Modify silhouette with Adobe Photoshop


Many women always beautiful mind going out for either to party, go to the street or anywhere else. Most silhouette worry much because they want to keep slim either by exercise or diet.

The aesthetic ideal is to get a firmer abdominal wall and gently curved. It is possible by following a balanced diet rich in fiber and perform abdominal exercises that reduce the accumulated fat and also tighten the muscles. And that is the difficulty in practice that most people can not get that aesthetic ideal as it requires will and perseverance.In real life, you have to diet to slim down. In the virtual world, where all things are easier, it’s a snap to get a leaner profile pic in Photoshop.

For this reason, there are some tricks that can be used to improve physical appearance as digital. In our case we can improve digital visual appearance by proper application to modify the silhouette, this modification may submit thinner or thicker as it is required.

The silhouettes of styling is nothing revolutionary, because we already have very powerful tools for it as the Liquify filter Adobe Photoshop. The problem is that Blend is a filter rather complex for those who addressed for the first time, while the proposed method is very simple to apply even basic knowledge.

Thus, in the article how to modify a silhouette of a person in a few simple steps using the spherical distortion filter it is presented.


The steps to perform the task of changing the silhouette are:

  1. You should choose an image of a person to whom you want to lose weight or to strengthen their silhouette. Thus the following photo of a woman to which it aims to lose weight was chosen.


  1. As a second step the image will be duplicated in a new layer to work on it without losing the original. The keyboard fast double layer is the layer CTRL + J once the desired layer selected.


  1. As a third step you must select the area you want to lose weight or strengthen, in this case the body is selected.


This part should consider selecting specific sectors and detailed as the face, this will change according to what is applied in some cases this can cause problems in the final result. For this reason it is advisable to select body parts sector.

  1. already selected the area where the transformation is applied, the modifying selection will be improved as follows: Enter the menu Select> Modify> Feather or quick keyboard access SHIFT + F6.


Upon entering the modification of the selection 20 pixels for this work is assigned, in other sectors this value may vary according to the requirements. This point serves to soften and indicate the edges of the selection are not fully defined or rectangular, but have the slightest fading effect. You have to understand that digital images, computer, are made by points and lines if the selection were on the road marking points, would be very square or toothed. With just smoothing points digital images, so that the curves are hidden look more perfect curves. This is achieved through coloring, clearer than the main line, in the vicinity of the image range.


  1. As a fundamental step that will allow the clean filter transformation of the figure of the woman in the photograph is applied. For this task should enter the menu Filter> Distort> Spherize. The Spherize filter gives objects a three-dimensional effect by wrapping a selection around or inside a spherical shape, distorting and stretching the image.


This part is important to note that the ball will be in the horizontal axis transformation, “Horizontal Only” mode. After as required and the complexity of the image should be adapting the percentage of “anount” should always be observed if the entire figure is suitably altered. In other cases you can use the “Normal” mode and “Vertical Only”. In Amount, enter a positive value to stretch the image outward, as if it extends around a sphere. Enter a negative value to compress the image inward as if to shrink within a sphere.


For the selected image to scan and select other sectors to apply equally the same steps 3 through 6, noted that the selection is very important because it directly affects the bottom line.


Finally we have the end result of work that was done simply in 5 steps.



According to each case of the figure may be selecting various sectors to implement the change by sector silhouette.

It should be very careful about applying many distortions to the original image, because the result can be an image that deviates much from the original form or another be an unnatural appearance.

The same technique can be used to lose weight and also to strengthen a person or object.

In many cases, depending on the selected sector of the person may be a horizontal, vertical or normal spherical transformation.

When applying the filter of spherical distortion specific detail should see the entire picture and enlarging or reducing the percentage of vision.


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