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Best social network icons sets for web and graphic design!

Social media has become a part of everything, almost every business and every person is in the social media and it has become a great way for advertising your products and services. Nowadays it’s impossible to see a website without social network icons so visitors can start following them.

Something really amazing about it is the amount of people creating great looking social network icons for websites and graphic design. For that simple reason we decided to gather several sets of social network icons in a single place; we are sure you’ll get at least one of these amazing sets for your collection.

Simple Social Network Icons Circle


This set of social network icons will go well in any website that uses a dark combination of colors. Black and white elements promise a great contrast and the possibilities are that whoever sees them will click on them and start following the page in the social networks.

This set includes a full set of social media icons in several formats so you can use them straight pout of the box or customize them any way you want it using Photoshop or any other picture editing software such a Adobe Illustrator.

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Social Media Icons Circle Line Blk


This set of icons is very similar to the previous one we presented and in fact was created by the same designer. This set of social icons work best on websites with light combinations of colors. The simplicity and detail level of these icons make them a great choice for anyone looking to build an outstanding website.

With this set you’ll receive layered PSD files, Vector files, PNG Files in high quality and resolution that are ready to use in any of your projects.

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Simple Social Media Icons


This amazing set of social network icons is just a great starting point for every designer, these icons are just the shape of the social media network, these shapes give you the possibility of creating your own and unique set of icons, also these icons will work great in any website as they are fully customizable.

The set includes a full set of social media icons ready for use in different formats. Included in the package you’ll find PNG files in three different sizes for each icon and also you’ll find a PSD layered file so you can edit them to match the size and colors of your needs.

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Black and White Social Media Icons


This set of square icons is exactly what you need for that trendy website you are designing, don’t let yourself miss this huge deal, once you know what comes inside the package you’ll have no more option that adding this package to your collection.

The package includes more than 100 different icons, it also includes 1 AI file, 1 EPS File and 100% Vector Shapes to edit them in any way you like, also each icon comes in three different sizes, 64*64 px, 128*128 px and 256*256 px. A great deal for the price and the best part of it is the versatility of these icons that can be used in a lot of different website styles.

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Chalkboard Social Media Icons


Following the rising trend of chalkboard design we decided to include this marvelous set of chalkboard social media icons to help you add that little something that drastically improves the look and feel of the website. This set of 24 icons comes with everything you need to start designing.

This packages includes 300 DPI PNG files in three different sizes: 32px, 64px and 632px, there’s also a PSD file so you can do as many customizations as you need to have them perfectly match your designs.

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Hand Drawn Social media Icons


Are you looking to dress up a website or blog you are designing? Well, these hand drawn icons are possibly what you need to give that website that final touch that will make it all fall in place and increase the chances of people actually following the social media accounts.

In these package you’ll only receive the icons in PNG format in three different sizes ready to use.

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Watercolour social media icons


This lovely of watercolor social icons are perfect for any kind of website and you and you client will love the way these icons look. With hand painted watercolor backgrounds you’ll be able to match any website design. Always dreamed of water color icons? Then look no more.

This set comes with 14 different icons and an empty background so you can create your custom icons, also you can ask the creator of these icons for special watercolor background colors if the color you need to match the design aren’t provided. Definitely a great addition to any designer’s collection.

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Social Media Icons Black Ink


Following another trend on website design that consist of making the website to look as hand drawn sketches, we have found this unique set of icons created in black ink. These icons are perfect for fashion and lifestyle websites and they give a nice and subtle effect that guarantees that people will click in your social media links.

This set of icons includes 20 different icons in several different formats ready for digital and print use, among the formats provided you can find PSD and PNG files in different sizes to match any style.

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Watercolor Social Media Icons


This set of colorful icons are perfect for vivid websites that feature lots of live colors. The psychedelic style of these icons make them perfect for websites abut music and artists.

This set of icons comes in PNG format so you can easily resize them for your web design compositions and are guaranteed to give your design a touch of life and joy.

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Mint Social Media Icon Set


This lovely set of social network icons designed in mint style using water color is exactly what you need to give a website a touch of style and uniqueness.

The packages includes a total of 54 files, 18 icons in three different sizes plus an empty icon so you can create icons of your own to fulfill the needs of your website, so if an icon isn’t included you can easily use Photoshop or illustrator to create that icon you are missing.

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Metallic Glitter Social Media Icons


Working on the design for a jewelry or make up website? Then these icons might come very handy for you. This set of icons is very beautiful and versatile and even wen metallic glitter isn’t a very common style, it’s sure that at some point of your career you wished you had something like these icons.

The set includes 12 different icons in three different sizes and colors plus an empty icon so you can create your own icons to match the design of the icons included in this package.

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