How to create a fire text with Adobe Photoshop


Fire is defined as flames, or a burning sensation in the body, or something that is burning, or strong enthusiasm. Thus, when performing a banner advertising or fire can represent that strong enthusiasm and support the idea or the main purpose of an advertisement. And the text contains symbols that are the letters, which can be understood and interpreted by a social convention that allows people from the same community understand the text. The alphabet or alphabet is the patron of writing that have everyone speaking the same language, and allows texts to be understood.

Adobe Photoshop has the versatility to perform different effects on raster images and texts, so in this article will show you how to do with the type of text with fire effects.


First you must enter the File menu and choose New, you can also use the keyboard shortcut (CTRL + N), and must place the following values:


Now you should go on and off the lock layers by double clicking on the padlock image and then a window where you only have to click on accept and the locked layer disappears.

02fire 03fire

When you have the canvas to start with letters of fire in the toolbar on the left you should see the colored squares and check that the black color is on top, then PAINT BUCKET TOOL is chosen (G ) and it is applied to the worksheet, it changes from color to black.


If you choose the text tool HORIZONTAL TYPE TOOL (T), the text is written as desired and positioned in the center, in the example put QUEEN, then the hotkey is pressed to duplicate the text layer (CTRL + J) is entitled immediately click and rasterize text is selected, the same with the copy layer is made and then the copy layer is hidden.

05fire 06fire

Enter the Image menu and image rotation which will provide several options and choose 90 ° CW, which will rotate the image 90 degrees, that serve to apply a filter is selected.

07fire 08fire

Next, select a filter from the filter’s menu, in this case Wind will do the magic. A window in which to choose from the left and accept appears, this filter should be applied by 3 or 4 times depending on how large want to be the flames of fire, the keyboard shortcut to reapply the last filter is used by pressing (CTRL + F), once applied the filter again enters the picture menu to change the rotation to the initial state, and image rotation is chosen, and chosen in this case 90 ° CCW.

09fire 10fire

Subsequently enter the filter menu, blur, Gaussian blur, and apply with a radius and parameter value 1.5 is given to be more closely resemble a flame, then right click on the text layer is visible and you choose to merge.



Now you enter the Filter menu and choose blend, the turbulence tool is selected, once the fire effect is created once done in each letter the changes are accepted and must now be color, you enter the picture menu settings is selected and the Hue / Saturation option, it is the keyboard shortcut (CTRL + U) and given the required values for the colors of fire (Note that you must activate the “colorize” option).

13fire 14fire 15fire 16fire

Now, create a copy of the layer in which working with the keyboard shortcut (CTRL + J) and in this new layer will also be paid to Hue / Saturation with the keyboard shortcut (CTRL + U), and give the following values unmarked coloring.


To improve the text even more, you must access layers and again with right click to combine visible and the top layer is activated to add a gradient or style at this point is chosen is style that match the colors or be more pleasing to the taste of the client, preferably it is of a reddish color, and if not comfortable styles are taken, they can also download Internet and then upload it to the styles of Adobe Photoshop.



Then return to layers and now must use a little creativity to give details and that fits the taste of the customer or the purpose of the letters.

Finally, you can optionally use the Eraser Tool (E) tool, the mothers should be adjusted in size and hardness. Now you begin to erase the edges where the fire is located, as this step gives more realism. Later on the layers it is done right click and combine visible.


Thus already you have the desired final product.



You should choose a suitable type of letter to make it a better effect of fire can also download many fonts for free and experience in many ways the implementation of the tutorial.

The above steps are a way to realize the effect of fire on texts, for which, according to requirement, can be varied by adding or removing steps than those listed.

You should consider the importance of a well written text, as it is structuring our thoughts, knowledge and our reality, always required to communicate in a social and contextual background that gives meaning to this. Articulates several semantic elements so that the message goes perfectly organized according to these linguistic disciplines. And finally recreate a situation or communicative intention, where the text takes on its own personality in the sense of what is meant.


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