Get your next project up and running in an instant with these UI kits

If you want your web or application project to get on the road that much faster. it is always a good idea to have somewhere to start. One of these places is using a UI kit. A UI kit will let you get started faster so that all you have to be worried about is the code and the way the application or website works while knowing that you are backed by some of the best designers in the world. Without further ado, the UI kits

Basement Ecommerce


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This Ui kit is perfect for those who are looking to start an ecommerce project in jiffy.

Works in Photoshop CS6+ and Sketch 3
Free font family used
Easy-to-find organization
Customizable vector shapes
Base and markup elements included

Cosmo Mobile Ui Kit


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This is UI kit that is amde specifically for creating mobile applications. It Includes two, fully customizable PSD files (25 app screens and file with UI elements) and all screens in PNG.

Grade UI Kit


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More than 1000 carefully crafted elements for Sketch & Photoshop t hat will save your time and increase productivity.

Alpha UI Kit


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This UI kit is a beautiful collection of 30+ UI elements. This well-organized kit will save you huge amounts of time by helping you both prototype and create websites and applications that much faster.

Baikal Startup UI Kit


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The Baikal Startup UI kit is a great and intuitively easy tool for creating multiple web projects. Included are 130+ terrific components in 11 categories, 13 ready-to-use trendy samples, stylish and equally fresh as always. All components are fully compatible with one another, pixel perfect and ridiculously customizable. Create a classy landing page for your startup, product, or app in a blink of an eye.

Lucky Store UI Kit


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We have another ecommerce UI kit for all your web development needs. This UI kit contains hundreds of beautiful and clear components for web and mobile design which will help you to build any e-commerce project.

Food & Resto UI Kit


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This UI is meant to help you build iOS mobile applications. This is a professional and high quality kits that will surely come in handy for all your projects.

Monobrand UI Kit


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Monobrand is a simple and stylish pack of useful elements to help you make your first web page for your project. It contains many simple components made using the same style within a smart grid structure.

Aware UI Kit


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Another modern, stylish and intuitive UI kit for creating your best store. This is an ecommerce UI kit that comes with everything that you need to create stunning products.

Designer-naut UI Kit


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This KIT contains over 40 widgets built with vector shapes only, retina ready based on 960 GS Grid with 16 columns.

Soft Material UI Kit


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Vivid is a Soft Material UI Kit, that combines clean typography with pixel perfect elements providing you with a perfect tool for creating any type of website or web application.

Hexagon iOS 8 Mobile UI Kit


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Hexagon iOS 8 Mobile UI Kit is a tool designed to help you create design apps and prototypes faster and easier than ever. With tons of UI component and elements, greatly assembled and with an exciting vibrant style we assure you’ll create an outstanding project in a blink of an eye.

Coloristic: iOS / Android UI Kit


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Coloristic is carefully crafted mobile user interface kit for Sketch and Photoshop. It contains 60 app screens with hundreds of elements, that can help you to build any iPhone or Android application with ease.

Social Kit


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This complex set of widgets contains a various number of complex elements that can make the life easier of anyone who wants to build an awesome web app. All the widgets are very easy to customize.

Baikal UI Kit


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The Baikal UI Kit is a huge and stylish set of web UI components. All of the components included are meant to help you save tome and help you come up with visually stunning applications and websites.

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