How to fix hazy or foggy landscape shot in Photoshop

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Any time you take picture of far away landscape or if it is foggy outside, you will notice that parts that are far away are very dull, lack in detail and contrast. In today’s tutorial I am going to show you how to fix hazy or foggy landscape and bring detail back using Adobe Photoshop.

Let’s start by importing image into Photoshop. We have a landscape shot, which is blueish and lack in contrast. As you can see, there are gaps in the histogram on the left and on the right. This means that we don’t have any whites or blacks in this photo. Lets use curves adjustments and to fix that!


Lets start from RGB channel. Grab lower left slider and move it to the right, this will make dark parts darker. Now do the same with upper right slider, this will make bright parts brighter.


Next thing we are going to do is make slight S curve. Do this by making one point on the bottom left line and drag it down a little, which will make darks a little bit more darker. Then do the same with the upper right corner, but drag it up a little, this will make bright parts a bit more brighter.


Let’s move to the Blue channel. Select that hand tool on the left side. This tool will allow you to adjust specific areas. Click and drag this tool on the sky for instance and you will make it less or more blue. Play around and adjust areas that you need. In this case I have made sky a little bit darker and mountains less blueish which made them look more yellowish.


After you have adjusted Blue channel, move to the reds and greens. Hand tool in curves adjustments is an excellent tool which is easy to use and has huge impact on the final result.


The next thing we are going to do is sharpen the image, this will bring more detail from the hazy areas.

Press keyboard short cut – cmd-opt-shift-e (PC: Ctrl – Alt – Shift – E), which will make a stamp visible layer. Then I’m going to desaturate image by pressing shift-cmd-U (PC: Shift+Ctrl+U ) and change the blending more from Normal to Linear Light.


Then go to Filter > Other > High Pass.. This will add a high pass filter to the image. Set radius to your liking, in this case I am choosing 2.4 pixels.


We are pretty much done, the last thing I am going to do is add a little vignette (if you feel like you don’t want to add a vignette you can skip this step). To do that click Create a new layer; select Elliptical Marque tool ( M ), then create an oval by clicking and dragging the mouse.


Now right click on the outside of the selection and click Select inverse. Then select the paint bucket tool ( G ), make sure that foreground colour is Black and apply it on the selection. Once you are done press Ctrl D.


Then go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and select the Radius to your liking and press OK. You can also transform the vignette by clicking Ctrl and a letter T on our keyboard. Then hold the Alt key and stretch it out, this will make a Vignette less visible and more subtle.



And that is it! We have fixed hazy landscape shot using Adobe Photoshop. All we have done: imported photograph into Photoshop;  made some adjustments using Curves adjustments tool, sharpened the image and added a little vignette. As you can see it was fun and relatively quick to do. I recommend you try this and see for yourself. This effect is useful if you have foggy or far away landscape shot.

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