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Top 12 Share Button Collections for Your WordPress projects!

As designers we’ve all had a WordPress Web Design project and we always struggle looking for plugins to make our life easier. One of the toughest decisions in web design is to choose the proper style of a social share button to get our users to share our contents and reach much more people, but sometimes the buttons we have aren’t enough.

Make sure you always have a wide set of options before making any decisions, even the tiniest detail can make a huge difference when we are designing a website. We have gathered some of the most popular social share button plugins for WordPress you only have to review them and select the one that suits best to your needs.

Social Share


This plugin for social sharing will let you add unique share buttons to your theme in just seconds, it requires no setting up as it default settings work perfectly fine.

Among its features you can find different positioning, choose where to show your buttons, and an extremely customizable line of colors and effects for your buttons like hover states and animations. This plugin adds responsive buttons so it works perfectly with all screen size.

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WordPress Social Share Button Collection


This plugin adds JQuery social share buttons to your WordPress site. It allows you to show your buttons in a floating banner, as a toolbar or in line with your content. It supports 9 social networks and also print and email buttons.

This plugin features three different share button styles to add them where you like with or without count box. Another cool feature is spam protection for email buttons. You can also hide & show your icons using external links and option to use custom title and descriptions.

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WordPress Article Social Share


This set of social share buttons is extremely elegant and functional. It is responsive and cross-browser functional so it will work across every device. It comes with a unique set of settings to help you build the perfect share bar with its flexible customization options. Let’s you know the statistics of the most shared pages and posts. It supports 15 different social networks to help you increase your online presence.

It comes with two predefined themes but you can customize them in many possible ways. If you happen to know CCS then you’ll be able to do anything you want with this plugin.

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Super Social Share


This plugin comes with all the settings you will ever need to create a perfect social share button bar, it supports 50+ different networks and also have a live customizer that allows you to preview your buttons before putting them live. They also have features to prompt custom actions for the user after sharing the content and url shortner system to reduce the length of the link to the website when sharing.

It includes 18 different templates for you to choose for your websites and has a description generator that will create custom descriptions for different social networks.

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Crab Social Share


This plugin features a really nice looking set of icons that will add a trendy and elegant touch to your website. It has a full screen mode that pops up a darn overlay with the buttons on it by clicking a share button.

These plugins support 15 different social network to help you spread the word about your content in the most popular networks in the most efficient way.

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Easy social Share Buttons


This plugin is on of the most amazing ones in the market for adding social share buttons to any website. It customization settings allow you to create the perfect social share bar with extremely flexible settings. It supports 40 of the most popular social networks including a wide range of optimized mobile sharing options.

It feature 31 predefined templates for you to choose the best way to show your social sharing button with a long list of positioning and display options for enhanced user experience.

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ArSocial – Social Share & Social Locker


This exclusive WordPress plugin that is a combination of Social Share, Social Like / Follow / Subscribe, Social Locker and Social Fan Counter is the perfect option for you to manage the presence of your content in the most popular social networks.

It supports more than 35 social networks, has settings for automatic display of buttons in different locations, share counters.

It also enables the administrator of the website to lock a piece of content and making it available after liking sharing or singing in with social media account and also lets you display the amount of followers you have in your different social networks.

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Social Share on Images AddOn


As it name says, it adds social media sharing buttons to the images of your posts and articles. You can customize when and how to show the buttons, always or when hovering over the image. It features 8 different button positions. It supports 14 different social networks and includes different templates to help you decide where to start building your custom social bar.

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Social Buzz WordPress Plugin


Described as the “ultimate share graphics plugin” for WordPress, one look at all its customization options and you’ll understand why the nickname.

This plugin supercharges the way your visitors can share your content across the social networks.

It allows your visitors to know the popularity of the post they just shared and gives you the possibility to increase the return rate of visitors to your website.

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Social Share top bar add on


If you already have the Social Share plugin installed or are planning to install it, then here you have a nice add on for it, it adds a nice looking top bar with social share button options to engage your users as fast as you can. It comes with several predefined styles for you to choose or you can also create your own styles. It also features a bottom position if you consider that your website looks better this way. It also has plenty of content sharing and positioning options to give your visitors the best user experience possible.

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Ultimate Social Deux


Featuring more than 25 social networks and 22 social fan counters, this plugin offers to deliver you with the maximum user experience and increase your share rates to improve your online presence. It comes with more than 20 display locations to give your users the experience they deserve while reading your posts across all devices with multiple different skins, you’ll be able to create the perfect share experience for your web visitors.

It also support WooCommerce product sharing, custom coding visual composer sharing elements and google analytics integration. The complete tool box to get your content as far as possible.

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WP Ultimate social

share button 122

It is the ultimate package of all the social media sharing features you could imagine, Social icons, social shares, counters and feed are some of the features included in this amazing plugin.

With tons of positioning options and lots of templates included you can set up your social share buttons in just a few minutes. It supports 14+ social networks and email and printing buttons. It is fully responsive and cross browser functional so your share button will look good no matter the browser or the device.

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