Best Videohive Template? Check These 17 Excellent Ones!

Creating your own videos can be a bit of a hassle, especially if you’re just a beginner! Have you ever wondered how people create the best and quality videos with 4D designs? Or, how do television channels show their shows and commercials so perfectly? That’s where the best Videohive template comes along. This company focuses on offering the best and hassle-free templates suitable for those who need a banging video, may it be for their projects, television shows, or even for events!

There are literally hundreds of templates to choose from, but the question is: Which ones are the best in terms of quality and design? Read on as I show you the top 17 Videohive templates to choose from!

Best Videohive Template For Your Projects

Based on purpose, effects, and the overall design, here are the 17 best Videohive templates you can use for your next movie or video projects:

1. 3D Stage Logo Reveal 

videohive template

This stage logo reveal is perfect for just about any announcement! Want to launch a new product? Reveal your new baby’s gender? Show the title of your school project? This Videohive template is an awesome and dramatic way to show it. Another plus is that it comes in 3D effects, making it all the more awesome.

you don’t need ANY plugins when using this template, and while the huge bold text makes a statement, you can change it to whatever text or logo you want, as well as tweak the lights, colors, or objects. It’s fully customizable, does the job in a great reveal, and gives off the flair you want.

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2. American Football Ball Logo Reveal 4D 

Are you an avid fan of football and want to create the best type of video to present your show or project? This American Football Logo will have you combine both passion and imagination together, resulting in a wonderful and cool-looking video!

It isn’t only pleasing on the eyes, but with the mind as well since it is 4D and can wow your audience in a way where you show off your love for American football as well. Plus, it makes a great opening for replays of football games or plays on television. Definitely a must-try!

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3. Circus Light Typeface 

Using Cinema 4D objects to emulate vintage signs, this is the ideal Videohive template for revealing your project or comedic television show. It’s also a great opening for movies and short films, giving you a new and fun look for any video. It has the consistent spacing and illumination, with everything put into detail so perfectly. You can even change the text to all characters and a variety of symbols for versatility. It’s easy to tweak, and you can control everything, from the lightbox to arrow. You’ll love the precision and detail they put on the shadows and lighting!

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4. Platicine Style Text Template 

Looking for a stylish and fun opener? Try this bubbly text template! This uses 4D effects connected by Xpresso, with animated materials and the cool shadows and lighting to make this enjoyable for both kids and adults. Use it for kids’ television shows, school projects, or just add a playful twist to your resonation.

The light colors and plastic bubble style text are customizable to whatever text you’d like. Plus, the frame and other small bubbles around it make it a nice addition, looking like molecules perfect for your next science project.

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5. Logo Construction 

Showing off your logo or new business name? Or want to easily catch the attention from all of your audience with a simple yet awesome effect? The Logo Construction template has got the simple and bold text in white backgrounds to make a statement. BUT, what makes this even better is that the text constructs itself to look even better as if you were revealing something to the world. Your audience will appreciate the effort you put into your logo reveal, and what’s better is that you didn’t need to put too much hassle to yourself with it.

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6. Typo Intro 3D C4D 

Want a clean look when presenting your company videos? Then this Typo Intro will do just the thing. You’ll love how official and minimalistic it looks, designed to seem like that natural office space with the neat lines and leaves around it. The wooden-designed text also adds a cool and breezy touch to it. Not only does this typo intro look fantastic, but it’s got the 3D and Cinema 4D effects as well. It isn’t only for business, but for other types of video projects as well. Plus, with easy editing without any installation of extra plugins, it’s a great investment for future projects.

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7. Surreal ID 

If we could describe Surreal ID in just one word, it would be: FUTURISTIC. This unique and cool Videohive template takes on the advanced technology in a minimalistic black shade, making it not only clean-cut but with the sleek and professional side to it. You think white is all the rage? Think again with the Surreal ID, which is a breather from the usual video openings you see. It’s got the professional reveal animation, great for presenting it to your clients and big bosses. Best part? No need to install external plugins when editing. With its booming reveal, you’re bound to catch attention.

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8. The Pictures 

Designing something new and creative? Want to feature your best models or people in the company? Or do you want an awesome opener your family and loved ones will be impressed by? The Pictures template is made for fun and professional use, with the ability to add many photos to feature faces or company branding. You can even add music to it, crafting your videos and photos nicely. It’s the perfect combination and way to reveal photos! You can edit all templates easily, no need for external plugins. Just download the music you want, add the sequence and photos or videos to add, and you’re good to go.

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9. 360VR for Cinema 4D 

360VR? What’s that? this virtual reality video meant for ANY website gets to show your company or personal branding in ways not just any video can! With its 4D effects and awesome picture carousel included, you can show off the stuff you’ve got to offer, prompting more audience and viewers to be impressed and explore.

You don’t need ANY plugins and it includes all the presets you need to suit your website, from the video tutorials down to the customizable options. Your website will truly stand out without you having to hassle yourself and think up of ways to create the 4D like effect to make your website unique from any other competition.

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10. Epic Logo Reveal

Need that EPIC logo reveals to impress the bosses or future clients? Not only does this reveal template have the serious tension and appeal for companies, but it’s also an awesome way to bring your film to life, impressing watchers for them to continue the show. What’s great about this template is that you can easily customize it to however way you want, from the way the lights are down to the background and text of the logo. And it even includes the unique audio file so you are assured that only you and other buyers of this template will have the unique opening!

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11. Comedy Show (Broadcast Pack) 

One such project people take on would be creating openings for television shows. If you’re planning to create an opening for a movie or show that has a comedic or fun genre, then this broadcast pack is perfect for you. It’s a complete design for your television show, ideal for those who want to focus on happiness, from children to moments. It’s great for amazing projects for the family, or morning shows to liven up the audience. With its fun and cool vibe, you’ll definitely get the amused attention from the viewers.

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12. Kids Text 

Looking for that perfect kid’s theme to impress for children’s birthday parties or shows suitable for the young ones? This Cinema 4D effect Kids Text is an awesome choice! It has the high-quality bubbly text to catch children’s eyes, as well as the simple yet colorful background and words for a wholesome opening. No other plugins are required and it even includes a video tutorial so you can easily tweak and customize the look according to your standards. While the music isn’t included, you can make your own or add in something else easily.

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13. News Openers

Have a news station and planning to present in on air? Don’t be nervous about the opening credits, because this News Openers template has the professionalism that shows seriousness while staying enticing for your viewers to appreciate and stay on the show. It’s also great for broadcasting projects in school if you plan on creating your own news show as homework.

You can choose different shades and colors, as well as tweak the text. The world logo behind it does add in a cool and touch to it, showing your care for not only your vicinity for news but international as well.

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14. Restaurant Promotion

Do you own a restaurant or have a project that requires you to advertise the food in a fun and simple way? Not only is this Restaurant Promotion template right for your next commercials or website, but it even comes with the detailed shadowing and presentation where you can add your dish name, photo, and price! You’ll love how easy it is to customize, plus it’s also very enticing with its bright colors and bold letters.

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15. Dynamic Countdown 

Whether it’s for a movie or project, this dynamic countdown template will have your viewers watching in awe at the animation alone! It’s got the Cinema4D effect with details that will not lag or fail you. You don’t need to be an expert in video editing when tweaking the features. With the help of the tutorial and logic, you can tweak the font, text, placement, transition speed, or even the background and lights!

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16. Happy Birthday 

Want to show someone how much you love them on their special day? Then why not send in an awesome video with good wishes? Before adding in all the pots and memories you have together, start with this awesome and fun opening that shows balloons, a right background, and the awesome bubble text that will have your loved one appreciating the extra effort you put into their gift. It’s the best way to say happy birthday!

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17. Photo Gallery Travel

One of the most popular videos bloggers do today would be about their travels. Tired of using a basic slideshow effect for your travel vlogs? Then the Photo Gallery Travel will be able to show and portrait all the fun and beauty you’ve seen with its realistic photo animation and homey text that screams out both amazement and tranquility. Display any photos of your vacation or travels here!

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In Conclusion

When it comes to making your own video, you’ll want to make sure that it doesn’t only look great, but that it looks excellent and impressive when on the big screen! If you’re new to video editing and the like, then you can still have the professional video when you use a quality Videohive template.

I hope that this article on the 17 best Videohive template reviews helped you figure out what you should get for your next video projects! So what are you waiting for? Whether it’s for school, work, or as a gift to your loved ones, get the best Videohive template today to match your theme.

If you enjoyed the article or would like to share a review on the best Videohive template, then comment down below! I would love to hear what you have to think.

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