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Efficient Lightroom Shortcuts

Header lightroom shortcuts

For an efficient workflow within every app made by Adobe, knowing its keyboard shortcuts for every tool is a way of saving perhaps 20-30 mins while working in a 3 hr job. Why? Because you don’t waste time trying to locate at the toolbar “where is that tool that I used once for that job?”. No, then you just hit the keyboard shortcut and things became easier.

Also is a way that you adapt more to the software you are using, like becoming a native user. Imagine that you are nearby an advanced Lightroom user or even teacher, and you are searching for tools whilst he/she uses the keyboard like you were doing copy-paste of some text. Feels annoying right?. Well, no more using Lightroom as an amateur and let’s learn the complete list of Lightroom shortcuts!

The only difference you will notice is that if you work on a Mac, Ctrl will then become Cmd, and Alt turns into Opt.

Opening Shortcuts

Shortcuts used for loading Library Catalog.

Opening Shortcuts

Workspace Shortcuts

They are indifferent to which Module you are working on.

Workspace Shortcuts

Library Module Shortcuts

For quicker navigation between library elements and easy sorting of the pictures/videos, we are managing.

Library Module Shortcuts

Develop Module Shortcuts

Perhaps the shortcuts that come handier for the experienced user. Shortcuts that will help us to reduce post-production times.

Develop Module Shortcuts

Photomerge Tools

Work only on Lightroom CC/6 since this tools are new for this version of the software.

Photomerge Shortcuts

Extra Shortcuts

I classified these ones as another category mostly because they are used when we finish with the Lightroom workflow. Only Photoshop is listed as an alternative software for use given the fact the Creative Cloud Photography Suite works only with Photoshop. For other Adobe Apps, use Ctrl+Alt+E in Windows / Cmd+Opt+E in Mac

Extra Shortcuts

If this tutorial was useful for you, then you may want to check at the 10 most useful Photoshop Shortcuts for enhancing your performance in Photoshop.

Remember, if you become accustomed to use shortcuts within your workflow not only you will save time (a treasured value for Designers) but also you are walking into the right path to becoming a Lightroom “pro user”

P. Lopez

Architecture student, CG enthusiast. Part time photographer, full time designer :)

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  1. chirag says:

    nice website..thanks..for giving amazing and very helpfull data..for photo corrections and editing.

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