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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, since its first appearance at 2006, has become the industry standard in which regards to Photography Post-Production. Versatile, friendly to the new user, constantly updated; it offers the possibility of enhancement via third party plugins and suits the need of every photographer: from rookies to professionals, if you want to be part of the passionate world of Photography, you can learn by exploring our Lightroom Tutorials

And at this point is where InfoParrot comes to life. From 2013 to this very date, a wide team of writers make the every-day contribution to the Lightroom community: from tutorials to presets lists, our aim is to help photographers and designers along their journey into creativity. Just like Lightroom users, we are a worldwide team of writers, with different backgrounds on how we found in Lightroom our soft spot and thrive to share knowledge around the net, and that is the reason why this experience has become so rich.

Far away from becoming a weird mixture of styles, the multicultural experience has allowed InfoParrot to have a unique style under some basic liniments for the content-creating team; SEO is part of our writing process, helping users to easily access to the created content and linking topics that may appeal to the viewer. Like a post-produced image, InfoParrot is our hard-worked image that reflects the work of many people with the same aim: helping users worldwide.

Does it affect us to be from several different places, even with language difference? Not at all, this only helps to have a wide range of opinions for creating content. Perhaps the interest of an American user differs from an Australian user, but those little differences enrich our contribution. We are proud of being able to create content that appeal to the needs of all users: from graphic designers, web designers to photographers. The important thing is to have that creative instinct and being curious enough to expand the horizons of your knowledge; leave the rest to us :)

By counting those elements, we believe our approach to the work is quite effective, starting by analizing what users may suggest us and keeping in touch with the latest trends on software, technology and post-production techniques, then setting what we understand as our requirement and objectives, followed by identifiying keywords around which we need the content to flow. Finally, our creative team selects the topics, based on every writer personal experience and style, for ending up with a up-to-date information displayed in a concise way.

Lightroom Tutorial section goes from the traditional approaching articles, sort of basic guides for new users on how to start using Lightroom, to engaging Lightroom tuts on how to apply stunning effect to the shots you took. Imagine you have a Black&White image you want to give that ‘artistic touch’, then you can refer to our tutorial section on how to do Color Toning, or you may want to apply a Selective Coloring effect, as well as you can use presets from the recommended presets list we have available, sorted from portraits to landscape pictures to apply.

And what if you finally got yourself a new DSLR camera but you have no idea how to post-produce (or even open) the RAW image you shot? Then you can visit the RAW image guide as well as the basic procedure for doing a postproduction. Even fixing old images inside LR seems to be an easier task now once you read our Lightroom tutorial section.

From organizing your pictures to enhancing the workflow of the common Lightroom user and protecting the work you craved, we want YOU to become a Lightroom ace, and is there a better way to hope for it rather than creating interesting content for you to learn?

We also provide a wide range of presets available for you to access. Theme sorted, aiming every kind of situation that may arise to the conventional photographer. Given our partnership with CreativeMarket, we can give you access to the latest trendy presets to apply for your shots at budget-minded prices. Now it is only a click away to turn that dull B&W image into an artistic work of art; or even fixing that backlit shot you feel is somewhat 'burned' by using sun-scene landscape presets. Every effect you ever dreamed of thanks to InfoParrot!

And if all of this complex web of content isn't fullfiling your needs, we also can enhance your design experience with our expertice in Adobe Photoshop. Our creative team is well-trained in different topics Adobe Photoshop covers: from Architectural Post-Production to VisualFX, making this the perfect complement to the Adobe Lightroom working routine. Discard those feelings of anxiety and frustration when looking at professional designers work, now it's your turn to impose your own style. Start by looking at our Photoshop Tutorial section and become inspired by our writers projects on how to go even further of what Lightroom can give us.

Transform your image into paintings, go vintage... so many things you can achieve. And even if you know your way around Photoshop, it may not be bad to remember some 101 stuff like using shotcuts for speeding your creative process.

Third party plugins are also recommended for the creative artist, with effectiveness on mind for not losing track of time while working. If by some reason you needed Photoshop resources, we can also provide you what we have in our Actions&Brushes vault.

Now it's your time to ask yourself what is holding you back from becoming the artist you always wanted to be. We provide the tools for you to improve, and you provide your own talent, that's the way world moves nowadays. Thanks for becoming a part of this community and we hope our work is enough to meet up your goals!