how to use linkedin for business

How to use linkedin for business : Step By Step


Linkedin has developed beyond its main purpose of linking professionals with probable employers and customers. Its approach towards business is outstanding among the many social media sites as it is utilized by more than 135 million business experts around the world. In view of the fact that it is mainly focused on business-to-business connections, it is considered as one of the preferred method on online marketing strategy.

Most individuals utilize Linkedin as an online resume. However, here are simple guidelines on how to take Linkedin to the next level and use it as an excellent marketing tool.

how to use linkedin for business

How to use linkedin for business

  • You begin by creating your own profile. It might be time consuming but it isn’t that difficult to create an effective company page. It is recommended that you need to bulk up your profile before considering on marketing your company page.Think about your Linkedin profile as an intuitive resume – on steroids. Linkedin permits you to improve your profile with the accompanying Web 2.0 capacities to showcase your expertise aside from your personal information.
  • One of the most ideal approaches to keep your connections updated about your latest events is by displaying status updates.You can incorporate links to you related website content or other websites interrelated to your post. It is also best to post on a regular basis valuable and significant notices to be active in the Linkedin community.

linkedin for business marketing

  • Linkedin permits you to effortlessly syndicate your blog posts on your profile. Automatically, your Linkedin profile will update with your posts’ title, abstract, and link to the full article on your website as you post to your blog on your website.
  • Uploading Powerpoint presentations, explanatory videos, or Google Docs for easier presentation of your business to your connections.
  • Present a Linkedin event to aid in promoting and generating interest towards your event.
  • If you are a dynamic member in Twitter, you can incorporate your Linkedin status updates with your tweets to keep your followers and connections updated and well-informed.
  • Linkedin makes it simple for you to ask for recommendations and suggestions from your connections. An accumulation of brilliant suggestions that underscore your business and expertise will essentially improve your profile.
  • Linkedin Polls are a statistical surveying instrument that permits you to gather significant information from your connections and the general public on Linkedin.

linkedin for businesses

  • Post your innovative portfolios if you have one to display. Once uploaded and posted, Linkedin permits you to showcase your work in your profile.
  • Huddle work spaces provide you private and secure online workstation for working with your Linkedin connections. It is stuffed with basic yet effective collaboration of projects and sharing tools.

The best utilization of any social media platform for business truly descends to one thing: treating individuals online with the same thought and respect you would deal with them in reality. People will dependably react better to significant data and content than to an unending stream of promoting and advertising.

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