Best plugins for Photoshop – Photographer’s edition

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It doesn’t matter if you are new or experienced in the Photography field, every single user needs a good bunch of plugins for an enhanced performance with Photoshop.

So now let’s review what could be your best plugins for Photoshop collection if you are a keen photographer.

Filter Forge

Here comes an amazing plugin with plenty applications. Even though you may say is more designer focused, for creative effects, there is no rival.

It is subscription based, with over 5100 creative filter effects, as well as textures and presets. Also has the ability of letting you create your own filters which you can submit for the online filter library

Alien Skin Plugins pack

As I mentioned before at “The complete list of useful lightroom plugins”, Alien Skin provides some of the best plugins for the industry.

They are the same and work the very same way as with Lightroom. For remembering them, they are: Exposure (for RAW files non-destructive editing), Snap Art (for creative filter effects) and Blow Up (for picture resizing without pixelating)

Nik Collection

As well as with Alien Skin, Nik plugins collection is also available for Photoshop. The plugins that are compelled in that collection are:

  1. Analog Efex Pro: It gives the effect of a classical camera shot.
  2. Color Efex Pro: An amazing compound of postproduction tools, mostly focused on filters to apply and make your photo became a masterpiece
  3. Silver Efex Pro: B&W Effect Perfection, by far. It also can add Film Grain effect to make pictures look older.
  4. Viveza: it is a selective color tool, where you can adjust the image tone without needing to apply layer masks
  5. HDR Efex Pro: Even though you can manage HDR look in Photoshop, HDR Efex Pro offers you a quicker way to create natural-looking HDR images
  6. Dfine: Noise reduction plugin. A fantastic thing that this powerful plugin adds is the possibility of applying noise reduction per color. Not something that we see every day, and it is also combined with sharpening effects (although not as powerful as Sharpener Pro)
  7. Sharpener Pro: Best tool for image sharpening. It gives your photos that realistic boost look they need, enhancing the details you want to select for your picture to shine on.

Wire Worm

Ever had the experience of shooting an amazing scenery… like an old city scene crowded with people with magnificent buildings surrounding it? But then you notice one particularly annoying element at the scene: wires.

Can’t help it, otherwise we wouldn’t have electric power in the cities. But face it: they are annoying and sometimes ruin our shots if they are just in the middle of our angle of shooting.

Fortunately, at you can get this amazing little guy which will remove those annoying wires and make your pictures look like they deserve.

It works with colour matching techniques, quite similar to Clone tool in Photoshop but blending the details, and handles in a very precise way the removal of items from our pictures.

Red Giant Knoll Light Factory

This plugin is more VFX oriented, but for amazing creative effects in some shots there is no rival.

It is a lens flare editor which way much possibilities than Adobe Photoshop native one. Ever dreamt of having a fireball in your hands? With this plugin is possible to create those kind of effects.

And notice well that for landscape photography, the lens flare effects for sun enhancing are stunning.


It works as a noise suppression software that can be amazingly useful in Photo Restoration techniques.
As it reduces film grain effect considerably, it works really well with scanned images or with high ISO pictures that need to be fixed as soon as possible.


Tired of a renaming bunch of layers one by one? Renamy does the work for you.

You can select a big number of layers and then rename then in only one click, as well as finding and replacing layer names if the case was you have just too many layers.

Topaz Labs Plugins

Another collection of plugins worth the value. Made for every kind of adjustment you feel up to perform, in my opinion perhaps they even outstand Nik Collection.

  1. Topaz Adjust: Dramatic contrast, incredible detail and vivid color all in one plugin. Adjust is about compensating those details camera lens may outlook while taking a shot.
  2. Topaz B&W: Just as with Silver Efex Pro, another plugin for transforming your colour photos into jaw-dropping Black and White ones.
  3. Topaz Clarity: Works with contrast, giving much more control than the actual contrast adjustments in Photoshop. It reminds me of the Lightroom clarity contrast, but improved. Perfect for that extra touch every photo needs.
  4. Topaz Clean: One of the best plugins for smoothing details out of our photos, and works perfectly for beauty retouch. In my opinion, don’t use it for Landscape photography… smoothness is not a realistic effect in nature.
  5. Topaz Detail: There again, another sharpening tool that can do a good job for the run
  6. Topaz Lens Effects: Bokeh, Vignetting, Polarize, Tilt Shift, Creative Blur… those are just some of the effects you can create with this plugin. Definitely worth the buy.
  7. Topaz Remask: In my opinion works better than Perfect Mask. Easy workflow through the plugin and convincing results in the end. Those Photoshop-based headaches while masking can be long gone.
  8. Topaz Simplify: For creativity purposes only. Similar to Snap Art but which plenty more effect to play with.


If you are one of those people who like ancient pictures, then this is your plugin.

You can add both film grain to the pictures as well as ancient camera toning. A must have for wedding photographers.


As well as with Lighroom, Portraiture works with Photoshop. Quick convincing results for beauty retouching and its Auto-Mask feature comes handy when dealing with a lot of pictures to retouch in short time.


There again, as working with too much layers can be a near deathly experience for most of us, Layrs can organize our workspace with layers.

Renaming, purge unused layers, flattening layers effects, rasterizing objects are just some of the options this plugin gives us.

And the best of it? It is free.

AutoFX Mystical Suite

An integrated bundle of visual effects for changing focus, lighting, and overall look of a photography, adding a dramatic feel to it. A must-have tool for wedding, portrait and landscape photographers.  It includes:

  • Mystical Focus Gen1: contains a collection of visual effects such as photo-realistic depth-of-field, panning motion, soft focus, selective brush-on focus, vignettes and other creative ways of enhancing your shots.
  • Mystical Lighting and Ambiance Gen1: Do you want that mystic forest look to your pictures? Mystical Lighting and Ambiance lets you stream natural lighting, light beams, surface light, shading, shadows and atmospheric conditions such as rain, snow, haze and fog onto your scenes.
  • Mystical Tint Tone and Color Gen1: 60 filters for enhancing the mood, colour and tone of your shots.

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