feeling to your designs or photographs in no time.

  • 12 large grayscale textures (.jpeg)
  • 4752 x 3168 px
  • 66 x 44 inches
  • resolution 72 dpi
  • RGB mode

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Liquid Gold for Illustrator

Even if these textures are intended for Adobe Illustrator, thanks to Adobe’s intracompatibility, you can quickly adapt them to your Adobe Photoshop designs without even requiring further knowledge.

Just as the name says, pure gold! Over 100 realistic watercolor vectors and 187 hand painted watercolor textures in raster format, perfect for any delicate design. And if all that wasn’t enough, also get ready to enjoy 69 glittery textures also included in this bundle.

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Caston Inked

A vintage Serif font with textures included – is there anything better than this? Quickly create old retro designs or hand lettering works with this creative and cool bundle.

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Glitter Textures Big Bundle

A full rainbow of glittery textures for inspiring your designs! Ideal for scrapbooking, invitations and cards.

30 high quality 300 dpi 12″ x 12″ (3600×3600 px) JPEG files without watermarks

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Space Watercolor Textures

Let the stars guide your way with this smart looking watercolor texture bundle for Adobe Photoshop! Hand painted watercolor space textures with swashes of dark blue, violet and purple paint – You can truly feel stars gazing your path!

Package includes:

  • 14 files with space backgrounds in .JPG format without any text and watermarks.
  • Size: 12″x12″ (3600px), 300DPI Please note that preview photography and images with typography are not included.

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It’s Christmas Texture Pack

Celebrate your festive spirit with this set of Christmas-inspired textures. Ideal for crafting souvenirs such as greeting cards, albums and much more; in 12 x 12 inches and 300 PPI format.


  • White Xmas Background Paper
  • Crumpled Red Solid Background Paper
  • Aqua Snowflake Background Paper
  • Lime Tree Leaf Background Paper
  • Blazing Stars Background Paper
  • Blue Snow Sky Background Paper
  • Coffee and Snow Background Paper
  • Green Distressed Cloth Background Paper
  • Passionate Pink Stars Background Paper

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Real Photocopier Textures

Feeling retro? Go back to your old school days with this bundle of real-life photocopier textures. Love that imperfect burnt effect due to machine’s overexposure settings or just travel back in time with this set of inspiring textures.

20 high quality JPEG files included.

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Halftone Texture Press

Feeling frustrated for not finding that perfect looking halftone texture you always craved your designs to have? Then we would like to invite you to check this impressive halftone texture.

Halftone Press is not an action but a layered Photoshop document, set out like this:
• Image
• Image Background
• Textures
• Background

What you get:
• Halftone Press PSD – 3000px x 2000px / 300dpi (Landscape)
• Halftone Press PSD – 2000px x 3000px / 300dpi (Portrait)
• 25 Textures (Halftone)
• BONUS FREE (Halftone Brushes) to create your own textures
• Instruction booklet (PDF)

• Photoshop CS3 or above.
• Basic knowledge of Photoshop.
• Will NOT work in PS Elements or Coral Draw.

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Handmade Textured Animal Silhouettes

Bring wildlife to your project files with this set of over 100 vector animals with appealing textures. Ai and EPS files, fully editable in Photoshop, Illustrator or Corel Draw, plus PNG images with transparent background.

Animals that are included in this pack are: Angora rabbit, Antelope, Bandicoot, Beaver, Bear, Beluga, Birds, Bison, Black Rhino, Bull, Bunny, Butterfly, Camel, Cockerel, Cow, Crab, Deer, Dingo, Dog, Dolphin, Eel, Elephant, Ferret, Fish, Flamingo, Fox, Giraffe, Goat, Hare, Hog, Guinea Fowl, Hoopoe, Grey Squirrel, Horse, Hummingbird, Kangaroo, Lemur, Leopard, Lioness, Llama, Lobster, Lynx, Monkey, Mouse, Mule, Narwhal, Ocelot, Octopus, Ostrich, Otter, Parrot, Peccary, Pig, Pigeon, Polar Bear, Rabbit, Raccoon, Red Deer, Saki, Shark, Sheep, Sole, Spider, Squid, Stag, Swallow, Swordfish, Tiger, Toucan, Wallaby, Wild cat and Wild Ox.

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Soot and Stardust Textures

Sleek and elegant package of 14 digital papers with black and silver watercolor textures, as well as golden stars.

Images are in JPEG format, measuring 12″x12″ at 300 dpi resolution. Perfect for Christmas party props, web designs or scrapbooking… any creative design!

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Retro Stamp Textures & Brush Pack

Just what your old-fashioned inner designer desires! A bundle of retro resources for a convenient price, featuring several different techniques and brush strokes.

Package includes: 

  • .PSD | Layered Photoshop file including 8 Light Textures, 8 Heavy Textures and 10 Brush Strokes with transparent backgrounds
  • .PNG | Separate files of all 26 textures with transparent background
  • .ABR | Photoshop brushes for the 10 brush strokes 2000px+

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Rustic Photoshop texture kit

20 handmade print effects for crafting some cool retro compositions in a blink of an eye. Includes masks, noise and backgrounds.

What’s included in the kit

  • 20 main texture effects (the bulk of the pack)
  • 7 additional noise effects (paper, scratches, spray)
  • 13 additional stain marks (finger prints, water stains, cup stains, paint spray)

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Metallic Glitter Background Textures

Metallic, glittery paper textures to try and test with your own designs. From silver to bronze and gold, these 12 images in 300 DPI resolution will be a resourceful element to add to your library.

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NEUTRAL TEXTURES digital papers

A much needed package of neutral textures – ideal for any scrapbooking project or birthday invitation cards.

10 digital papers with neutral textures like burlap/jute, linen and wood – in 12″ x 12″ (3600 x 3600), 300 DPI JPEG files.

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RAW TEXTURES digital paper

If the previous package wasn’t good enough for you, then let’s meet another option for enhancing that very collection with these RAW texture images for Photoshop.

12 textured images in a variety of topics such as: textured paper, wood, burlap, concrete textures, backgrounds, wood background, pink wood, wood texture, rustic wood, wood scrapbook paper and burlap papers, texture, wood printable, scrapbook wood digital, distressed wood, white wood, beige wood for scrapbooking, cards, invitations and great creative projects. You can use the digital files for scrapbooking, birthday cards, greeting cards, party and other projects.

12″ x 12″ (3600 x 3600), 300 DPI JPEG files.

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20 Snow Overlays Textures

Embrace wintertime with these realistic Snow Overlays for Adobe Photoshop, in a wide range of effects to be applied.

In this set you get access to the following:

  • 20 Snow Overlays in .PNG format ready to go!
  • 20 Snow Overlays in PSD format with a smart object underneath for you to drop your images in!
  • Readme.txt file for help

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Marble Paper Textures

A collection of inspiring marble paper textures to include in your designs with ease and style!. These textures can be used for wallpapers, cards, invitations, brochures and much more.

43 high resolution JPG textures (6000/4200 px)

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36 Winter Whispers Gold & Textures

Add a touch of evening twinkle this holiday season with these gorgeous, realistic rose and soft gold leaf patterns and natural textured digital scrapbook pages. You’ll get metallic confetti, stars, bees, messy stripes, triangles and creamy mistletoe, geodes, raindrops, chevrons, lemons and harlequin patterns on deep sueded navy blue, deep ruby red, rich tobacco, weathered wood, emerald green, mustard yellow, watercolor and gentle wheat tones.

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