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22 premium & Free Vintage Photoshop Actions

This article accumulates some good premium and free vintage Photoshop actions download options. Please bookmark the page if you need these often- we will be constantly updating the list with jolly good stuff!

Most of the designers world wide uses Photoshop on a daily basis, it also helps photographers to quickly ‘buckle up’ their captured images if needed. Even if you are not a photoshop geek but have the basic knowledge to do some “this and that” – these premium and free pre-made vintage Photoshop actions are going to save up a lot of time and could help you achieve the final desired result.

Section A contains the premium vintage actions for Photoshop and in the section B you will find the awesome free ones to download.


#Section A : Premium Vintage Photoshop Actions#

1. 360 Premium Photoshop Action Bundle

big bundle of LR presets

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This bundle is massive and includes 12 big bundles all in 1 big package. All designed by Beart presets that are well known for their quality products. With 80% discount it doesn’t get much better than this!


2. Vintage Throwback Actions

Vintage Throwback Actions

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Created by Sherman Jackson, Vintage Throwback Actions will take your photographs back in the past and will give your photos a super vintage finish. The set is all ready to make things happen with just a click of your mouse. The photoshop vintage action makes use of adjustment layers which will allow you to further “glorify” the tones of the image. All you have to o is use your imagination since the options are endless. Good for vintage photography.


3.  “PACKED” 10 Photoshop Actions

"PACKED" 10 Photoshop Actions


"PACKED" 10 Photoshop Actions

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“PACKED” is from shekfilters, an awesome set that comes with Valentine Photo Effects(four actions), HUES Photoshop Actions|Photo Effects(three actions) and Vintage Polaroid PS Actions and Textures(four actions and three textures).


4. 13 Vintage Photoshop Actions

 13 Vintage Photoshop Actions

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This pack contains professionally curated photo effects which you can use to edit your photography output with an ease. These vintage actions Photoshop will allow you to create images to be amazed at. With almost no complexity – these are very easy to run and acquire the good result. An amazing feature of this set is that they are compatible with both videos and photos. All the effects are created using nondestructive layers to make sure you can have the maximum image quality with consistent result. You can easily mix those actions to even create more effects if  needed. Brought to you by WH Designs.


5. Photoshop Vintage Actions

Photoshop Vintage Actions

Photoshop Vintage Actions

Photoshop Vintage Actions

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“Photoshop Vintage Actions” by creativemarket shop Photoshop Tools, to assist you creating easy VINTAGE finish for your photos. It uses the adjustment layers to further enhance the tones of the images or photographs. With this pack you will also get an “Do it yourself” instruction video in case you are a beginner with Photoshop actions.


6. Vintage B&W Photoshop Actions

Vintage B&W Photoshop Actions

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Vintage B&W Photoshop Actions re created by design shop Shutter Pulse. This pack comes with fifteen different Photoshop actions for to convert your colorful images to black and whites with a vintage like feel. It also includes six actions to help you add various amounts of grain and three actions for adding vignettes. The vignettes and grain can be used in combination with the black and white photohop actions.


7. 10 Vintage Matte Photoshop Actions

10 Vintage Matte Photoshop Actions

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10 Vintage Matte Photoshop Actions pack is from creativemarket shop RAPPIDLY. Vintage Matte is a good set of ten different Photoshop vintage actions that can assist you to give your photos the popular crushed black/matte effect while adding a vintage wash over the images. The action creates a separate folder for the effect making it non destructive to the original image and allowing you to edit / tweak the desired result.


8. Sexy:  25 Professional Actions

Sexy:  25 Professional Actions

Sexy:  25 Professional Actions

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To save your time when editing, adjusting and enhancing your photos, Inspirationfeed has created this nice pack which includes awesome vintage photoshop actions along with some more testy and sexy actions to spice up your images. Some of the effects it includes are 1920’s, Simple B&W, Cherry, Grey and White, Vintage Beauty, Midnight Madness, Soft Mist, Vintage Contrast and more. You can work with these on both Mac and PC.


9. 5 Vintage Wedding Photoshop Actions

5 Vintage Wedding Photoshop Actions

5 Vintage Wedding Photoshop Actions

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Created by – this is a professional vintage action pack for editing wedding photography pictures with a subtle vintage look. Very much beginner friendly – don’t worry if you have just started out with photoshop but want to achieve cool and professional vintage touch on your wedding or any other photographs. Please note that results may vary depending on the saturation and exposure of your photos.


10. Vintage Photoshop Actions – Vol. 3

Vintage Photoshop Actions - Vol. 3

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A nice bundle offer from shutter pulse, with this bundle you will get seventeen awesome actions to create retro and vintage effects for your images. By using this set you can compare the effects on your photographs easily without needing to run them all one at a time – so saves hours for you. These actions will leave your original photo layer untouched and Will allow you to create high quality end products.

11.Vintage wedding Photoshop action

Vintage Wedding Photoshop Actions - Actions - 1

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This Photoshop action is perfect for any wedding occasion but would be more appealing in those woody, natural weddings. It is easy to modify and also use. This Photoshop action has four actions including: Vintage bright, pastel blue, pastel yellow and also black and white. It has been designed by Clover and Crow.

12.Premium HDR Photoshop Action

Premium HDR Photoshop Actions - Actions - 1

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By use of this Photoshop action you can easily create an HDR look from only one image. You will have the ability to tone map your photos to achieving a professional results. You can reduce photos in higher details, contrast scenes and light exposure by increasing strength, saturation and, luminosity. This particular photo shop allows even beginners to make perfect, realistic HDR images. This is only by use of one image and one click of the mouse. This Photoshop action includes 15 Photoshop actions, 15 adobe camera RAW preset, and installation instructions.

13.Nightclub party Photoshop Action

Nightclub Party Photoshop Actions - Actions - 1

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This Photoshop were created for Night clubs photographers, wedding party photographers and also concerts. They have been designed to show you how the chance to creative Photoshop can be utilized. You will have to create infinitive color tone from cool photos to a more intense color effect. It is fantastic for black and white and also for colored pictures. Using this photo shop action, your image will stand out from the crowd. It has 15 Photoshop actions, 15 Photoshop camera raw preset, and also installation manual.

14. Matte premium Photoshop action

Matte Premium Photoshop Actions - Actions - 1

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This collection will definitely give your photos and images a beautiful, faded, and stylish look. It will aid you in the creation of a perfect fade film effect for you image. It contains 15 clean professional, color-enhancing actions. This adds more beautiful color to pictures making them have a stunning look. This Photoshop action is perfect for photographer and graphic designer. The Photoshop action will help you perfect both the photograph and also the background. You will have a unique and gorgeous photo. You can also add professional finish to your image.

This is a 12 in 1 pack. It includes professional designs by BeART preset. This pack is perfect for photographer, web and graphic designer and also bloggers. This bundle will bring you 180 popular Photoshop actions. This will be a perfect opportunity to enjoy some of the leading actions. This bundle includes a bonus of 180 Photoshop camera raw presets. Cameras can be used to filter all the images which will include: JPEG, raw/, tiff among others. This bundle has an installation instruction. Some of the actions you will get will include: wedding, vintage, fashion, night club, mattle, pastel, film, family, and children, black and white among other Photoshop action


#Section B : Free Vintage Photoshop Actions#

16. Photoshop Actions Sunny:

Photoshop Actions Sunny:

This Photoshop action can be applied to a number of images. You will get amazing effects on your photos. This Photoshop is a CS version and it supports from CS2 – CS6.they are not compatible with Photoshop element and other programs. You can easily download this by visiting the lieveheersbeestje deviantart art store. It is a free to download Photoshop action


17. Photoshop Vintage Actions

Photoshop Vintage Actions

It has a couple of actions to give your picture a beautiful view. It is easy to adjust and you can easily set opacity of each layer and even remove a particular layer. It has been designed for CS2 – CS6 extended version. It is one of the works by lieveheersbeestje


18. Actions – Vintage

Actions – Vintage

Created by So-ghislaine, an improved pack with two bonus added to the download. You can use this inside deviantart or outside of the deviantart for your projects. But it’s requested to credit the author.


19. Photoshop vintage red action free

Photoshop vintage red action free

Yes, this is too from lieveheersbeestje.This Photoshop will give you the ability to adjust your picture in a very easy and efficient manner. You will easily set each adjusting layer or even remove a particular layer. This is a free download from lieveheersbeestje. You can easily download by visiting their art page (lieveheersbeestje deviant art page)


19. Photoshop actions – 7

Photoshop actions – 7

This is made by Honestheart26 , you can download it for free.This Photoshop will adjust color balance, level, and contrast among others. Every action contains a different result. It is very easy to use.


20. Free Vintage Photography Actions From UltraLinx

Free Vintage Photography Actions From UltraLinx

To quickly make your photos shine in vintage flavor, UltraLinx has created 10 beautiful free vintage photoshop actions. Head to the link and you will find the download option along with example images where those ctions were applied. For free, it sure is a freat deal.


21. Make Your Photos Look Vintage with Light Leaks

Make Your Photos Look Vintage with Light Leaks

Though all the actions here are not free, still you can download almost good 4 of them for absolutely free. Or you can buy all of them with a pro pack for only 7 bucks.


22. The Mini Collection from Filtergrade

The Mini Collection from Filtergrade

This is an amazing free retro Photoshop action. It has a free kit of light leaks and also free vintage designs. This collection includes: ten retro Photoshop Action, five light leak Photoshop actions and a vintage scratchy brushes, your photos will display with a beautiful vintage effect. You can easily edit your photo by use of this Photoshop action. It has been designed/ by Filtergrade.

The above list consists of some of the best vintage Photoshop action. This Photoshop will give you the opportunity to experiment and try them out in your photography and design. The best thing about this compilation is that is comes in packs. These photoshop actions have been sub dived into two:

1. Premium Photoshop action– this will require that you pay a certain amount of money so that you can download and use them
2. Free Photoshop action– this can be downloaded without paying any fee. In some cases you can only use them for personal use but not commercial usage

The above list will be update frequently as new Photoshop actions are introduced in the market or when a suggestion of a particular action is forwarded. This can be done by leaving a comment in the comments section.


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