Get globalized with 12 sets of flag icons from all over the world

The following are collections and icon sets of different flags from all over the world. The icons are in different shapes and file types so choose the ones that work best for you and enjoy!

Flags icon set


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Flag icons from all over the world in the shape of a heart.

255 Flat & Vector Circular Flag


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This icon set is a collection of 255 flags in a circular shape in SXG, ICO, ICNS and PNG formats.

The Flags of The World


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Beautiful, detailed flag icons for all 281 global countries and territories plus 16 international organisations, with circular, rounded and square versions for easy use on the web.

12 National Flags


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This icon set is a bit different because it contains flags for the 12 most popular nations and not all nations as most of the other sets on this list do. Remember they are in vector format meaning that they are infinitely scalable.

242 Vector World Flags


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This is a collection of 242 vector world flags that have been saved in two formats, rounded and rectangular.

What you get
30 new flags
File names changed to country codes
12 New organization flags
2 Different Illustrator Ai files (Single layer & artboard for each flag)
CSS image sprites included
Saved in ai, eps and png files

Flat World Flag (round & rectangle)


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This set is a collection of 196 from 196 different countries. All the icons are saved in a round shape as well as a square shape.

230 Square Vector Flags


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A collection of 230 National Flags that are created and saved in in .AI and .PNG Formats. The squares are in a Square Shape.

200+ Flags From Around The World


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This set is a rather comprehensive collection of flag icons and vectors. The flag vectors are saved in rectangular and circular shapes so that you are able to much more easily use them in your projects.

Flat circular world flag icons


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Flat circular flags of most of countries in the world in vector format.

Flat Round World Flag Icons


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This set contains 255 flat world flag icons. These icons have vivid colors so they look absolutely beautiful. In addition, they come with a nice border for improved aesthetics.

280+ World Flags Squared Icons


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A collection of Squared Vector Icons with rounded borders. This collection of icons includes All World Countries National Flags and flags of Top world Organizations. Every Flag is isolated on its own layer with proper naming for ease of use.

Glass Heart Flag Icons Set


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This icon set contains flags of 9 of the most popular countries in the world. In addition. They come in a heart shape and a glossy, glass finish so they look absolutely stunning.

You get:
– 9 icons:
– editable EPS10 vector file format
– editable AI CS3 vector file format
– high quality JPG (9000×9000 px @ 720ppi) isolated on white
– high quality transparent PNG (9000×9000 px @ 720ppi)

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