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Light and Color Enhancements in Lightroom

Taking photos is a nice and challenging hobby. And if you want your photos to look better, then use Lightroom to enhance light and color of your photos. Lightroom can take your photos that look ordinary will become recognizable and outstanding. In this article, I will show you how to make light and color enhancementsOriginal PhotoEnhanced Photo. If you like what you will see on the enhanced photo seen here, then read along and find out how you can achieve the best light and color enhancements for your photos.

Understanding the essential controls

Essential controls 2The screenshot on the right shows the essential controls that you will need to do light and color enhancements on the photos that you have taken.

  1. Recovery – this setting will give you more grasp on leveling the light appearance between the foreground (upper side) and the background (lower side) of the photo. Play along with this setting if you need to level the lighting on your photos. I would recommended a setting of 30-50 if the light level is on medium discrepancy. Use the 60-80 setting if the light level is on high discrepancy. Do not go over than 85 as it will create more flares than repairing the light levels.
  2. Fill light – this setting will change the levels of overall lighting of your photos. Use this setting if you would like to lighten up the photos you have taken. If you have an underexposed photo, you can use this setting to repair the lighting. This setting is similar to exposure but not quite. I would recommend to use this rather than exposure as this is more tame in adjusting light. There is no actual setting that is recommended as it will all depend on the photos that you have taken.
  3. Blacks – This is the setting that gives out the drama to your photos and it is my personal favorite setting in enhancing the lighting of the photos I have taken. Use this setting to enhance shadows and emphasize color shading. There is actually no setting recommended for this but it will challenge your eye to what best suits the setting you need for your photos.
  4. Clarity – This setting will enhance the colors of the photos you have taken. It will give emphasis on the color shade and adds more cleanliness on the photos. This is appreciated when you have taken photos with multiple colors of the composition you have made.  A 10-30 setting range would be best recommended generally for any kind of photo.
  5. Vibrance – This setting creates more brightness to colors on the photos. Use this setting if you want to get more emphasis on the colors of your photos. A 20-50 setting range would suffice the need of your photo to have vibrant colors.
  6. Saturation – This is the most dangerous setting that will make or break your enhancements. There is no recommended setting for this tool and your eyes should be keen on the details of your photos when using this tool. Too low saturation creates dull colors whole too high ruins everything as colors tend to combine. Play along with this setting and get the best setting for your photos.

I hope you find this article useful in creating stunning images from the photos you have taken and have done with light and color enhancements. Please take note that the settings recommended in this article are just but a guideline and should not be followed religiously. All it takes to have good enhanced images is patience and having fun.  So now, go out and take photos as many as you can!





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