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Few Of The Most Popular Photoshop Collage Template Ideas

When you start looking for Photoshop collage templates you will see there are many different options on the internet. We’ve picked out several different options for you to choose from.


When one photo won’t do the trick, maybe several will. Try this photo board next time you can’t decide which one of your photos deserves the spotlight. It will fit 5 of your favorite photos inside, and it includes back and front layouts. The text sections are editable, and you can fill them using the fonts the seller suggests. There’s also a helpful guide on how to install and use them, so even if you are not a professional, you will be able to insert your photos and captions easily.

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Memories shared with your kids is the most precious of all. Make a collage photo that speaks for you. Put your wonderful photographs into one piece using Sleeklen’s pink collage template. This fully- customizable template allows you to add and edit your photographs for a more beautiful photo collection worth treasuring for a lifetime.

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Share with your family and friends the most memorable day of your life. Whether it’s a graduation, birthday, or random photographs taken anywhere, put it together using Sleeklen’s blossom field template. This collage template comes with a colorful girlish style every pretty lady will love.

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Photo collage boards are perfect for retaining the memories of your last family reunion, wedding or a get together. This collage board template can hold 7 of your best images, both on the front and back of the board. You will need the basic knowledge of Photoshop and any version of Photoshop CS+, CC or the Elements from 7 to 14. In case you are new to editing, there will be a helpful guide in your downloads, with instructions on how to install and edit the template.

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All those loving memories can now fit inside this charming collage board template. You can choose three of your favorites to insert inside the template, and you’ll have the design of the front and back of the card to work on. The text is fully editable and you can choose one of the fonts listed by the Sleeklens team. When printed, this board will be 40 by 40 inches big, and you can print it any of the big online professional labs, like WHCC or Miller’s.

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Start up your Photoshop software right now, because by the time it loads, this template can be in your downloads. It will arrive together with a list of fonts and a helpful guide to get you started. Any of the Photoshop CS+ and Elements 7-14 versions will do, as well as Photoshop CC, and you need your own photos to fill it up with loving memories. You can print it in any major online print lab, and it will print as a beautiful 40,6×50,8 Collage Board.

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When you have a photo board template that can fit 7 images, you can insert your vacation photos, and have a board that will highlight your adventures. You must have a working version of Photoshop, such as CC, CS+ and Elements 7 to 14, and a instructional file will help you install and use the template properly. The template has a front and back design, and is made of layered PSD file, with clipping masks included for easier editing.

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4 20×20 Storyboard/Collage Board Templates

4 20x20 StoryboardCollage Templates
You will find this collage board template interesting and well worth the price, since there are four different template ideas included in the download. All of them are 20×20 in size and come in high resolution of 300 dpi. You may need to be a professional blogger or a photographer, or at least have basic knowledge in working with photoshop programs, since instructions for the editing part are not included.

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10 Photography Collage Templates

If your clients’ photos need to be presented in several different collages, this deal is great for the price. You will receive ten photo collage template, all 8.5×11 inches in size. The files will be easy to customize if you have the basic skills at any Photoshop program. The photos in the description are just for display and they will not be included, but you can very easily place your own.

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Photo Collage Board Template

A great way to show your readers your latest photos on your blogs or print the collages and share them in real life. You will get ten layered photoshop files, all sized 5”x7” & 16″x20″. You should have no problems editing the collages, since the files are nicely organized and named for even those with basic knowledge of photoshop to be able to edit them. You can add your own text using the downloadable free fonts and print them out at any printing lab.

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4 20×20 Storyboard/Collage Template


There are plenty of Photoshop collage templates, but none of them will allow you to share your story like this one. You will receive four storyboard templates upon download, all sized 20×20/50/8x50x8. The template is designed for bloggers and photographers, and all other types of buyers with basic knowledge of Photoshop software, since there are no instructions of how to edit them.

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4 20×20 Storyboard/Collage Templates

This simple and easy to use Photoshop collage template will allow you to add many of your favorite photos. The download will include four collage board templates, all sized 20×20/50.8×50.8 inches. The background color can be changed using the color fill layer and the rest of the template is easy to customize because it’s well-organized. No instructions will be available in this offer too, so you need to know how to operate Photoshop.

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16×20 Photo Collage Template

This is a collage or a storyboard template designed to satisfy your blogging needs. You can also print it with your client’s photos or frame the 16×20 inch canvas for your marketing strategy. The colors of all the elements can be changed, so the template can fit all your client’s needs. It is easy to customize and clipping masks are included for you to add your photos without much knowledge of Photoshop software.

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Pinterest/Blog/Web Photoshop Collage Template

When your business is blooming on Pinterest, this photo collage is great for you. It is the perfect and preferable size for web uploads of 72 dpi. You can change the logo, pictures, colors and text using any Photoshop program you have. The download will get you two psd templates, one compatible with Photoshop and another with Elements.

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Collage Board Template 8×10

You may not have enough photos to create as many different collages as you want, because this offer is very versatile. The purchase will get you a zipped file with three different collage templates: one 8×10, one 8×10-a and one vertical template. You will also receive three different backgrounds for each collage board template, easily editable in Photoshop. The seller also provides a video of the customization part, for those who do not know how to operate the Photoshop programs.

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Collage Template 851×315

If you are a photographer who has to be able to show different kinds of collages to customers, this offer brings you closer to success. The purchase will allow you to have three differently designed photo collage templates, with background layers and 3 collages ready “Green Leaves”. You can watch the video provided to get a handle on the editing part.

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16×20 Photo Collage Board Template

This cheap offer is perfect for framing as much as for blogging and website marketing. You will get one 16×20 inch template for easily customizable template. You can add your own message to the client using the free fonts included. Adding the photos is also very easy, since they are inserted via clipping masks.

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4 20×20 Photo Storyboard Template

In case you needed another offer presenting several different templates in one purchase, this deal should satisfy your marketing needs. The purchase includes four storyboard templates, with sizes 20×20 inches at 300dpi resolution. Editing the photo sections should be easy, since it’s done through the clipping masks. They have round corners to achieve a more slick appearance.

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Photo Collage Boards Me & You

01-o (1)

This is a photo collage that can be helpful for both professionals and private users. You will purchase two psd files for the template and one file with instructions. This template is compatible with versions of Photoshop CS4 and latter. The template size is 12×12 inches, with two color modes CMYK & RGB, & 300 DPI. The files are 100% editable, in well organized layers for text, photos and background. The displayed mockup and photo will not be included.

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16×20 Birth Announcement Collage

When you have one memorable photo to speak for your business, you need these kinds of Photoshop collage templates. The collage with feature only one photo, but the rest of the design is made to create visual magic. The files are very well organized in layers, so even if you don’t have a lot of experience in using Photoshop programs, you can just click on the layers and you’ll see it’s very easy to edit and customize to your own needs and style.

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Elegant Torn Paper Photo Frame

Regardless of whether you want a photo collage for web/blog marketing, or you simply want your personal photos to get a fresh look, this template may come in handy either way. Five templates will be included in the download, all well organized and layered. The smart object feature will make your job easier, but even if you don’t know how to start you can see how everything works in the video provided by the seller.

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Tea & Ink Photo Collage Template

When your website needs a fresh update, use this collage template to surprise your visitors. It can be easily resized to fit your needs and it comes in fully layered files for easier editing. The standard size is 16×16, easily resizable and customizable. RGB color output mode used for all files and no drop-shadow included in templates.

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