Get Noticed with These 13 Sports Templates

Getting noticed through the compelling sports templates might be more difficult than people expect.

It’s very hard to get noticed in this age of constant development of projects from every part of the world on a regular basis. When it comes to the publicity of a certain sport, you find yourself indulging in trouble, because you realize that there are tons of websites that highlight the news of sports with incredibly professional-looking sports templates on their websites, which are enough to crave the attention of avid readers, and then there are several social media networks that revolve around sports and “earn” the living with sports niche. Whether you are looking for sports templates for your website, social media page or any other outlet, you can easily get confused with tons of pages that search engines give you, as every website or online market looks compelling, and combine that with the persuasive voice the authors of those templates use, and you find yourself unable to take action / initiative. Can you understand the scenario? Great!

In this article, I am going to highlight 13 sports templates that I’ve collected in the past few months. I am very optimistic that these sports templates will be enough for your day-to-day needs. But, if nevertheless you want “more” than what is provided in this article, then there is something in the bottom for you as well. Following are the 13 sports templates:

Get Noticed with These 13 Sports Templates

1. Sports Pages


This template supports the creation of 8.25 x 10.75 magazine through the Adobe InDesign. For the text in magazine, it uses Minion Pro font and Alfa Slab One for headers. Several photos are provided as examples for the magazine, which can be replaced with your photos. This template is good for short magazines that you can upload in your website or simply print for the reading offline.

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2. Baseball Flyer Template 2


This template by FlyerHeroes provides you the incentive to create magazines or posters for your baseball game or for the baseball tournament. It’s a very encouraging way to publicize the events, as the eyes of human beings feel compelled to stare colorful things, rather than muted or dark things. This template contains three fonts: BigNoodle Titling, ChunkFive and Freshman. You can use the design in both Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. All you need to do is simply purchase / download the template, open the provided file (.PSD) in the Adobe software and start editing as per your needs. So, what are you waiting for?

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3. American Football Game Flyer


This template is great for the publicization of your sports brand or for highlighting the events in sports, especially showing the live American Football / NFL games. It contains three fonts: BigNoodleTitling, ChunkFive and Headliner No. 45. Just like the previous template, it is also designed by FlyerHeroes, implying their professionalism in the field. Not just for official events, it can also be used for the advertisement for school and college football teams.

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4. Gym Flyer Template 2


This is a very professional sports template that is specifically designed for the gym and fitness centers. It has a large photo placeholder that enables you to insert large eye-catching photographs to suit your brand. In order to use this template, it is expected that your Photoshop / InDesign fonts have Open Sans and Impact installed already. All you need to use the template, is to download the .PSD file, open it and then edit it as easily as you get.

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5. Hockey Night Flyer Template


This sports template is great for the promotion of your upcoming hockey match, tournament, or any events, especially if it’s related to Ice hockey, as the template beautifully portrays the Ice hockey spirits through the careful selection of colors and fonts. This template is available in 2 sizes: A4 & 4×6. These are flyers with bleed in each side, and have very high resolution. The template is designed in a way that you can print on-the-fly.

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6. Ace: Baseball Card Template


This baseball sports template is designed specifically to celebrate the baseball seasons with custom baseball cards for your favorite player’s team. This card template is very easy to customize for teams and individuals, and it doesn’t matter if you want to create the cards for your team or you are just a sports-loving photographer looking for new areas to explore. It contains two template files: one for front, and the other for the back of the card. It’s size is 2.75″ by 3.75″.

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7. Sport & Fitness Flyer Vol.07


This template is perfect for sports and fitness businesses, as it comes with awesome 3 colors variation. Its size is 8.5in(W) X 11in(H) and it’s fully layered. I highly recommend this flyer if you are looking for “more” than just fonts and colors, as the elements in the template have been carefully put together to form a great piece of art.

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8. Body Fitness Flyer Template


This template is designed for body fitness clubs; that is, you can create the cards, banners or anything related to body fitness niche with this template. It has 210×297 resolution with 0.25 bleed. Its print resolution is 300 DPI. Once you purchase this template, you simply need to open the .PSD file and edit as per your needs. It costs only $6, so it’s extremely cheap.

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With only $4, you get an extremely professional looking flyer Template for yoga center, medical clinic, massage center or spa, or any other type. It has a very modern, yet minimalist style that gives a very calming effect to the eyes. It is fully editable through the containing .PSD file. It’s high definition and includes all images and layer and the text font.

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10. The Game – eSport PSD Gaming Template


After the previously similar looking templates, here comes a different flavor: The Game is a flyer template that is specifically designed for ESPORT community; that is, the people who play online games and participate in online tournaments. It includes 29 .PSD files that you can use either separately or together to create incredibly awesome unique designs. This is pretty much the only sports template that works seamlessly for eSports.

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11. Ice Hockey Flyer Template 2


Yet another sports template designed by FlyerHeroes. It has a very bright, vibrant and eye-catching design, which is extremely good for Ice Hockey Flyer in just minutes. It contains fully editable .PSD file with all the text, images and colors included in the package, which makes this template extremely compelling for Ice Hockey sports, it could be cards, posters, invitations or anything, as long as you have the passion and energy for things you love.

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12. Racing School Flyer Template


Now comes the template designed for racing sports. It has a 300 DPI resolution, and 210”x297” size, thus it follows the standard protocol. This template is recommended for those who desire the simplicity and organized environment, as the text, fonts and colors are combined together in a very sophisticated manner to form a compelling piece of art, which can be modified with your shining graphics designing skills to make it even more compelling and engaging to the readers.

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13. Bowling Night Flyer Template


It doesn’t make sense to talk about sports and not mention the classic bowling game. This template is designed with the emphasis on bowling, as the fonts and images are selected carefully to suit the theme. Its size is 5×7″ with 0.25” bleeds, and the containing .PSD file is extremely organized with all the elements within a layer. Its print resolution is 300 DPI, which is enough for making awesome prints. I think it would be missing the opportunity to not create awesome compelling cards and posters for bowling game and tournaments with this template. And… best of all, it only costs $6.

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Using Layers in Photoshop

Whenever “Layers” is mentioned to anyone, there is a very high probability that Adobe Photoshop comes to mind, as “Layers” has become pretty much a jargon in graphics designing community. Layers are the mechanism in the Adobe Photoshop that enables the editing of different elements (i.e., text, shapes, vectors, etc.) in a workspace without disturbing the other elements (i.e., Photoshop effects can be added to one layer at a time without affecting other layers, so that you can revert to previous stage just by changing the layers), meaning you can edit the objects / elements separately through Layers and merge those Layers together to create a beautiful piece of art. Layer was introduced in earlier versions of Photoshop, which got huge attention from the avid graphic designers, as previously people thought that they must be careful to put / edit the objects in a scene, as once something was created, it couldn’t be moved and one find himself / herself get stuck with the same resulting image to manipulate further. With the advent of Layers, designers do not even worry about the mess which was thought to be inevitable before.

As these sports templates require the use of Layers to manipulate them efficiently, we thought that it would be great to write about Layers as a complementary topic for those avid readers of us that like to know “more” and look for a “bigger picture”.


If you understand the stack, then it becomes easier to understand Layers. In a stack, we put the element on top of a stockpile, and then once we require something, we get it from the top, and then the subsequent elements that are in the bottom. In any layer, you can add multiple images, text, vector graphics and so on. You can also apply layer special effects, such as, drop shadow, glow, etc.

Whenever you create a new file, you get a single layer. You can add as many layers as you want, depends on your computer’s memory. In order to work with Layers, you need to the Layers panels where you can see different options for manipulating your Layers.

A note on Photoshop’s non-destructive editing

At this point, I want to highlight that recent Photoshop version supports non-destructive editing, which means you can revert back to the previous changes till the first change you made to your image. This is a very powerful mechanism which gives the motivation to add how many effects we want, because our original image won’t be altered and we can easily see the history of changes, and can even remove some changes that are in-between different changes, thus you don’t need to edit your images linearly.

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