Change the color of eyes with Adobe Photoshop


One of the most required retouchments in portrait photography is to change the eye color of the subject in our picture. Either out of curiosity or to get a more pleasant effect with the graphic design in question, changing the color of a person’s eyes is a very simple job that does not require extensive knowledge of graphic editing and yet, becomes into a spectacular end result with significant change at anyone’s face.

In Photoshop there is a simple method to change the eye color. Through this article we are going to learn how to accomplish this effect in only 8 simple steps.


To find the right eye color in relation to the context in which the image is placed we are going to go through some basic concepts of eye color and their association with different personalities.

  • Light Blue: This color is usually associated with men and women of action that can not leave emotions to rule their life. Strictly conform to the law.
  • Grayish blue: Associated to people who respond to their environment less logic and emotion. They are calm and generally very similar to those blue eyes, particularly its inability to admit mistakes.
  • Bluish green: Associated with the responsibility and action. Also related to mathematics and engineering.
  • Greenish Blue: Associated with more impulsive people where sentiment is paramount, but always logic prevails.
  • Green: Associated personality that is right in the middle of the path of logic and emotion. Also associated with emotional reactions and logical
  • Brown: This type is especially touching. Logic plays an important role, but not dominant in their lives. Usually they judge the feelings of others from above. They are very sensitive, but logic prevents them give themselves entirely to their emotions. This type of individual is independent.
  • Light brown: Associated with sensitive people, which dominates the emotional logic.
  • Intermediate brown: Associated persons governed by intuitive thinking and make emotional decisions. People associated with dreamers, visionaries and creative thinkers.


  1. Find an image and open it in Photoshop. The image must be a clear shot of the iris of the eye for the future adjustment. Altering the color of the iris of a person changes an entire picture.

For this work the image will be duplicated in a new layer; use the shortcut CTRL + J after selecting the original image (Background).


  1. Now you must select the areas of the iris using the circular selection tool.

To add the selection of the second eye press the SHIFT key and use the selection tool to add another selection without losing the first.


Note that the selection is not perfect, it will be corrected in the next step.

  1. As a third step pressing the quick keyboard “Q” to enter the mask mode. This will make everything that is not selected turns red.


Select a small-sized brush with black color and paint the iris and pupil.


  1. Press the “Q” key to close the quick mask mode and thus only selected but already on the setting of “BRUSH TOOL (B)” in the previous step appears again.
  2. Create a new layer without losing the selection.


  1. Activate the “EYEDROPPER TOOL (I)” and adjust to the new desired color for the eyes. In this case we are going to switch from blue to green.


Activate the “Paint Bucket Tool (G)” to paint the selected area completely.


  1. With the adjustments applyied now change the layer blending mode to  “Hue”


And here is our end result



Always create a new layer to work on it so you do not lose the original file data.

Work with a very detailed image otherwise the effect achieved by this effect won’t look real.


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