Best Tumblr Templates You Can Use For A More Amazing Blog

One of the best ways to express yourself in the online world would be through a blog. Tumblr is one of the social media platforms that combine both interactions with expression, providing the place where you can meet new people while posting your personal thoughts without shame. And just like any blog, you’ll need to make sure that you have the beautiful theme that goes along with what you’re posting. Whether you love posting about food, your creations, or even a portfolio for potential clients to view, getting the best Tumblr templates that will suit your forte is a must!

So instead of looking for basic themes that other people use, why not check these best Tumblr templates out and get the edge against all other fellow bloggers?

The Best Tumblr Templates

Based on our research, tests, and overall customer reviews, here are the best Tumblr templates suitable for ANY Tumblr user:

1. PERSONA- Tumblr Theme

What I love about the Persona is that it truly shows off your love for whatever your niche is because of its all-around design suitable for any look. It’s ultra-attractive with the minimalist style you can easily customize. It’s also easy to use and navigate around because of it. You won’t even need to tweak a thing because everything already looks neat and well-aligned for your viewer to enjoy reading the blog.

It’s the perfect theme for personal blogs because of its posting format and infinite scrolling. Furthermore, no matter the type of post, it looks amazing and is one of the best Tumblr templates.

Check It Out!

2. Monobloc- Tumblr Theme

Do you want a very cute theme designed for those who love color and cartoons? Get the quirky Monobloc theme, which is the favorite for creative artists out there. I love that it has an Ajax functionality for a smoother experience. I’m sure ANY user or viewer of your Tumblr will appreciate its graphics that come out so polished and without the lags. You can choose between different colors and accents, along with other theme features that make it easy for you to present your posts. It’s perfect for designers, photographers, and other artists who want to show what they have to offer.

It’s very easy to tweak and therefore, will have you squeal over the many cool options to choose from, including dividers and thumbnails!

Check It Out!

3. Elinor- Tumblr Theme

For those who want something modern and in that fantastically organized grid-based theme, Elinor will help you make your posts become even more beautiful through utilizing the full layout of your Tumblr, may it be on the computer or your mobile phone. I love that you can choose many types of options when customizing the theme, including various navigation layouts and little details like your mouse and grid sizes. It’s very simple and with an all-white base, which you can change to make it more personal. And with its many options, you’ll have the unique theme no one would be able to copy!

Check It Out!

4. Mosaik- Tumblr Theme

This is another grid-based theme that looks amazing with any color scheme you’re going for in your Tumblr layout. It’s versatile and responsive, with the beautiful and simple look that makes it perfect for any Tumble user. No matter the post, may it be text, chat, or photos, you’ll be able to have the nicely organized grids people can easily scroll through.

You have the freedom to tweak it and have the different color schemes to keep it yours. It’s nice, clean and great for those who want something minimalistic and without the frills.

Check It Out!

5. Noir- Tumblr Theme

Noir, meaning white in French, is the absolute theme that bloggers will appreciate. The minimalistic and simple theme is what makes it perfect for bloggers who want to keep it plain yet very enticing and pleasing to the eyes. Most noteworthy is its grid-based theme that has a small header where you can add your name and basic information, and as you scroll down, you have the ability to choose infinite scrolling to many beautiful photos that match the background behind it.

Noir is a theme made as its name suggests- White for pure and clean attractiveness.

Check It Out!

6. Uptown- Tumblr Theme 

When you think of the word uptown, you tend to visualize stylish luxury with hints of class and elegance. this Uptown theme holds no exception, with its minimalistic and lavish theme that has the horizontal layout and slide-in sidebar for your viewers to easily navigate around the layout. Its design details are gorgeous, as you can easily tweak the sidebars according to how you want it to look like. Add in your biography, links, and even some features and logos where they can find your other social media accounts. It’s definitely one for the stylish and modern users out there.

Check It Out!

7. Split- Tumblr Theme 

Are you a photographer looking for the perfect theme to showcase your photos on Tumblr? Split offers the beautifully responsive and retina ready theme that enables you to showcase your high-quality images in a fantastic way. You have a quarter of the theme dedicated to your sidebar where you can add your short biography and links for people to contact you. And from there, your viewers can scroll through your photos without worry. It’s smooth, the photos are adequately-sized and take up the whole layout stylishly, and you can still easily customize it according to your preference, from font to color. Plus, infinite scrolling for ease of user experience!

Check It Out!

8. Winter- Tumblr Theme

While we have been focusing on photos and short text posts, what about the writers who want to showcase their personal posts and stories? Winter has the unique content-focused blogging theme designed for writers who want to post their texts with style and grace. First of all, it’s named winter after its peaceful and all-white color scheme, made to look professional and minimalistic for viewers to easily browse through your content.

You have the basic sidebar where you can add your photo and a short description with links. And don’t worry about adding photos, because the photo posts look just as amazing as the text posts you’ll be putting out. Definitely one of the best Tumblr templates!

Check It Out!

9. Wedding- Tumblr Theme

Are you a wedding planner or photographer and want to showcase your recent events? Then this Wedding Tumblr Theme is the perfect one for you. you can choose between various color schemes and enjoy the beautifully-organized grids that make it look neat yet candid for viewing. It’s also a perfect way to keep a diary of your wedding planning for memory-keeping, where your family and friends can enjoy and view your lovely updates.

For brides, you have two details boxes where you can put in any information your guests may need to know, or you can list down gifts you want. You can feature your names and wedding date on the first part, with a huge space for your wedding photo and color overlay your loved ones will equal over. And whether you want a grid or a blog layout, that’s entirely up to you!

Check It Out!

10. Peach- Tumblr Theme

If you’re one who loved the perfectly proportioned grids (or the ease of customization for grid sizes and placements), then the Peach theme is the ideal one for you. It’s a theme all designers and artists would love because of its clean and aesthetic look, made for showcasing their photos and works of art. Plus, it’s mobile friendly and supports any type of Tumblr posts, updated with all browsers for the best user experience.

For writers, you can still take advantage of this terrific layout by choosing the blog grid, which is just as attractive.

Check It Out!

11. Resume- Tumblr Theme

Did you know that you can even use Tumblr for creating your resume and showing it off to future contractors? Whether you want to show off your portfolio to companies or contractors for freelancing, the Resume Tumblr Theme has the professional yet quirky layout that makes it easy for the big bosses to look through. You have one page to showcase your experience and skills, and another for your actual portfolio to display the work you can do. Most of all, you can share any widgets, logos, or even link to your social media. And with the easy customization, you won’t have a hard time making this theme look more career-oriented and personally yours.

Check It Out!

12. Viewfinder- Tumblr Theme 

What I love about viewfinder is that it’s perfect for any photographer. It definitely deserves the name as viewfinder because it beautifully shows off your photos in a unique way compared to the drab and boring themes. In addition to that, it includes a slideshow header for you to showcase your featured photos, as well as a ton of layout combinations to make it suitable for how you want it to look, especially if you want to add more information about you or your images. Furthermore, it’s also great on any device, either desktop or phone!

Check It Out!

13. Pixelate- Tumblr Theme

Do you love pixels? For those who love pixels and detailed effects, you’ll love how this pixelated theme is filled with the delightful design that you can easily experiment with. You can pixelate your background image and add awesome effects to it, adding cool animations and infinite scrolling, as well as a drop-down menu for your users to easily navigate through it! In addition to that, it has the organized layout of posts that you will appreciate as well.

Check It Out!

14. Creator- Tumblr Theme

Minimalistic themes are the norm, and it’s a beautiful style that will never die out. Creator Tumblr Theme is designed for artists out there with its fully responsive theme and broad customization options. As a result, it can make this theme truly yours. You can choose between color schemes and focus on your content, adding in Disqus comments, social sharing widgets, and even the Google Analytics. Therefore, artists and bloggers can take advantage of this, one of the best Tumblr templates!

Check It Out!

15. Simio- Tumblr Theme

Simio is another minimalistic theme that exudes elegance and class. It has a responsive and retina ready theme that will have your work look better than ever. It has the HD properties that will look great on either PC, phone or tablet.

It’s suitable for any types of posts and open to all widgets. With all these features, it’s an attractive theme you should consider getting!

Check It Out!

16. Vertica- Tumblr Theme 

best tumblr templates

Are you an artist who wants to show their portfolios or a Tumblr-themed with vintage photos and posts? Vertica Tumblr Theme gives you the sleek and modern design that can suit well with calming and classy photos. The stylish layout with close-knit grids makes it look attractive and smooth to scroll down to. Furthermore, it’s capable of customization suitable for bloggers and artists!

Check It Out!

17. Marc- Tumblr Theme 

Want something simple and to show off your fashion or photos? Then Marc is the versatile theme with the simple and modern look anyone will appreciate. It has a smooth look and quick performance. It also has the easy customization of colors and fonts. As a result, your Tumblr layout pop, making it one of the best Tumblr templates.

Check It Out!

In Conclusion

Many Tumblr users go to the website to express their personality. It’s where they feel free to post their thoughts and reblog things that suit their attitude and blog aesthetic. But before you click that post button, you need to make sure that your Tumblr is beautifully designed. As a result, it will help your page look enticing and make it easy to navigate.

I hope that this article on the best Tumblr templates helped you find the right one you need for your page. So what are you waiting for? Don’t go for the usual! This time, try any of these Tumblr templates out. They suit anyone and will be a hit on your Tumblr. Plus, they are very easy to use and navigate through!

Finally, do you have any questions or would like to share your reviews on the best Tumblr templates? Then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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