Best Social Media Icon selection to give a nice touch to your design!

Whether you are designing for print or digital use, it is super important to add information for social media, on print you can put the name of the page you want them to visit and in digital you can add links to the social media profile, but if you don’t use the a social media icon you are letting your message to slip away, social media icons have become a must in every design related task.

Can you think of a flyer or a website that you saw recently? If you paid attention you’ll realize that all the information you are receiving in a daily basis have something in common, they promote the social profiles of the advertiser

We already gave you tons of social media icon selections in our previous articles, and now we decided to make the ultimate social media icon selection for you to choose from!

Small Social Media Icon Selection


This set of pixel perfect designed social media buttons are simply perfect, they were created to perfectly stand out on every background and we have to say, they really do, from the darkest to the lightest colors these icons make their job.

The set includes 140 different icons ready to use in PNG format in three different sizes and 3 PSD layered files where you can find and edit the icons you want to give them an even more personalized look.

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Thin Line Social Icons


Perfect for websites with dark backgrounds color these illustrations are made up only of the silhouette of the icon. The way these icons are were designed gives them a nice touch of elegance and modernity that goes well with every trend based design.

This set includes 244 Icons for the most popular social networks, this set of icons includes AI, EPS, and PNG file formats for you to use straight of the box or to customize them as they are very easy to use and edit.

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90 Social Media Icons


Perfect to use as they come, this icon set features amazingly designed icons with three different styles to use. With circular shapes and different shadows styles, these icons are really going to stand out in your design compositions.

The set includes 90 icons that are very easy to use. Each icon comes in three different styles and 7 different sizes so you’ll have more than enough options to select and customize the ones you want to use. You’ll also receive documentations to let you know better how to use and edit the files.

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Flat Social Media Icons


This set of icons design on a flat trend, are what every designer needs to create awesome websites and print materials as they work perfectly well in both scenarios.

The package includes 236 different icons in different forms and shapes all designed in a flat style. It is very probable that this set has a combination of icons that will match almost any design you make, a very huge deal for an amazing set of icons. All the icons come in PNG and PSD y=so you can use them and edit them in any way you like.

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30 Vector Social Icons


This set of vectored icons will surely blow your mind, these icons are extremely well designed. The background of the icons is a filled silhouette of the icon which gives them a really nice touch and visual effect.

The set includes 30 different icons in 5 different colors so you can use them right out of the box. Also each icon comes in two different file formats so you can use them or edit them in any way you like.

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Splash Social Media Icons


This set of social icon selection are design to look as if the icon rest on the stroke of a painting brush. Featured in four different sizes, each icon is designed to match the representative color of the social network they stand for.

This set of icons features 48 icons in four different sizes to make a total of 192 different icons ready for use. The icons also come in PSD format so you can easily change the background color or resize to fit your needs.

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Retro Social Media Icon Selection


This set of retro style social media icons are perfect for every kind of design project, from websites to print media. One of the first thought that came to my mind while reviewing these icons was that whey would totally for sports inspired websites as they look and feel like team logos from the NBA.

This set of icons feature 40 icons in three different styles and blank icons so you can create the ones you need if they aren’t included in the package. All fines come in PSD and PNG format and are vectored images so they are really easy to edit and resize.

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306 Flat Style Social Icons


This set of flat design icons is perfect to suit most needs, the icons are pixel perfect designed and can be used to match almost any website style you can think of.

Among the files you’ll find 72 icons in 5 different styles that including Metro, Poster, hexagon, Round and Rounded square styles. This packages includes PNG, AI and EPS files so you can use and edit them however you like.

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52 Social Media Icons


This set of amazing icons is designed to resemble 3D buttons that were once so trendy on web design, they are perfectly designed to stand out in any background color. Ensure that the users of the website click on your social media icons and increase the number of followers with this collection of icons.

The package includes 208 different PNG icons ready for use and also come with PSD vector and layered files so you can customize them and edit in every imaginable way.

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600 Social Icons Bundle

social media icon 10

Featuring two of the packages listed above, this incredible bundle includes 600 icons in many different styles and sizes to match any design composition you have in mind. By acquiring this unique bundle you make sure to have a huge collection of social icons fully customizable and ready to use icons that will work well in any design.

This set includes 360 flat social media icons, 240 thin line social media icons and the online marketing and SEO flat icons set so you are ready to start designing with a full social media icon collection.

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