Best wordpress seo – how to do on-page optimization with WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin


Hi, I’m going to discuss how to use the best wordpress seo plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast for your wordpress site’s on-page optimization. The best thing about this plugin is its absolutely free and has so many features built-in. WordPress SEO by Yoast considered by many as the the best free wordpress on page seo plugin available out there.


Its literally easy to use this wordpress on page optimization plugin. I have attached related images so that you can get it in no time.

You can download this plugin right away from wordpress plugin repository.


Best wordpress seo – on-page optimization tips


# Enter primary keyword:

After the installation, you will see some extra option appears at the bottom of your post editor when creating or editing a post on your wordpress site. Kind of like this:

best wordpress seo

best wordpress seo with yoast

First of all, you should put your primary/main keyword to the box that says “Focus Keyword”. This is also a nice tool for keyword suggestion, it will show relative keyword suggestion for the keyword you have entered.

wordpress seo plugin


# Check the info from “Your focus keyword was found in”:

Then have a look at the info right after the focus keyword box. You will see something like this:

best wordpress seo plugin

The image above is showing that my focus keyword is found in the Article Heading and the Page title. But its not in the Page URL, Content or in Meta description. So, we have to fix that.


# Put a good SEO Title:

Now, you can use it or leave it. This is the title that google shows in search engine results. If you leave it blank, google will show your article title by default. You can check out how goolge gonna show it from the Snippet Preview section:

wordpress seo tips

It must be under 70 character and must contain your primary keyword. If you are going to make it too long, plugin will give you a warning like this:

wordpress on page seo plugin

Reminder: This is one of the most important wordpress on page optimization task you should not avoid. And try to keep the keyword at the beginning of the title if possible, it helps.


# Write a great Meta Description:

Now, another must to do thing – write a good description within 156 character. Its about your post/content. Give a liitle hint to your readers about the post so that they can be sure about or take an interest in whatever you are going to offer. Again you can see how it would look on the google searh engine results at the snippet preview section.

wordpress on page optimization

#Check the content:

Now, check if your content/article body has the keyword. If not, put it there somehow (with relative context).


#Check the url:

Check your url if it has the keyword. Most of the time, if your article title/headline contains the primary keyword- wordpress automatically puts that on the url if the permalinks settings is set to the “post name”. You can also include the keyword to the url manually just by clicking the edit button like this:

wordpress on page optimization with worrdpress yoast plugin


#Check the info from “Your focus keyword was found in” Again:

Now check if all the section are green. Sometimes you have to save or publish it to see the results. If its all green, then your good to go. All done. Also notice that the plugin will show a nice and round green button Here:

best wordpress seo tips


** There are many more options and features that this “WordPress SEO by Yoast” wordpress on page seo plugin is offering. You can Take your time and discover some of them from here:

best wordpress seo tutorial

Try yourself, then you will get to know why people say its the best wordpress seo plugin available for free.


## Some other important on-page optimization tips

1. Use related images

2. Make use of the image alt tag, put your keyword or synonym of the keywords there.

3. Use lots of paragraph.

4. Keep it clean.

5. Use an awesome title.

6. See if your page loading time is fast. If not, make sure it loads fast.



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