How to use Snapchat to promote your business online

How to use Snapchat to promote your business online


Are you an online marketing enthusiast or a small business owner? At this moment, you’d probably know that the social media marketing setting is continually changing and you as an entrepreneur have to adapt with the changes. Take into account this new social media network that is making a huge wave over the internet, Snapchat, a mobile application that is becoming trendy especially to the 15-25 age group. So what precisely is Snapchat? It is a mobile photo messaging application where clients can take photograph and make videos and send them to a target group. These sent items are known as “Snaps”.

The users can set a limited time to what extent users can see each “snap”. The time ranges from 1 to 10 seconds. After the “snap” is seen, it will be deleted in the client’s gadget and erased forever from Snapchat’s servers. It can also let you make your own Snapchat stories which can be viewed within a day before it disappears.

How to use Snapchat to promote your business online

In all honesty, it is a tough challenge to use Snapchat for online marketing. Promoters are usually used to making contents that won’t disappear in a matter of seconds. In spite of this gimmicky and ephemeral approach to online marketing, Snapchat actually gives users the capability to have a constant interaction between your business and the public.

So by what means can a business be benefited with Snapchat? Here are four amazing ideas on how to use Snapchat for online marketing to promote your business online:


1. Create Games and Challenges

Who aren’t into games? They are fun and challenging and the best part of it is, claiming the prize. It usually builds a bond between a group of people and your own company. You could have a go at sending “snaps” offering pieces of information or tips that a client must accumulate to get a prize. Another idea is to make “snap” quizzes about your business so that the clients will become interested on your company. Make certain to utilize other social networking locales, for example, Facebook or Twitter to push your challenge, and to accumulate new members.


2. Use of promotional offers or discount codes/coupons

Disseminate promotional offers and discounts codes to the public. Purchasers are usually up and about when it comes to discounts and promotional offers, how much more if they can only view these in a few seconds! This can make clients center their attention to upcoming promos and discounts. Not only that they can take an effort to monitor your “snaps”, they can basically feel very special to be able to grab the incredible offers. Moreover, a satisfied client can certainly become a regular customer further building rapport, popularity of your business, and good reputation to your business.


3. Create “snaps” about your latest products and services


Send convincing “snaps” about your latest products and services. After gaining satisfied clients, it’s best to keep them updated as this will make them feel more excited and more interested. You can use promotional offers as well to add it to their excitement.


4. Let people and events become part of your business marketing strategy

Encourage clients to send “snap”testimonial pictures and videos from any event that your company is sponsoring. This creates a public attestation of how your business had made satisfactory service to them, and likewise showcase their enjoyment on your sponsored event.This can be a great way of keeping a good engagement between you, your clients, and your audience.


So, how fun and amazing is this emerging mobile application to everyone? It is an absolute bundle of creativity and excitement any business marketer can ever have! Now that you have known these great ideas on how to use Snapchat for online marketing,consider these tips and it will surely be a fun and fascinating online marketing strategy for every business enthusiast.


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