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Let’s face it: when you are an owner of a website, there are risks which need to be managed before it gets too late. Those risks, of course, include hacking, loss of data or even locking yourself out accidentally.

What comes in your mind when you read “Back-up before you have to Pack-up” on some of the websites? Back-up doesn’t only means that you are keeping your data safe somewhere, it also means that you will no longer need to worry about your website being at any possible catastrophic situation.

Since you own a website, it’s always considered best that you store your information on the Cloud, and when we hear the word Cloud, the most popular place we can count on is Dropbox.

What is Dropbox? Most popular free online storage provider that is Dropbox is what any pro will recommend you when it comes to Cloud storage. Why is it recommended? Simple, so that you may access it from anywhere and from any device.

In this article, we have short-listed some of the best Dropbox plugins for WordPress.

Plugins on ThemeForest

Before I go on listing the 10 best Dropbox plugins for WordPress, I should highlight that few of the premium plugins can be bought directly from ThemeForest.

1) Backup Buddy

BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin

Considered the most popular premium plug-in for backing up your WordPress. The main advantage of using Backup Buddy is that it does not have a subscription based service. Once you buy your license, you have permission to use the plug-in on the number of sites that are allotted to you.

Backup Buddy provides you with 1GB of cloud storage for your backups, updates and access to forums which are premium supported.

Making a backup with Backup Buddy is very straight-forward and easy. Inside the plug-in Backup Buddy tab (of the admin menu) you can see a button which says “Backup and Restore”. Just by clicking it you can backup every bit of your valuable data on a cloud server.

2) BackWPup Free


BackWPup Free enables you to create a complete backup of your entire WordPress site and allow you to store it in your Dropbox account.

BackWPup Free is the free version of the plug-in having the same name. It’s extremely easy and allows a user to schedule automatic backups according to your website’s update frequency. Also with a single .zip file you can restore your installation with ease.

Considering it as a free plug-in as well as supported by professional developers, BackWPup Free is considered the best backup plug-in for WordPress. With many additional features, BackWPup Free also comes with priority support and also have provides with the ability to store backups Google drive, MySQL and other databases.

3) VaultPress


Being a famous subscription based service with various prices and plans; VaultPress has its reputation to keep.VaultPress is efficient and extremely secure, and is one of the best choices you would want to make when you need to make sure that your WordPress blog or website can be restored without any difficulty at any time.

Restoring your data from a backup or even initializing your VaultPress is very simple and straightforward. Apart of that, there is a huge amount of information left for you, which you can directly access from your VaultPress dashboard.

Although it’s still beta, therefore more additional enhancements are yet to be made but even before that, VaultPress is highly recommended as a plug-in for WordPress backup service.

4) WP Dropbox Dropins

WP Drobbox Dropins

WP Dropbox is mainly considered for its instant ability to save files on your dropbox account or the other way around, that is, a user can directly upload a file from their Dropbox account onto their website instantly.

The features which WP Dropbox offers are extremely relevant and helpful. One of the features they offer is called Saver Drop-in, with which a user can download a file of any size within their Dropbox and, not only that, the user can grant access to that file on all devices and computers as soon as the file is downloaded.

WP Dropbox is recommended if you want a fast working plug-in. In order to use the plug-in, a Drop-in app on the Dropbox website is needed to be created to obtain the key.

5) Duplicator


Duplicator was merely not made for backing up your WordPress rather it was made as a migration plug-in. But if you use it technically, you can make the most out of its backing up features, which might sound as easy as the other plug-ins I mentioned but is more frequent if used properly.

Rather than having a rundown check list of everything you need to move from your WordPress site, with Duplicator you need to do it manually (there are countless tutorials out there). The biggest advantage is that Duplicator is free and when you do things manually, you actually know what is running around behind the charts.

With Duplicator you can backup your databases, images, and plug-ins as well as moving them all separately. Although a bit uneasy, but Duplicator takes care of everything.

6) WP-DB Backup


One of the most popular WordPress backup plug-ins is WP-DB Backup, with over 2 million downloads. WP-DB Backup is a little uncommon from other backup plug-ins. It backs up the database only, unlike other plug-ins which backup other files as well.

Some users neither want to update their files too often nor do they want to upload images, and WP-DB Backup plug-in is for those users who can use this plug-in as their primary backup plug-in and store other files manually.

Being relatively easy to use, and having several backup storage options, WP-DB Backup is rated very highly by most WordPress users.

7) Online Backup for WordPress

Online Backup For WordPress

Yet another secure and safe plug-in out there is Online Backup for WordPress. The most prominent point which proves its security is the method of encryption which allows the data to reach its destination in a more secure form.

Online Backup for WordPress automatically maintains a backup for the database and files which can be sent to you in various ways. You can also set up daily or weekly backup and download them in a .zip file whenever you need them.

There are a lot of additional features offered by Online Backup for WordPress. One feature is that the plug-in will configure the check list as soon as you get started. Another feature is that unlike other plug-ins, Online Backup for WordPress only backs up those files which have changed since last backup. And the list goes on.

8) Snapshot


A plug-in which works absolutely differently than the others is Snapshot. This plug-in enables a user to take quick snapshots of any aspect of your website for you to save them later and wherever you want. Its ‘one clicked’ restoration provides more security and assistance.

A user can also create manual backups as well as scheduling of automatic backups. Snapshot also allows you to store your backups directly to your favorite cloud server.

Snapshot also offers various additional features which includes Dropbox integration, full log file downloading, backing up of the entire sites (including your media flies) and many more.

Snapshot is also described mostly as “Time Machine for your WordPress website”. It is also very well considered and recommended by WordPress users.

9) wp Time Machine


Having its own uniqueness, wp Time Machine is also a well recommended plug-in if you want to backup the data from your WordPress website. The part which makes if different from other plug-ins is that you can create archives of all your WordPress information and files and store them remotely. With wp Time Machine, there is a possibility of remote storage of all your WordPress (MySQL) data, files (including uploads), your .htaccess flies and many more.

wp Time Machine offers lots of other features and is updated quite frequently. Developers out there are improving it day by day making it more reliable and secure but even before that, wp Time Machine works very well as per a user’s requirement.

10) PressBackup

Pressbackup WordPress Plugin

PressBackup is not very well recognized but if you want a plug-in which offers you very good service (free of cost) than this is a very good option to try. Probably the easiest plug-in to use, and also provides the feature to automatically backup your WordPress. The catchy part of PressBackup is that, it too offers the one-clicked version control, which means that you can you can roll back to the previous version of your website or in case you made a mistake, lets you make the change with just one click.

Notifications and up-to-date security is also what makes PressBackup worth using. One more thing is that PressBackup is one of the fastest updated plud-in with the current version of WordPress. It is free and also offers additional features for customers who are willing to pay. PressBackup may not be well recognized but it sure is in the list of the recommended plug-ins.


In this article, I have listed 10 of the best backup plug-ins for WordPress (both free and paid). I also mentioned some of their cool features which you can use on your even cooler websites for keeping backups of your precious information. So, if you’re willing to see your website data stored in a secure place, then I can assure you that one of these plug-ins is waiting out for you to try it.

If you want to ask additional questions (if you have), then you can do so in the comments section below! You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook. Looking forward to connecting with you!

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