The Top 19 Bottle Labels You Need to Get

Sometimes, the message doesn’t come only from what’s inside the bottle. It’s what’s labeled on it that has people wondering! With an eye-catching bottle label, you’ll be able to get the attention from people and have them pick one up for purchasing. The label is crucial for business branding creating a name for yourself, which is why it’s best to get a good design of bottle labels to boost your markets and increase the brand name for yourself or your business. But the question is: How can you design your bottle labels? It seems difficult to do at first, but with the right templates, you’ll be able to garner ideas and shave time off from designing!

Wondering what the best bottle label designs are? Read on as I show you my top 19 designs of bottle labels.

19 Best Bottle Labels

Based on my research and overall customer reputation, here are my top 17 best choices on bottle labels:

1. Vodka Bottle Mockup

What I like about this vodka bottle mockup is that the label design is already embedded into the bottle, and it looks as classy as all vodka bottles are supposed to look. Its simple design is what makes it enticing, with you being able to change the center logo and font or text, turning it into your company’s product. Plus, you can use the mockup to advertise!

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2.BBQ Sauce Bottles Mockup

Are you planning on selling barbecue sauce and need an awesome bottle label design? Then these THREE sauce bottle mock-up designs will give you a great idea! It looks enticing and has the dark shades to match the equally tinted bottles and red barbecue sauce. Plus, you can also tweak its upper logo and change it to your company’s brand. With THREE bottle designs, you won’t have a hard time working on measurements or editing.

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3. Beer Bottle Label Mockup

bottle labels

I love this beer mockup because its label design is already embedded onto the bottle itself rather than using paper. Not only does this save the environment, but also a lot of money on your part! The beer mockup comes with a real photo of someone holding your beer, so all you need to do is change the design into your name and logo, and post it for an effective and enticing advertisement.

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4. Juice Bottle Label Template

For those who want to sell natural juices, then this is one of the best bottle label designs you should consider investing in! I love how bright and colorful it is, coming with a simple yet quirky design that shows all the information you need to post about the juice. It has the colorful curves on the bottom, the frame for your text, even a space for your logo and design. Plus, it’s very customizable.

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5. Oil Bottle Label Mockup

If you need an oil bottle mockup AND a label design, then this mockup has the customizable features you can take advantage of. You can change the background, the colors of the label, the text, the logo, making it ideal and suitable to you and your company’s standards. The bottle design is simple and gives you the freedom to tweak it however way you want, with all the Smart Objects and an instruction manual for easy customization.

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6. Water Bottle Label Template

Sure, water labels may sound easy to label, but it can be difficult starting from scratch! Moreover, it can also be hard creating your mockup design and having it look quenching for people to purchase. This water label mockup design is detailed and already comes with the label, so all you need to do is either change the colors or text to make it your business’. It’s simple and easy, saving you a ton of time!

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7. Glass Bottle Label MockUp


This glass bottle mockup is ideal for just about anything! It isn’t just for medical-related items, but it can also be for unique drink bottles such as cold brew or juices. It’s VERY simple but holds a classic and enticing design that makes it ideal for medicinal purposes, showing one whole section with all the information you need to know right in front of the bottle. And with a realistic mockup, you can post it on your website or catalog right away!

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8. Vape Liquid Bottle Label Mockup


For those who want high-quality bottle design for vape liquid, then this little mockup is just right. It has the fun and quirky design you can easily customize, putting in more color or flavor to what you want to advertise. The mockup includes the white background to immediately post on websites, as well as the clean-cut and realistic photo you need when doing so. It’s high-definition, easily customizable, what more do you need from one bottle mockup for vape liquid?

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9. Argan Oil Bottle Label

Argan Oil is known to be one of the rarest yet beneficial types of oil you can find around the world. It’s as expensive as it is luxurious, which is why you need a bottle to match its quality! With this Argan oil bottle design, you’ll be able to set a simple tone with all the information of the oil included. It’s small and effective, with the label to save time on creating. Take note that the mockup and pictures aren’t included, and it’s just the label design you’re purchasing!

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10. Bottle Label Design

This wine bottle label design is ideal for those who want something simple and easy to customize. It’s scalable and editable, coming with all the colors, texts, dimensions, and backgrounds you need. You can even change the high-quality texture of the bottle. It looks so real and comes with the die cut lines, making it easier to measure and edit. Take note that the mockups aren’t included, but the logos are so you can add it for a unique style to your company.

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11. Bottle and Label Mockup

Now, this is one of the most classy and elegant wine bottle mockups I’ve seen! The label is very beautiful as well, with a luxurious and dark tone to it. It’s perfect for grand bottles of wine that taste as good as they are advertised for. Its mockup comes in various angles that show off more of its beauty and refined taste. It’s definitely one for the exclusive and fancy. Plus, it’s easily customizable and comes with separate vector smart objects you can change.

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12. Olive Oil and Vinegar Bottle Label Mockup

Balsamic vinegar and olive oil go well hand-in-hand, but what if you need a good label design for its thin and elongated bottle? Not only does this mockup come equipped with a plain label ready for ideas, but it also has the fancy mockup and font ready for you to tweak and post for your advertising purposes. It looks as realistic and natural as many want it to be, with dark tones of olive and wooden texture added to it.

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13. Salad Dressing Bottle Label Mockup

For those who want to sell salad dressing and need a simple yet effective mockup for the specify squeeze bottle, then this mockup design will save a ton of time and effort. It comes with the classic salad dressing bottle design with all the Smart Objects and organized layers for you to play around with. All you need to do is design it according to your terms, and you have a bottle suitable for just about any salad dressing flavor!

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14. Beer Bottle Label Mock-Up

Beer will ALWAYS be sellable, but you want to make sure that you have an attractive label for everyone to pick up the bottle! This is where the mockup will be able to help you out. Not only does it give you the idea on what you should put for your beer bottle, but it’s also a mockup that looks realistic and more refined, giving a more attractive look for your advertisement. I love its yellow-tone that matches the contents of the bottle, making it more peppy and enticing.

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15. Cucumber Can Bottle Label Mockup

Another cool mockup would be this pickled cucumber bottle. It’s simple and looks very realistic as if there were actual pickles inside the mockup! It has a simple design with a white background, making it clear and with emphasis on the bottle and its label. Through its realistic and high-definition mockup, you’re just about ready to tweak its label and have it posted to sell on your business’ website! It’s Amazon-ready, and you can have everything done within minutes.

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16. Corn Bottle Label Mockup

There are many things companies sell nowadays, and you might be thinking about bottles corn! If you want a simple and quirky label design and a mockup, then this is the complete package you need. The mockup is perfect for advertising and already comes with a simple label you can edit according to your design. It’s easy to customize and has the Smart Objects and organized layers you need to begin making it into your bottle.

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17. Soy Sauce Bottle Label Mockup

Looking for both a label design and mockup for your soy sauce products? This one has a realistic and easily-customizable mockup. It comes with organized layers and a simple design that does the trick. You can choose between different colors and interchange logos, making it into YOUR brand. Though simple, you can add in anything else you prefer and tweak it according to the different angles it has to offer. In addition to that, it’s high-definition!

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18. Pea Can Bottle Label Mockup

This bottle label isn’t only suitable for peas! It’s perfect for both jars and bottles setting a simple and straight-to-the-point design. It comes in stripes, but you can also choose between different patterns and colors. Of course, you can change the pea logo as well to one of your own. It doesn’t matter if it is pickles, peanut butter, or anything else you would like to sell! Moreover, it’s perfectly customizable. But take note that the bottle includes peas, so you may want to consider the mockup.

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19. Elegant Bottle Label and Mockup Design

Are you looking for the ideal soda bottle that looks refreshing and attractive at the same time? Thinner bottles are in because of its environmental factors. Moreover, it incurs cheaper costs! So you might want to consider going for elongated bottles that not only save you money but look aesthetically attractive as well.

This mockup design looks simple yet sets the message that the soda you’re purchasing isn’t only quenching! It also shows that it is environmental-friendly as well. The label looks simple yet has the customizable shape with pointed edges and the top to emphasize the logo. In addition, the mockup poster looks great for advertising as well.

It’s ideal for drinks that promote the environment and health because of its green tints and colors. Plus, it comes in a complete package, including both label design and mockup for your future posters.

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In Conclusion

Whether you’re making a bottle to build your company’s brand or for selling in your business, you’ll need the inspiration to create the best bottle labels to entice customers. While it may not be easy, you’ll be able to find good bottle labels and tweak them according to your standards instead. Not only does this save a ton of time! As a result, you’ll also be able to focus on other aspects of your product as well.

I hope that this post on the 19 best bottle labels helped you become more knowledgeable with what you need for your product. So what are you waiting for? Choose the best bottle labels that show you and your company’s vision and begin your plans today.

Finally, if you have any questions or reviews about these bottle labels, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think about any of these bottle labels!

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